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10 reasons to work with OVO Network and local property manager partners

Your property rental business is ready to go apart from your management solution. Should you work with local property manager partners? With a multinational solution like Airbnb? Are you looking for a one-stop-shop solution?

Running a successful rental property business is not complicated, however, it is detailed and time-consuming. The right management solution will bring peace of mind, significantly improve your guests’ holiday experience, and, what’s more, positively impact the return on your investment.

Below we list 10 reasons why the OVO Network / local property manager partners combination works so well…

1. We all agree to deliver our Manager Charter

All local property manager partners we recommend agree to deliver our Manager Charter. Furthermore, we share the Charter with chalet teams that owners have found themselves, and, with owners wishing to self-manage. The Charter provides a consistent approach.

Underpinning the Charter, are training courses and guides packed with practical advice, and tools. Our approach to property management is basically grounded in the experience and expertise of our existing guest and property management community. New chalet teams can train together, meaning key points are discussed and agreed on before the first guests even arrive.

We choose to work with properties our guests will love, and our local property manager partners will find easy to look after.
Chalet Cristal des Neiges

2. We share advise and information as required

All owners also sign the Manager Charter, and have free access to manager training course 1. The different roles and responsibilities of OVO Network and the local property management team are therefore clear to all. What’s more, owners have informed and realistic expectations of their local team.

3. We research local options

We know what OVO Network owners and guests expect from local property managers. When we begin to work in a new destination, we begin by looking for managers who have a similar approach. Naturally we gel better with some solutions than others – If all goes well, partnering up is common sense.

4. Reciprocity

Many owners ask for our help to find a local guest and property management solution to best suits their needs. Managers with the capacity to take on more properties often ask to partner with us. Existing managers and owners often recommend us to new rental property owners, and other managers. Previous guests often become new owners.

As shown above, word of mouth recommendations make a significant contribution to the business success of all associated with OVO Network. Owners, managers, and our team are interdependent. With this in mind, we naturally recommend those we trust and those who have a similar outlook to ours.

5. To be clear – we enjoy what we do!

We are all spread out across the Alps, each focusing on what we do best while working together to provide great holiday experiences.

There are many benefits of working this way – we all get to:

  • work in or with beautiful properties, in stunning destinations.
  • support appreciative guests enjoying fantastic holidays they would happily repeat.
  • be part of a professional, hard working network, striving to deliver consistently good services, which is incredibly rewarding.
  • work with partners and colleagues willing to listen, and invest time, energy and money in their own professional development.
  • be part of a large network who are respectful, take their responsibility to each other seriously, and trust each other to deliver.

6. Repetitive tasks and procedures are automated

Our business solution, automates repetitive admin tasks, leaving more time free for supporting guests. For example, our local manager partners complete templated pre-arrival information forms – as they know their properties inside out. Our systems then distribute key information on time, for every booking, in French and English, as appropriate.

7. Property Managers are not required to handle money

Our software system facilitates the collection of local tourist taxes and security deposits online in advance of guests‘ arrival. Therefore local manager partners do not have to take and hold money on behalf of their owners, which makes life easier for all concerned.

Then again, some local manager partners include a collection of the tourist tax and security deposit as part of their service.

8. There’s a clear procedure to follow regarding breakages or damage

In reality, even with the best organisation, accidents happen, equipment and facilities break down. With this in mind, we’ve devised and tested procedures for managers to follow, to ensure things are back up and running quickly and efficiently. Subsequently, owners, guests, and future guests are disturbed as little as possible.

9. Responsibilities regarding Covid-19 are managed between us

Local guest and property managers, as well as the OVO Network team, have had to adapt how they work due to Covid-19. Without a doubt, they have risen to the challenges presented incredibly well, and their flexibility has been fundamental to the success of our owners’ businesses.

10. We keep up to date

The owner section of the OVO Network blog is basically intended to be an FAQ resource about owning and/or managing rental properties in the northern French Alps.

Equally important, our bi-monthly newsletter is mailed out exclusively to our network of owners, local property manager partners, and the OVO Network team. For those who are interested, it includes news items, and discussion of issues impacting the holiday rental industry at local, national and international levels. Plus in-depth reports on specific areas of our business solution, as well as a service provider, supplier contacts, and more. 

In summary, we hope this series on property management has been informative and useful. If you want to find out more about renting and managing your property in the French Alps, discover useful posts below…

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