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How to become an Accredited OVO Network Guest and Property Manager

Are you an established property manager looking for new properties? Do you offer high-end concierge services? Are you the owner of a rental property intending to manage guests yourself? Or interested in becoming a property manager?

We can help!

We partner with over a hundred different management solutions across the French Alps. For example we partner with property management companies, estate agents, concierge services as well as individual property managers. More owners are signing up to our rental property business solution each month. Each owner and property we work with needs a guest and property manager, hence we need more property manager partners, across the French Alps.

Are you interested in becoming an OVO Network guest and property manager partner?

How to join our Property Manager Community

Contact us…

For an overview of the benefits of becoming an OVO Network property manager partner see our Property Management page . You can contact us via our page for more information:

Complete the online application form

You will be asked to tell us about your relevant experience, via an online application form.

Where are you based? Do you already manage properties? Do you have the capacity to look after more? What about your goals and plans for the future? Why do you want to become a property manager partner? What do you enjoy most about being a property manager?

Complete your application form to take our online Property Management training course.
Tell us about relevant previous experiences which have impacted on your decision to become a property manager
Credit : Kaitlyn Baker

The interview

If your responses indicate that you are a good fit with our existing management community, you will be invited for interview. Since March 2020 our interviews are often conducted virtually, due to social distancing measures, travel restrictions and curfews. We “meet” via Google Meet, by phone, or in person, as applicable.

Registration and training course 1 – Becoming an accredited guest and property manager

If your interview is successful we will invite you to become an OVO Network property manager partner. Registration and training course 1 costs 100€. The fee is due when registering, and payable online.

Google Classrooms

Obligatory course 1 is hosted by Google classrooms. Therefore you will need a google email account to access the course.

Core elements covered by course

Course 1 relates to property management in general, plus, specifically to managing OVO Network properties.

The core elements cover:

  • setting up as an auto-entrepreneur
  • the OVO Network Manager Charter
  • the recommended guest communication timeline
  • minimum levels of service
  • how to establish a local network
  • hospitality cleaning
  • preparing your property rental for guests
  • trouble shooting and problem solving
  • damage and insurance claims

Watch our introduction to our online training course below:

The Google Classrooms platform has allowed us to share our training with future property managers in a dynamic way, which allows candidates to learn at their own pace.


Once you complete each element you will take a multiple choice quiz, or questionnaire type assessment. If you don’t pass any sections of the training, simply reread in your own time, then retake the assessment.


  • The aim of the assessments is for you to demonstrate how to apply the course content in context.
  • The course provides the foundations you can build on as your guest and property manager career evolves.
The dining table at Chalet Steallone.
Will guests at Chalet Stellaone be able to set up for dinner and have their table look like this? Property Managers check equipment is not broken, damaged or tired after guests and pre-season.

Professional Development

We appreciate that there are many different approaches to property management. Training course 1 contains best practice developed and shared by the current OVO Network property manager community.

Even experienced property managers who join us find good references, useful structures, and solid procedures which enhance their professional development.

Completion of the course demonstrates commitment to professional development to owners. 

It also means the OVO Network team can be confident that all guests and properties will be looked after competently and appropriately.

Owner appreciation of the Guest and Property Manager role

Rental property owners also ask for an overview and understanding of what being an OVO Network guest and property manager entails. To that end, we share access to our guest and property manager training courses with owners.

Property managers in the French Alps have views like this to look at all winter long.
OVO Network Property Managers do enjoy some of the very best views from their “office” windows.

What happens once registration and training has been completed?

Congratulations! Welcome to the OVO Network Property Manager Community!

You are now an accredited partner, a member of the OVO Network Manager Community!

  • Successful candidates are awarded their accreditation certificate and number. 
  • If owners enquire about management solutions, they are given access to the accredited guest and property managers directory.
  • Owners contact managers directly to set up interviews.
  • Owners and managers sign a contract.
  • Once appointed we create a manager profile in our back office system OVO PIMMS.


  • OVO Network are not operational in every ski resort in the French Alps. 
  • Many of our owners manage their own properties. 
  • Accreditation does not guarantee work. 
  • Ultimately, we suggest accredited managers for interviews, and owners decide who they offer a contract to.
We are adding more properties and destinations to OVO Network each month – every property needs a Guest and Property Manager.

Next time round…

In part four of our Property Management series, we’ll give an overview of optional Course 2, an in-situ training in “Hospitality cleaning, and preparing for guests”, and explain how to sign up.

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