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Decorating a rental apartment: top tips for unusual spaces

It’s not uncommon for ski apartments to have a variety of interesting nooks and crannies. They can be created by things like service ducts, communal chimneys, lift shafts, ‘coin montagnes’, sloping ceilings, and more. 

Instead of letting these spaces go to waste, why not turn them into practical or creative facilities for your guests to enjoy? Here we share some excellent ideas for decorating rental apartments, helping you to maximise your investment. 

1. Start with inspiration

When it comes to creating spaces that will appeal to guests and photograph well, it pays to do something different. Thinking outside the box instead of blending in when decorating rental apartments will help draw attention and encourage bookings! Check out our décor blog series to help get you started. 

2. Do-it-yourself, or call in the professionals?

Depending on your skill set, budget, and project scope, you may want to look at taking on some elements yourself. Have a look at Liz Ockelton’s work on Instagram for some fabulous interior design ideas for decorating rental apartments. Additionally, there are plenty of local artists, artisans, craftsmen and women you can support while adding a touch of local flair.

Calling in the professionals will likely be well worth the investment for the standard of finish and longevity. Keep in mind that there are increasing numbers of high-end apartments available – you need to stand out to compete! 

Hiring an interior designer or home stylist will allow you to benefit from their expertise, experience and their network of contacts. They’ll also help you perfect the flow of your space so that it works for yourself and your rental clients.

3. Our top tips for transforming unusual spaces

Go bespoke! Made to measure will not only utilise every centimetre, but it will also help you to set yourself apart.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for how to transform a rental apartment:


  • Line the space with books, a comfy chair, side table and lamp to create a peaceful library and reading nook.
  • An entertainment area. For example, Apartment Le Meridien – Tournette  has cleverly utilised two spaces in the eaves. One with a TV and sofa, the other with a music system and perfectly positioned chair for optimum sound quality…
  • A table football requires less space around it than a pool table, and is great fun!
  • If you have a space that would suit, you could even put up a climbing wall for a fun indoor activity.

Working spaces:

  • Home-working spaces are becoming more and more popular and relevant. Think good lighting systems, office chairs and desks.
  • How about a cosy and peaceful space with armchairs and a table? Guests may just want to spend some quiet time on calls, tablets or laptops. Check out Levant Blancs’ cosy corner below…
Decorating rental apartments: Cosy reading corners

Practical / storage solutions

  • A bunk room for younger kids happy to sleep close to their parents using the main space. Remember to ensure there is adequate lighting, ventilation and space. Our blog post about kids’ bedrooms highlights some ways in which owners have created incredible spaces for younger guests, read it here.
  • A kit room or cloakroom to keep clutter and wet outdoor wear to dry for the next morning.
  • A general storage space. If space is at a minimum, this is handy for keeping items like ironing boards and cleaning equipment hidden.  
  • A managers store. It’s always useful to have somewhere to lock away spare linens, towels, strong cleaning materials, crockery and glassware and consumables.

We hope you’ve taken some inspiration from our range of ideas for decorating rental apartments to maximise returns! Explore our five-part home décor series for more:

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