7 reasons to invest in the Grand Massif

Are you thinking of investing in property in the Grand Massif?

The Grand Massif area in Haute Savoie is one of the largest developed ski areas in the French Alps. It consists of five resorts: Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoens and Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval, and offers many advantages and benefits if you are considering developing holiday rentals.

In this article, OVO Network shares seven good reasons for investing in the Grand Massif area.

1. A low investment cost

Investing in the mountains is often synonymous with high property prices. The French Alps are very popular with tourists because of their many ski areas, views and activities. This popularity partly explains why it is the most expensive mountain region in France, with an average price of 6,295€ per square metre in 2022.

Compared to other areas of the Alps such as Val d’Isère, Courchevel or Megève, where the square metre cost exceeds 10,000€, the Grand Massif property market is more affordable, with an average price of around 4,400€ in the area’s resorts in 2022.

These lower prices mean that investing in Grand Massif is more affordable, and allows access to larger or better-placed properties than in other resorts. The savings can then be used to invest in the chalet’s furnishings and equipment, in order to offer a quality rental that will be attractive to holidaymakers.

Exterior shot of Chalet Vivaldaim with barrel sauna, hot tub, deckchairs and outdoor dining space
The beautiful Chalet Vivaldaim, in Morillon, offers a myriad of different high-end facilities

2. Fewer rental chalets

Many guests looking for a mountain holiday are seeking comfortable chalets close to the slopes and activities. However, these are not easy to find in the Grand Massif, where resort accommodation is mainly hotels or apartments. The few rental chalets that exist are increasingly popular with guests, particularly those with families.

The Pierre & Vacances residence in the middle of the snowy mountains in Flaine.
Large apartment complexes provide most of the accommodation for guests in Flaine – © Site de Grand Massif

In addition, there is currently not enough accommodation to meet demand. New rental accommodation, particularly chalets, could fill this gap and provide accommodation for tourists and families during their holidays in the resort. There is therefore a real opportunity for property development to complement the rental offer within the resorts.

3. Attractive rental profits

Investing in Grand Massif presents a real opportunity. With a lower financial investment than other resorts in the Alps, growing demand and few competitors, this attractive area has all the qualities needed to minimise costs while maximising occupancy throughout the year.

At OVO Network, a chalet of between 200 and 300m2 in a Grand Massif resort, accommodating between 12 and 14 guests, can generate between 90,000€ and 140,000€ of rental income per year, and have an annual occupancy rate of over 74%!

If you want to find out how much rental income your chalet in Grand Massif could generate, check out the OVO Network short term rental income calculator:

4. A high number of visitors

Many holidaymakers head to the Grand Massif for their mountain holidays. In 2019, before the Covid pandemic, more than 4 million tourists stayed in the Grand Massif, according to the Savoie Mont Blanc Tourism Study.

Although the number of visitors has fallen over the last two years, the start of the 2023 season shows that the domain should regain its pre-crisis attendance.

5. An area that is busy all year round

The Grand Massif resorts, unlike other resorts in the Alps, have adapted and developed to offer activities all year round.

In winter, its 139 slopes, spread over 270km, allow snow sports enthusiasts to ski at altitudes of up to 2,500m while enjoying incredible views of Mont Blanc from the slopes. Guests can also enjoy various sports, such as sledging, snowmobiling, ski touring and paragliding, all year round!

A family enjoys a mountain kart session in Flaine at sunset
Guests staying in Flaine will be able to enjoy Mountain Karting on the slopes – © Site de Grand Massif

There’s plenty to do in summer too: holidaymakers can try fascooting (or all-terrain scootering) in Morillon, or ride at the bike park in Les Carroz. You could also visit the limestone plateau of the Désert de Platé in Flaine.

There’s a full calendar of events throughout the year, such as the Cyclo JPP in Les Carroz on 2 July. This bike race is run by the association Neuf de Coeur, which helps families and children with brain injuries.

An e-sport tournament was also organised in February 2023, across the five resorts. And the Play Grand Massif Smash Cup allows both amateurs and professionals to compete in contests and win prizes.

The huge variety of activities and events such as these allow Grand Massif to attract holidaymakers of all ages and backgrounds, all year round.

A banner advertising the e-sport tournament « Play Grand Massif Smash Cup ».
This e-sport tournament is just one of many events offered at the resorts in the Grand Massif© Site de Grand Massif

6. Small family-friendly resorts

The smaller resorts of Flaine, Les Carroz, Morillon, Samoëns and Sixt-Fer-à-Cheval are very popular with families. Their size and layout mean visitors can get to the slopes quickly and easily. They offer a variety of activities for all ages in a friendly atmosphere, as well as plenty of shops, bars and restaurants.

In addition, the Grand Massif resorts offer discounted ski passes for under 15s and special offers for families, making them affordable and attractive for families.

7. Easy access to the bigger resorts

The five resorts of the Grand Massif are not far apart and are also within easy driving distance of other major areas.

For example, Grand Massif guests can drive to the Portes du Soleil in just 1.5 hours, spending the day in its 12 Franco-Swiss resorts. Chamonix is also only an hour away!

The Grand Massif domain’s central location attracts many French and international tourists searching for adventure, tradition and tranquillity.

A skier stands on a snowy piste in Chamonix, surrounded by snowy mountains
Guests in the Grand Massif will find it easy to get to Chamonix – © Site de Chamonix

Investing in Grand Massif can generate high rental income if you adopt a comprehensive and effective strategy from the outset. This includes setting seasonal rental targets for your chalet in advance, as well as selecting the right tools to get your chalet noticed.

It is therefore essential to think about a pricing strategy, marketing and sales policy, and to adapt them constantly, according to market trends.

If you would like some support with your rental project, please contact OVO Network, the leading rental management platform in the Alps.

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