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Attracting remote workers to your holiday rental in the Alps

In recent years, the world has witnessed a significant transformation in the way we work. The rise of remote work, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has had a profound impact on the travel industry. One of the emerging trends in this changing landscape is the growing demand for holiday rental properties in picturesque locations like the French Alps.

In this blog post, we will explore why chalet owners should consider targeting remote workers as their ideal guests and how to create the perfect remote work retreat in the Alps.

A chalet bedroom with desk and chair
Neutral tones and plenty of space create a calm area at Chalet Argali in Le Grand Bornand

Why target remote workers for your chalet rental?

Remote work has become the new norm for many professionals around the world. This shift in working habits, partly driven by the pandemic, has opened up new opportunities for the travel and hospitality industry.

Here are some compelling reasons to focus on attracting remote workers to your chalet rental:

  1. Increased demand: The demand for holiday rentals from remote workers has surged in recent years. According to SD Worx, 80% of French employees feel remote work remote working allows a better work-life balance. This has resulted in an increasing number of professionals seeking beautiful and inspiring locations to work from.
  2. Off-season stays: Unlike traditional holidaymakers who flock to the Alps during peak seasons, remote workers are often more flexible with their travel dates. This means you can generate revenue during the off-season, helping to stabilise your income throughout the year.
  3. Extended stays: Remote workers are sometimes more likely to stay for extended periods. This allows you to maximise your chalet’s occupancy and revenue potential.
A single bed with a desk and chair next to it
This twin bedroom at Chalet Beauvoir 12 in St Jean de Sixt doubles up as an office space

Creating the perfect remote work retreat in the Alps

Location, location, location

Choosing the right location in the French Alps is crucial when targeting remote workers. Therefore, you need to look for areas with proximity to work-friendly amenities such as:

  • Work-friendly cafés with reliable Wi-Fi;
  • Co-working spaces with desks;
  • Essential services (shops, restaurants, bars, etc).

Some ideal Alpine locations for remote workers include Val d’IsèreAnnecy or La Clusaz, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty and co-working amenities.

A double room with dark accents and a desk and chair
The minimalist yet sleek desk space at Chalet Victorina in La Giettaz

Chalet amenities for remote work

However, even if you’re chalet’s location isn’t renowned for remote working, there are many actions you can take in order to create the perfect home office environment…

Guarantee high-speed internet

Ensure your chalet has a reliable high-speed internet connection to support remote work tasks. We recommend that internet speed should be a minimum of 50 Mbps to be classified as “fast” WiFi, which  allows you to stream 4K videos and join video calls on multiple devices. (This also aligns with Air BnB’s criteria.)

Work bench with laptops on a mezzanine
This mezzanine office at Chalet Alyssum, Le Grand Bornand is ideal for business trips, meetings and brainstorming sessions

Provide dedicated workspaces

Another requirement is to have designated work areas which are well-furnished and functional. They should include:

  • Comfortable ergonomic furniture including a desk and supportive office chair;
  • Ample lighting, including desk lamps and plenty of natural light to avoid guests feeling “boxed in”;
  • Multiple power outlets next to or underneath the desk;
  • Though many remote workers will bring their laptops with them on holiday, some owners do provide a desktop computer as well.
Chalet de Rollon work space
A divider separates the work zone from the living space at Chalet de Rollon in Thônes

Transforming unusual spaces

You don’t need to provide a dedicated private home office in order to attract remote workers. For example, you could consider converting unconventional spaces such as:

  • Underneath staircases;
  • Corners of bedrooms;
  • Unused mezzanines;
  • Alcoves;
  • Loft spaces.

Promote work-life balance

While remote workers value productivity, they also seek a balanced work-life experience. Therefore, focus on the concept of “bleisure,” a blend of business and leisure travel, and showcase the opportunities for enriching their downtime.

For example, encourage your guests to take breaks and explore the breathtaking surroundings of the Alps. You can do this by promoting activities like:

…or simply unwinding in the serene landscapes, which can rejuvenate their minds. On top of sporty activites, recommend local restaurants, shops and cultural events in your welcome booklet.

Workbench at Chalet Joux Verte
The fully-equipped workbench at Chalet Joux Verte in Les Gets

In the evolving landscape of remote work and travel, chalet owners in the Alps have a unique opportunity to tap into the growing market of remote workers seeking inspiring places to work and relax. By offering the right location, essential amenities, and a harmonious work-life balance, you can make your chalet a top choice for remote professionals.

Plus, the advantages of targeting remote workers are clear: increased demand, off-season bookings, financial stability, and extended stays.

At OVO Network, we encourage chalet owners to adapt to this changing landscape, and we are here to assist you in optimising your chalet rental for remote work enthusiasts. From guest communication to marketing, revenue/booking management, photography and more – our experts can help turn your chalet business into a success.

Interested in learning more about our solution? Head over to our website to discover more or arrange a call with one of our experts today.

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