7 walks around Lake Annecy for autumn colour

Are you looking for outdoor activities in the Lake Annecy area?

When you’re in the mountains, organising your getaways can become a challenge, particularly when you’re travelling with a group. How do you find an activity that appeals to everyone, is within your budget and is perfect for all abilities?

The answer? Hiking!

Hiking routes are flexible, mostly free of charge, and you can choose the level of difficulty or accessibility of the path. Perhaps a very short walk for the youngest, a steep path leading to a waterfall for energetic children or a night hike with your friends, with an Instagrammable view thrown in?

We’ve put together a list of walks to do around Lake Annecy. You can choose the one that suits you best (beginner, general public, expert or night-time) and also download our summary PDF so that you’ll have all the information in your pocket.

1 – The Roselières path: for beginners

The Roselières path is a gentle and pleasant walk, ideal for a peaceful autumn getaway. It’s a great way to appreciate nature and wildlife as well as the charms of Lake Annecy.

A shady footpath opens on to the edge of the lake
The Roselières footpath is a great choice for beginners. ©Theotherpaths

General information

  • Distance: about 5km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Time: about 2 hours
  • Equipment: comfortable walking shoes, water, a camera
  • Start: Saint-Jorioz Beach car park
  • Parking: at the starting point
  • Distance from nearest ski resort (Le Semnoz): about 15 km
  • View: Lake Annecy, surrounded by mountains
  • Nearby summits: Montagne du Charbon, Dents de Lanfon.

Download the summary of the Roselières trail near Lake Annecy (distance, address, route)

The route

  • The walk begins at the Plage de Saint-Jorioz car park. The path is clearly signposted, and walkers should follow the signs for the Sentier des Roselières.
  • The trail leads through wetlands, in particular reedbeds, which play an essential role as natural habitats for local wildlife. The path follows wooden footbridges across these areas, giving you a unique perspective on bird life and aquatic vegetation.
  • The reed beds are home to many species of birds, including herons, coots, swans and other water birds. Binoculars are useful for more detailed observation, especially for keen birdwatchers.
  • Throughout the walk, there are several viewpoints overlooking Lake Annecy.
  • After exploring the reed beds and enjoying the views over the lake, there’s an option to turn back at the “Le Beau” crossroads. Hikers return to the Plage de Saint-Jorioz car park to conclude their hike near Lake Annecy.
This cosy living room is decorated in autumnal  colours, with sofas in front of the fire
Chalet Kalyssia, in Saint-Jorioz, is close to the Roselières footpath.

2 – Hike to Mont Veyrier: for beginners+

The high path offers great views of the lake and mountains
The panoramic view from the top of Mont Veyrier is well worth the effort. ©Tracetaroute

General information

  • Distance: about 5km (round trip)
  • Difference in altitude: moderate
  • Time: 2-3 hours
  • Equipment: hiking boots, water, camera
  • Departure point: unprepared car park at Mont Veyrier, next to the Pré-Vernet restaurant
  • Parking: at the start point
  • Distance from nearest ski resort (Le Semnoz): approx 10km
  • View: Lake Annecy and surrounding mountains
  • Nearby summits: Tournette, Sambuy

Download the summary of the Mont Veyrier hike (distance, address, route)

The route

  • The hike starts from the Mont Veyrier car park, near the “Le Pré Vernet” restaurant. The path is clearly signposted, so just follow the signs to Mont Veyrier.
  • The trail begins with a gentle climb through the forest. Hikers will appreciate the shade of the trees in autumn. The climb is gradual, becoming progressively steeper as you go.
  • Along the way, there are several viewpoints offering views of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains.
  • At the top of Mont Veyrier, hikers are rewarded with a spectacular view of Lake Annecy. You can also see the Bauges mountains and Mont Semnoz. It’s an ideal place to take a break, enjoy the scenery and capture the moment in photographs.
  • The descent follows the same path back to the Mont Veyrier car park.
The beamed open-plan living area at Swansdoors in Annecy
The large, cosy, rustic lounge at Le Swansdoors, in the centre of Annecy, is the perfect place for family get-togethers.

3 – The Gorges du Fier: a great family walk

General information

  • Distance: about 2km (round trip)
  • Difference in altitude: slight
  • Time: about 1-2 hours
  • Equipment: comfortable shoes, torch
  • Departure point: The car park at the Gorges du Fier
  • Parking: At the starting point
  • Distance from nearest ski resort (Le Semnoz): approx. 18km
  • View: views of the narrow gorges, spectacular rocky landscape
  • Good to know: the Gorges du Fier path runs along a high footbridge that is not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo. This is a managed tourist site, with an entry fee and opening times.
A wooden footpath fixed to the moss side of a cliff
The Gorges du Fier, a spectacular walk that can be enjoyed by all the family. ©Gorgesdufier

Opening hours and prices


  • 5.80€ for those over 16 years old
  • 3€ for ages three to 16
  • Free for those under three
  • Groups of at least 20 people: 4.80€ adults and 2.70€ for children

Opening times

  • Open to the general public daily from 15 April to 15 September, 9.30 am to 6.15 pm (closes at 7.15 pm from 15 June to 31 August).
  • Groups: from 15 March to 15 October.

Download the Gorges du Fier walk summary (distance, address, route)

The route

  • The walk begins at the Gorges du Fier tourist site, where the official starting point is located. Follow the signs to reach the gorges. A booklet will be given to visitors at the entrance to the site.
  • The trail leads hikers through the impressive Gorges du Fier, carved by the erosion of limestone rock by the river Fier. Walkers progress along a suspended wooden footbridge, offering spectacular views of the rock faces and tumultuous waters below.
  • The geology of the Gorges du Fier is fascinating, characterised by layers of limestone. The local fauna, including the bats that inhabit these gorges, can also be observed.
  • After exploring the gorges, hikers return to the Gorges du Fier site along the same path.
A games room wtih table football, darts and a reading corner
Children will love the games room at Villa Flying Dragon, in Talloires, as well as the swimming pool

4 – The nature reserve at the end of the lake: a family outing

General information

  • Distance: about 3.7 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Duration: about 2 hours
The path is marked by a low footbridge through the ears of wheat.
Children will love the boardwalk through the nature reserve. ©SavoieMontBlanc
  • Equipment: hiking boots, binoculars, camera
  • Departure point: Nature Reserve car park, Doussard
  • Parking: at the starting point
  • Distance from nearest ski resort (Le Semnoz): about 15km
  • View: Lake Annecy and the nature reserve with its wetlands and birdlife.
  • Access all year round, no dogs allowed

Download the summary of the hike in the nature reserve at the end of the lake (distance, address, route)

The route

The trail takes walkers to this unspoiled site at the nature reserve at the end of the lake.

The departure point in Doussard. offers a variety of hiking options, with a selection of trails that allow visitors to explore the different natural habitats of the local wildlife, including the wetlands, forests and banks of the lake.

The return journey is a simple matter of following the loop.

An outdoor Nordic hot tub witwh a view of the mountains
You can relax in the Nordic bath at Chalet Lomatika in Doussard after a day’s walking.

5 – The Cascade d’Angon: a walk and swim with the family

General information

A small waterfall at the entrance to a cave
The Angon waterfall is easily accessible and is perfect for an autumn walk ©Theotherpaths
  • Distance: about 4km (return)
  • Difference in altitude: moderate
  • Duration: about 2-3 hours
  • Equipment: hiking boots, swimming costume (for swimming under the waterfall in summer), water
  • Departure point: Angon car park
  • Parking: at the starting point
  • Distance from nearest ski resort (Le Semnoz): about 20 km
  • Views: the waterfall/Lake Annecy and the opportunity to enjoy a dip in the waterfall

Download the summary of the Cascade d’Angon hike (distance, address, route).

The route

The Cascade d’Angon hike starts at the Angon car park (route des Vignes), near the village of Talloires, on the eastern shore of Lake Annecy, just after a bridge.

The path winds its way through a shady forest, which is very pleasant in autumn. The Angon stream accompanies hikers along the way.

After a short walk, hikers will reach the majestic Cascade d’Angon, some 30 metres high. This waterfall is an impressive sight, particularly after periods of heavy rain. Visitors can get close to the waterfall to cool off in the spray or even bathe in the natural pools formed by the waterfall.

Having fully appreciated the waterfall and its surroundings, hikers follow the same path back to the Angon car park.

A sunny terrace and garden with play equipment and a hot tub
Why not sit out on the sunny terrace of Chalet Hychris, near Annecy, after your walk?

6 – La Tournette, the roof of Lake Annecy – for experts

A view of the sunset across Lake Annecy in autumn
The climb to the summit of La Tournette will appeal to experienced walkers. ©MonteMedio

General information

  • Distance: about 12 km (round trip)
  • Difference in altitude: steep
  • Duration: about 6-8 hours
  • Equipment: hiking boots, mountain gear, water, topographical map
  • Start: Montmin car park (between the school and the cemetery), or the Prés ronds car park (near the Col de la Forclaz).
  • Parking: at the starting points.
  • Distance from nearest ski resort (Le Semnoz): about 10km
  • View: 360-degree panoramic view of the lake, Mont Blanc, Aravis, Bauges and Jura.

Download a summary of the Tournette hike from Montmin (distance, address, route).

The route

  • The hike begins in Montmin, at an altitude of around 940 metres. The trail is well-signposted and begins gently, passing through coniferous forests.
  • During the first part of the hike, the mountain climbs gradually. The path winds its way through the woods, keeping you in the shade.
  • About halfway up, you reach the Chalet de l’Aulp, an ideal place to take a break. There’s fresh water (from a spring) and snacks, and you can even sample a local dish if the chalet is open.
  • After the chalet, the climb becomes steeper and rockier. The paths are always well signposted, sometimes with stone steps to make progress easier. The final part of the climb can be particularly steep and demanding but is rewarded by the incredible views once you reach the top.
  • From the top of La Tournette, hikers can enjoy spectacular views of Lake Annecy, Mont Blanc, the Aravis mountains, the Bauges and the Jura. It’s the perfect place for a hard-earned picnic.
  • The way back is the same as on the outward journey. Take care on the descent, especially in the rocky sections.
A modern, open-plan living area of an apartment in Annecy
After a delightful walk, you’ll look forward to returning to Annecy Balcon Vue, a stylish apartment near the centre of Annecy

7 – Mont Baron by moonlight: a night hike

General information

  • Distance: about 6km (round trip)
  • Difference in altitude: moderate
  • Duration: around 3-4 hours (at night)
  • Equipment: powerful headlamp with spare batteries, warm clothing (even in summer, it can be cold at altitude at night), sturdy hiking boots, hiking poles (optional), water and light snacks, topographical map or GPS (for navigation if necessary), camera
A view of Annecy lit up at night from Mont Baron
Photographer François Guillermet captured this panorama of Annecy by night from Mont Baron. © FrançoisGuillermet
  • Start: Col de la Forclaz car park
  • Parking: at the starting point
  • Distance from nearest ski resort (Le Semnoz): about 15km
  • View: over Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains

Download the summary of the Mont Baron moonlight hike (distance, address, route)

The route

This hike offers a different perspective of the mountains at night, with the glow of the moon lighting the way. It is essential to follow the appropriate safety precautions and prepare properly to enjoy this night-time adventure.

The night hike to Mont Baron begins at the Col de la Forclaz car park, around 15km from Annecy town centre.

The well-marked path climbs gradually through the forest. The moonlight creates a magical atmosphere, but a good headlamp is essential. During the climb, hikers can enjoy the stars in the night sky and feel the tranquillity of the surrounding nature.

Once at the summit of Mont Baron, a magnificent view of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains awaits those who have made it this far, all bathed in the soft light of the moon.

The hikers then begin the descent to the Mont Baron car park along the same path as on the outward journey.

A garden lake surrounded by flowers and trees
After a lakeside walk, you can relax by your own “lake” at La Ferme du Cortet, near Thônes

The hikes around Lake Annecy are particularly beautiful in autumn, whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, as a couple or a family, from the most sedate to those who love a challenge.

However, even if you’re heading off on an adventure, don’t forget to be properly prepared when it comes to mountain safety. Before you set off, make sure you tell someone your route and find out the local emergency numbers. Your outing will be all the more enjoyable for it!

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