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An Introduction to Hospitality Cleaning & Chalet Preparation

One of our promises to our guests, when they stay in an OVO Network property, is “sparkling cleaning”. It is important to understand the significance of hospitality cleaning when managing a successful rental property.

This is an introductory guide to hospitality cleaning, which includes tips on recruiting your team of cleaners, safety and tips for maximum efficiency.

The importance of quality cleaning…

Cleaning standards are paramount to avoiding complaints from guests. At OVO Network, we guarantee high cleaning standards.

First impressions are crucial! Some guests can arrive with higher expectations than others. We are aiming to meet and exceed expectations in all cases.

If a guest finds a minor issue with the cleaning on arrival, they will likely be keeping an eye out for further issues throughout their stay, which can make things more challenging! So, we must make sure that procedures are followed, and that cleaning is to the highest standard, so there are no grounds for complaints.

Recruiting your team of cleaners…

1. Qualifications

Your team of cleaners must be registered to work legally in the location you operate.

The property owner you work for may already have a network of cleaners to recommend, and if so, they must agree to follow the regime you implement.

If you are responsible for recruiting yourself, reassure your new team that you will provide training on hospitality cleaning.

2. Availability

In peak seasons, changeover days are normally on weekends, and bookings are normally for one to three weeks. Owners may also want to offer short stays.

Ensure you check your team’s availability before agreeing to short stays.

If additional cleaning is something you offer to guests, ensure cleaners are available for this as well.

As a property manager, you can choose to clean the property yourself, but don’t overcommit!

3. Size of the team

Consider how many cleaners you will need to complete the cleaning in the changeover period.

The more cleaners you have, the less time it will take, and the more people you will have to rely on in case of illness, etc.

But, consider that cleaners may want a minimum amount of work. You will need to know how long the property takes to clean before deciding on the size of your team. Spend time at the property and aim to help with the cleaning initially.

Health & Safety…


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Always pay attention to safety labels on cleaning products. Do not mix products, and always make sure to pay attention to dilution instructions.


Personal Protective Equipment

Some cleaning products are incredibly strong and can cause irritation to the skin, or further damage to health. Make sure you wear gloves and when needed, goggles or face masks may be necessary with very strong products.

Illness & Contamination Management

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, cleaning and hygiene are more paramount than ever. Make sure to check your local government guidelines to see which cleaning products are required at the time. Certain products may include air fumigators, textile cleaners and specific surface disinfectants.

It is important to apply the same approach when it comes to other illnesses within the property you manage. Ensure that the property is thoroughly cleaned on all occasions, but special attention has been paid at times where there may have been an outbreak such as flu or gastric illness.

Thorough but efficient…

1. Have a system

Top to bottom: You don’t want to clean a floor before cleaning a dirty work surface, as dirt could fall back onto the floor. 

Left to right: Work in one direction so you aren’t making existing clean areas dirty again. 

Inside out: Clean from the furthest point in the room/ area, outwards, eg don’t clean a shower screen, and then clean the inside of the shower, as you will dirty what you have cleaned.

2. Plan ahead

Always think of tasks that require long durations of time.

For example, if you need to run a dishwasher cycle for two hours, ensure this is done as soon as possible, so you can complete other tasks in the meantime.

Don’t leave longer tasks to the end

3. Test as you go

It’s best to do quick checks that can save complaints throughout the week!

Test everything as you go along- turn taps and lights on and off, open and close cupboard doors.

Remember that cleaning is done on a deadline on changeover day and needs to be done thoroughly but efficiently, in order to ensure all tasks are completed before guest arrival. 

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