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How to rent your Alpine property out of season

Your holiday rental property in the mountains may be very profitable in the high season, but you might be wondering what you should do to increase bookings in the low season.

Although off-season rentals will bring in less income than the Christmas or February holidays, they are necessary if you want to increase the long-term profitability of your chalet. To avoid the slack periods, it is a good idea to open your rental calendar all year round. It might even be worth installing new equipment to attract these off-peak bookings.

Read on to discover the best ways to rent out your chalet in the off-season.

What are the advantages of low-season bookings?

Out of season, you can target a broad range of guests who have different interests. The mountains are home to countless activities other than traditional snowsports, so the off-season is the perfect opportunity to attract an audience who is looking for something different.

Attract the sports fans

A cyclist hurtles down a steep slope on a mountain bike
Out of season, cyclists will find the tracks quieter but just as much fun

Give potential guests details of all the activities offered in your area during the off-season in the mountains. These may include:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling
  • Summer luge
  • Canyoning
  • Climbing
  • Trail running
  • Via ferrata
  • Paragliding
  • Water sports such as rafting, kayaking and paddle boarding
  • Horse riding

Tempt the fine diners

Four mixed berry tarts on a wooden board
The wonderful restaurants in the mountains are a great temptation to those who love good food

Take a look at the best restaurants in your area. In the low season, guests can enjoy eating out in the mountain resorts and enjoy dishes made with local cheeses.

Tartiflette, raclette and fondue are examples of hearty, traditional dishes to try on autumn holidays.

In spring, why not pack a picnic hamper with regional ingredients such as saucisson, patisserie and fresh fruit from the market?

Entice the nature lovers

The terrace at Chalet Cinq Moutons is a haven of peace all year round
The terrace and garden at Chalet Cinq Moutons in the Swiss Alps is a haven of peace all year round

Those who are looking for peace and quiet, far from the tourist crowds of the Côte d’Azur, will see the attraction of coming to a chalet to recharge their batteries.

People who work remotely can set up their office from the comfort of an Alpine chalet during the off-season. After their day’s work, they can get some fresh air and enjoy the change of scenery.

Create an escape for retirees

A hiker stands on a rock enjoying the wonderful mountain view
Simple pleasures like walking in the mountains are even better when the crowds have gone home

Senior guests who have retired can reap the benefits of renting your chalet outside the expensive school holidays.

Walking in the surrounding area, discovering the wildflowers and observing the wildlife – sometimes the simple things are the most satisfying!

Offer short-stay breaks

A diary open at a weekend, with a pencil
A weekend break is a great way to fill gaps in your rental diary

Short stays of two or three days are more and more in demand out of season. You could try offering themed breaks such as romantic weekends, gastronomic discoveries, wellness escapades or extreme sports trips.

Make the most of local festivals

Music festivals are a great way to draw in holidaymakers out of season © C.Hudry, La Clusaz Tourist Office

Local festivals are a good opportunity to welcome holidaymakers to your chalet. For example, the Radio Meuh Circus Festival takes place in La Clusaz every spring. Discover new artists at the foot of the snowy peaks!

Use magnificent photos to show off your chalet

Coffee on the terrace at Chalet Bleu Infini with a mountain backdrop
The sunny terrace at Chalet Bleu Infini in La Clusaz must be one of the best places for morning coffee

Impress potential holidaymakers by featuring stunning photography on your website depicting the breathtaking scenery of the local area (mountain pastures, rivers and lakes). You can also showcase your chalet’s off-season facilities with professional quality photographs.

Appeal to those on a budget

Some coins on a leather surface
While chalet rental out of season might not be small change, it’s certainly great value for money

Prices in low season can be half compared with those in high season, as supply outstrips demand. This will attract the more budget-conscious traveller to your off-season rental. You could also offer low-season discounts to make your property even more attractive!

Ensure you have a strong online presence

Social network apps on a mobile phone
Social networks are a great place to get your property noticed out of season

Make sure you take advantage of all avenues to get yourself noticed online. Nowadays, the internet is a precious asset to make yourself known and to attract guests out of season. For example, you could create a website dedicated to your chalet or list it on specialised platforms. Try our rental profitability calculator to estimate how much you could earn!

Low season bookings – what facilities should you add?

An indoor swimming pool

An indoor swimming pool surrounded by deck chairs and pink strip lighting
Your guests will be able to imagine themselves sitting around a pool, like this one at Chalet Caramel in Manigod

A trip to the mountains out of season is good, but visiting a chalet with a swimming pool is even better. Guests love to enjoy a spa experience from the comfort of their accommodation and a pool creates that true luxury feel. Plus, an indoor pool can be used all year round, maximising your revenue in the low season too.

An outdoor hot tub

A bubbling hot tub on the furnished terrace at Chalet Les Roses Des Alpes
A bubbling hot tub, like this one at Chalet Les Roses Des Alpes in Thônes is a great way to attract guests all year round

Hot tubs are one of the most popular facilities amongst OVO Network guests. It’s a great way to relax and unwind after a sporty day of via ferrata or climbing, whilst taking in the Alpine views. The fact that it is heated makes it even more attractive in the off-season.

A furnished terrace

Two wooden chairs with throws and cushions in front of a mountain view at Chalet Charmar
How could your guests resist a view from the terrace like this one at Chalet Charmar – La Clusaz

A sunny terrace can be equipped with deckchairs, a barbecue, a grill or an outdoor fireplace… what better way to get together with family or friends and enjoy a good meal? Outdoor equipment such as chairs and tables must be of good quality, feel comfortable and invite guests to relax. The mountains also offer beautiful warm and sunny days out of season – so guests can make the most of the great outdoors.

A play area for children

A wigwam, sandpit and other toys outside Authentic Lodge Spa in La Clusaz
Families with young children will appreciate a great playground – this one is at Authentic Lodge Spa – La Clusaz

Depending on the size of your garden, you could even offer a tree house, a swing, a trampoline, and a slide in the garden. Children will have something to keep them entertained and can let their imagination run riot whilst getting some fresh air.

A shady place to relax

Champagne and glasses in the covered bar area at Chalet Keramis, with the pool in the background
Relax by the pool or seek shade and a cool drink at Chalet Keramis – Morillon, France

Parasols, pergolas or natural shade offered by trees and shrubs will allow your guests to enjoy the weather when they are outside the chalet. You could install a shade cloth, which can be removed as soon as winter sets in.

Make your property pet-friendly

A walker stops with her dog at the edge of a mountain lake
The cooler off-season is the ideal time for four-legged friends

Many holidaymakers find it difficult to book accommodation that is suitable for both them and their pets.

If you can, accepting pets is a great way to attract a wider audience to your property and boost guest satisfaction.

Plus, what could be more pleasant for a dog-lover than to be able to take their four-legged friend on holiday and let them share the beautiful mountain walks?

Increasing the occupancy rate of your chalet can be challenging without expert help and guidance. The team at OVO Network are here to help you with all the complexities including booking generation, guest communication, marketing and pricing. Get in touch with one of our property advisors to discuss your property rental business today:

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