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The Top Food Shops in Thônes

Thônes is a fantastic place to be if you’re looking for high-quality food products from independent makers. As well as the market, which we would highly recommend visiting, there’s also a great variety of food shops from which you can source local ingredients and delicacies.

Here are our top picks of food shops in Thônes…

Food shops in Thônes…


We’d recommend La Côte à l’Os on Rue des Clefs and the Boucherie de la Ferme, in the arcades. As well as a wide choice of quality meats, these two master butchers offer charcuterie and deli products. You can order meat for specific dishes such as hot stones, meat fondue, osso bucco, bœuf bourguignon…)


Crèmerie Périssin-Fabert

Passionate about farm produce, Christiane will always greet you with a smile! Reblochon, Chevrotin, Abondance, Beaufort, Tomme or Savoyard Emmental all come from excellent local suppliers and can be vacuum-packed for transporting. She also sells fresh produce such as butter, cream, fromage blanc and artisan produce such as honey, local wines, preserves, pains d’épices.

Christiane, owner of Crèmerie Périssin-Fabert smiling in front of her produce.
You’ll always find a warm welcome from Christiane at the Crèmerie!

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Le Four à Bois, Aux Délices d’Ôthônes and the Boulangerie Michel Petit are our top picks for bread.

These excellent shops offer a variety of bread to go with your meal or for a picnic! Not to mention the savoury pastries, pâtisseries and chocolates. A special mention goes to the “pain Ménage” by Michel Petit!

Le Four à Bois bakery
The Four à Bois is the only local bakery where you can still find traditional Bescoins, small Savoyard brioches flavoured with aniseed and saffron.

Chocolates and Patisserie

Pâtissier Chocolatier Fontaine: this shop in the arcades has been taken over by an enthusiastic young couple. You’ll find a huge choice of patisserie, chocolates and homemade ice creams. If you’re finding it hard to choose, start with the Croix de Savoie tart, for which the shop is renowned. Then come back again to try all the other delights!

A variety of desserts and patisseries from Patisserie Fontaine
A variety of desserts and patisseries from Patisserie Fontaine
The Pâtisserie Fontaine makes amazing bespoke cakes for special occasions!

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