What to wear at night on a ski holiday?

We’ve written before about our recommended packing list for your ski holidays. But in this article we’ll cover what to bring to keep warm after a day on the slopes. Whether you want to explore the resorts’ nightlife, or opt for a cosy night in at one of our self-catered chalets, you will need the appropriate attire. Read on to find out what to wear at night on a ski holiday…

What to wear for a night out

One of the best parts of staying in ski resorts is the après ski! As part of your holiday planning, make sure to research what the local area has on offer once the sun has set. If you’re booking with OVO Network, take a look at our destination pages, or simply ask your property manager for recommendations. From fantastic bars and live music to midnight promenades or ice rinks, there is something for everyone – that is, if you are dressed for the occasion!

The first thing to avoid on a night out in the mountains are high heels. Swap elegance for comfort (and safety!) with a pair of reliable boots that can withstand the snow; slip some thermals under your outerwear to add some extra layers if you’re sensitive to the cold; and be sure to wear thick socks and gloves! Finally, make sure you pack a warm jacket, (this could be your ski jacket), especially if you plan on walking back to your chalet.

What to wear for a night in

Our partner chalets guarantee toasty living spaces to keep you warm after a day on the slopes. However, make sure to pack your cosiest jumpers and woolly socks, as well as your warmest lounge wear and pyjamas for sleeping. Also, don’t forget to bring your slippers with you and have them at the ready for when you return home, to avoid any wet ski boots being walked through the chalet!

If you’re hosting a dinner party, or simply feel like dressing up – our best advice would be to invest in thermal tops and leggings. These can be slipped under your outfit to keep you nice and warm throughout the evenings.

And if you’re staying at a chalet with a hot tub like this one at Cristal des Neiges, make sure to bring your swimming costume for nights in!

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Extra tips to keep you warm

While most people own coats, jumpers, gloves, scarves and hats, those who are especially sensitive to the cold might need some extra help to have a good time après-ski. They key to keeping warm is plenty of layers and avoiding wearing one thick jumper, that isn’t breathable.

Most people won’t want to carry hot water bottles around them in the streets! But you might want to stock up on hand warmers, or even body warmers as an extra ‘hack’ to keep you toasty under your jumper!

If you’d like more tips on planning your ski holiday, head over to the “plan your trip” section of our blog, or follow us on social media @ovonetwork. Also, be sure to use the hashtag #ovonetwork to share your night outfits with us!

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