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How should you decorate your chalet for Christmas?

A successful Christmas often includes a beautifully-decorated house, an impressive tree in the living room, a table laid for dinner and a wonderful family dinner. Decorations are part of the Christmas spirit and the first sign that the festive season has begun. So how should you decorate your rental property?

Is it wise to invest in decorations? How can you decorate your chalet without making too much of an impact on maintenance? What kind of decorations should you use for high-end chalets? In this article, OVO Network’s interior designer Caroline gives you some answers and advice.

I’d like to decorate my chalet for Christmas – what are my options?

Stick with tradition

Your first option is to go traditional, for example, a natural tree, decorated and displayed in the living room of the chalet, for example. There are also other decorations to think of, such as a wreath on the front door, or a nice centrepiece for the Christmas dining table.

A white front door decorated with a traditonal fir wreath, a garland and some white lights
A pretty wreath and some lights on your front door will make it welcoming for your guests © Cottonbro studio / Pexels

Some owners may not want to invest in Christmas decorations for a number of reasons. For instance, no one wants to find beautiful Christmas ornaments broken or missing once the guests have left. And you need to think about maintenance too, especially with all of those Christmas tree needles.

However, good quality, traditional decor gives your property a certain charm, and is more likely to attract holidaymakers during the festive season. Plus, you can always use the same decorations again and again, from one year to the next!

Go minimalist – the economical choice

A minimalist approach has many advantages. Firstly, you save money by targeting your investment in a few quality decorations.

It can also solve the problem of maintenance, as decorations can be chosen according to the specific needs of the chalet (in terms of housekeeping).

On the other hand, it takes time to choose the decorations, their placement and their purpose. They need to have a visual impact, but at the same time, they should fit in with the existing look of your chalet.

White berry light strings with a beautiful glass bauble containing a glass Christmas tree
A nice uncluttered design can create a festive atmosphere for your chalet guests – © Laura James / Pexels

This way, you find a compromise between traditional Christmas decorations that are expensive and risky and no decorations at all. And you’ll still be providing holidaymakers with that Christmas spirit and demosntrating your commitment to their festive break.

Have a look on Pinterest for some inspiration.

Artificial decorations

Choosing an artificial design means you can avoid finding broken, missing or badly-maintained decorations.

It’s an option that balances the needs of holidaymakers and your chalet, for example in terms of refurbishment and maintenance. You can also keep costs down more easily with this approach.

But, be warned that sometimes savings can be made at the expense of quality. In addition, artificial decorations, for example in plastic, may not be in keeping with a luxury property.

Caroline’s advice

Which of these three options should you choose? How do you know which would suit both the needs of your guests and the needs of your property? Caroline has the answers…

You don’t have to decorate your chalet from the first day of December, but not decorating at all isn’t really an option.

Caroline suggests that you decorate your chalet for the last two weeks of December. This way, holidaymakers can enjoy a bright and warm chalet during the holidays and will appreciate your efforts. This also reduces the risk of maintenance complications. The decorations can be removed after the tenants have left.

How should you decorate?

For Caroline, a real tree is the way to go.

Not only does it add character to the property but it also enhances the high end feel. And the good news is that the tree is all you need – you don’t really need any other decorations.

A living room with a fir tree for Christmas creates a warm and festive setting for your guests © Photo by HJ S on Unsplash

If it’s not possible to put up a tree, you can opt for a beautiful wreath inside or outside or even garlands of lights. Small touches such as a box of chocolates on the table when the guests arrive will be noticed and appreciated.

We hope that this article has answered some of your questions. The most important thing is that the decoration reflects your style and fits in with your chalet.

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