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10 steps to get your chalet spring ready

To maximise your properties’ occupancy throughout spring and the off-season period, it’s important to stay on top of your chalet cleaning tasks.

As well as a thorough spring clean, there’s a wealth of other important jobs for property managers to undertake to keep chalets in tip-top condition for summer guests.

This post will provide you with a comprehensive checklist of pre-spring tasks to take on as the weather starts to warm up.

Clean external areas

The beginning of spring is the perfect time to take stock of your outdoor spaces and check for any chalet cleaning issues or maintenance tasks.

Guests will want to start making the most of terraces, pools and gardens as temperatures rise, so it pays to have them in the best possible shape.

Here are some of the items that property managers should be looking to address:

1. Check gutters and clean bins 

Not the most exciting of jobs, but certainly important! Ensure that all outdoor bins are sanitised.

As winter season draws to an end and trees and shrubs start to blossom, gutters can see a build-up of debris.

This can lead to clogs and standing water if not addressed, which can cause unnecessary damage to your property. So make sure everything is clean and flowing at the start of, and throughout the spring season. 

2. Cooking equipment

Outdoor cooking equipment will soon be in use, so make sure it’s cleaned and serviced.

Check your barbecues and planchas are in full working order and ensure that you have ample supplies of gas or charcoal.

Make sure all grills are scrubbed down with a stiff brush and everything is ready for use. Don’t forget to dig out any utensils and supplies that guests may need. 

3. Terraces, decks and gardens

Chalet Les Roses des Alpes decked terrace with hot tub and gardens
Chalet Les Roses des Alpes’ decked terrace with a bubbling hot tub, dining set and expertly landscaped gardens

Melting snow can cause excess moisture to accumulate on decked areas and instigate rot.

A crucial exterior chalet cleaning task is to make sure that both stone-laid terraces and decks are in good order with no loose parts or damage.

Consider using a pressure washer on harder surfaces to get rid of any debris and dirt that might have accumulated over the colder season. 

For paving, check if the grouting is intact and make any necessary repairs or fill-ins.

For decking, after cleaning, check whether it needs re-staining or oiling to keep it looking fresh. Make sure the forecast is moisture-free for a couple of days before and after doing so. 

Gardening services may be in high demand post-winter, so make sure you book yours well ahead of time to have your landscaping looking ready and manicured for guests’ arrival. 

4. Garden furniture

Depending on what type of outdoor furniture you have, a simple wipe clean and polish may be sufficient. However, wooden furniture may need sanding and treating.

Also, take a look over your outdoor soft furnishings, check if any deckchair or chair cushions need replacing, and ensure that all covers are clean and refreshed with no stains. 

5. Outdoor electrics

Don’t overlook your outdoor electrical systems that haven’t been utilised much throughout the winter when it comes to exterior chalet cleaning jobs.

All exterior lights, bulbs and sensors should be checked and replaced if necessary. Don’t forget to check any battery-operated items that may be required, for example, those in your pool alarm. 

6. Pools and Jacuzzis

Chalet Ladroit indoor pool looking out onto a mountain view at dusk
Chalet Ladroit‘s enviable covered pool ready for spring

Talking of pools, as well as giving them a meticulously clean, make sure that you have all the supplies you need for the upcoming season.

Check your chlorine and pH levels, and do the same for your hot tub. Make sure the pumps and filtration systems are working efficiently and inspect the covers for any signs of damage. 

7. Eliminate pests

Seasonal changes can increase the likelihood of pests making their homes within your property. Whether it be internal or external, take a look over the common areas where pests may be found.

Mice, ants, mosquitos, bees, beetles, caterpillars, flies, fleas and wasps are just some of the usual suspects, so check for any signs of nests or damage and get them treated quickly before they become an issue. 

Indoor maintenance

How long does a chalet take to clean? Well, there are plenty of indoor jobs to be getting on with for the pre-spring season.

Use it as an opportunity to refresh your chalet and have it feel light, bright and open for guests. It’s a good idea to check that your interiors still accurately meet all of the specifications within your property description so that guests know exactly what to expect. Some more specific areas to check include:

8. Indoor electricals

Confirm that all of your indoor electrical items are functioning correctly and have up-to-date safety certifications.

Spring is the perfect time to have any fans or air conditioning systems serviced if required too, before the higher temperatures and hecticness of summer sets in.

Also, don’t forget to check any motorised elements of your property, such as automatic blinds.

9. Clean windows

Chalet Cinq Moutons lounge/ diner  windows
Chalet Cinq Moutons‘ gorgeous view-framing windows

A lot of Alpine properties have sizeable and unique floor-to-ceiling or picture windows to frame those magnificent views.

Employ a reputable window cleaning company at the start of the off-season to make sure yours are sparkling in the spring sunshine. 

10. Interior chalet cleaning tasks

Chalet Tinatha lounge interior chalet cleaning for spring
Chalet Tinatha‘s bright lounge interior has a welcoming spring feel

Guests arriving in spring are full of the feeling of freshness and a crisp new season, so make sure the interior of your property reflects that.

Look over all of your soft furnishings carefully. If needed, bring in a carpet cleaning company to refresh your soft flooring, and have any curtains and blinds professionally cleaned too.

Check all of your rugs, cushions, pillows, mattresses, protectors, duvets and blankets and replace anything that’s looking tired. Consider your final spring touches and flourishes to make guests feel extra comfortable, such as welcome baskets

Nailing your chalet cleaning and pre-spring tasks will set you up for a stress-free season ahead. Don’t miss our tips for preparing your chalet for summer and our autumn checklist. Plus, see how much revenue your chalet could generate with OVO Network using our short term rental income calculator

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