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What to do in Annecy when it rains

When it comes to picking a travel destination, weather can often be a deciding factor. But what if we told you there was somewhere you could enjoy yourself even if it’s raining?

Look no further than the picture-perfect town of Annecy, a charming destination nestled in the French Alps. From cultural visits to gastronomic experiences, you won’t find the weather holding you back throughout your stay.

Read on to find out what to do in Annecy when it rains

Rainy days in Annecy

The average number of rainy/snowy days per month in Annecy ©

To begin planning your trip, it’s good to have a rough idea of the weather conditions in Annecy throughout the year. And as you can see from the graph above, the number of rainy days in Annecy stays fairly consistent from one month to another.

On the whole, the summer months tend to offer plenty of hot, sunny days where you can enjoy the lake with all its fantastic watersports and beaches. The weather is usually pleasant and fairly warm from April/May until the end of September/beginning of October.

However, rain showers and storms do happen from time to time, as the weather in the Alps can be more extreme.

Typically, during the autumn season, the temperature drops and there are frequent rainy days that precede the winter season. In some cases, the precipitation may even turn into snowfall in the town in the peak winter months.

However, the weather can’t be guaranteed, so it’s good to have a plan – even if there is a downpour!

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The top 10 things to do in Annecy in the rain

1. Explore the culture

Annecy is a city rich in history, offering holidaymakers a wealth of museums and landmarks to explore.

Whether you’re interested in local traditions, artefacts, art, or architecture, there is something for everyone in this picturesque town.


Visiting a museum is the perfect activity to do on a rainy day in Annecy. You can spend time indoors while still being able to learn and explore everything there is to know about the local culture.

Here are the top recommendations:

Le Palais de I’Île

Le Palais de I’Île was listed as a historic monument in 1900, with its oldest parts dating back to the 12th century. Originally housing the prison and the minting workshop of the Counts of Geneva, this renowned medieval structure is located in the heart of Annecy and has since become an emblem of the town.

Guided tours are available, or opt for an unguided visit costing 3.90€ for an adult and 2€ for a child. There’s free entry for children under 12 and group rates for more than 5 people. You’ll need between 30 minutes and one hour to visit.

Le Palais de I'Île, historic old prison in Annecy
Le Palais de I’Île is one of the most photographed spots in Annecy – photo by Mathias Reding on Unsplash
Musée-Chateau D’Annecy

Above the cobbled streets of the old town stands the Musée-Chateau D’Annecy, which became the residence of the Counts of Geneva in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Upon your visit, marvel at the authentic collections of traditional furniture and artworks and even pay a visit to the nature room where you can discover the local species and wildlife of the lake!

Entrance is 5.60€ and there’s free entry for children under 12 years. You’ll need approximately one hour to visit the site.

Musée-Chateau D'Annecy - an old chateau built with beige stone and brick set against a mountain landscape
Musée-Chateau D’Annecy – photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash
Musée du Film d’animation

Annecy is renowned for its rich animation history and has been home to an international festival every June since 1960. The Musée du Film d’animation offers a free and immersive experience for film enthusiasts and tourists alike, providing insights into the art’s roots, techniques, processes, and equipment.

The exhibition is open year-round (apart from Tuesdays and Sundays), from 10 am to 5 pm (apart from June-September, when it opens at 10:30 am). Expect to spend up to one hour here.

Cultural landmarks

As well as fascinating museums, there are plenty of cultural landmarks open to the public which you can discover. Many of these are churches, providing ample shelter from the rain throughout the day.

Here are the must-see landmarks for you to visit on a rainy day:

You can also see the sights by taking a one-hour guided bus tour around the town.

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2. Relax at the spa

When it’s raining, heading to the spa is a great way to spend a relaxing afternoon, without having to change plans according to the weather.

Les Tresoms is located just outside the centre, overlooking Lake Annecy. Home to thermal pools, saunas and hammams, the spa also offers a range of treatments including massages, facials, skin scrubs and beauty packages.

A facial mask is applied to a woman's face at a spa
Choose from a variety of treatments at Les Tresoms spa – photo by engin akyurt on Unsplash

Wellness accommodation in the Alps


3. Book a cheese and wine tasting

Annecy is known for its stunning scenery, but it’s also home to some of the best cheese and wine in the world. So if you’re a foodie looking for a unique and delicious experience, then a tasting should definitely be on your agenda.

You’ll get to sample a variety of local cheeses, from velvety Reblochon to creamy Beaufort, paired perfectly with a selection of wines. And not only will you get to indulge in some truly incredible flavours, but you’ll also learn about the history and production of each cheese and wine. It’s the perfect rainy-day activity for any food lover visiting Annecy!

1786 Travel offers three packages including:

A man handles a bottle and glass of red wine presented on a wooden table
Take shelter from the rain and sample some of the delicious regional wine!

4. Dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant

Whether you’re looking for traditional French cuisine or something more eclectic, you’ll find it all in Annecy. From quaint bistros to Michelin-starred restaurants, the city has something for everyone.

So be sure to bring an empty stomach and an adventurous palate, because the restaurant scene here is not to be missed!

Here are more guides to help you find delicious spots where you can escape from the rain:

Pieces of meat arranged on the plate are accompanied by a green sauce and small vegetable and floral touches
One of the refined dishes © L’Esquisse

5. Head to the shops

With a mix of boutiques and larger shopping centres including Galeries Lafayette and Courier, shoppers will find everything they need in Annecy.

Additionally, the local market offers a unique shopping experience with regional produce and one-of-a-kind souvenirs, but make sure to pack an umbrella and a waterproof, as the stalls are all located on the streets!

Some well-deserved retail therapy is a great way to escape the rain! Photo by Becca McHaffie on Unsplash

6. Play an escape game

Escape games are perfect for those who enjoy puzzles and challenges. You and your team will be locked in a room and have to solve clues and escape before time runs out. It’s a great way to spend time indoors avoiding the rain, whilst bonding with friends or family and using problem-solving skills.

L’Atelier des Énigmes offers four exciting games that friends and families can take part in. Plus, they’re available in English too, so you don’t need to worry about the language barrier!

7. Enjoy a game of tennis

Those who want to stay active during their holiday can play a game of tennis at Annecy Tennis Club. Based at the foot of the mountains, just a short walk from both the town and the lake, it’s easily accessible to those staying near the centre without a car.

For wetter days, there are four covered, heated courts, so you don’t have to let a rain shower get in the way of a good game! The court rental costs 20€ per hour.

An image of someone wearing tennis shoes, holding a racket and a ball on an orange court
Enjoy an afternoon of tennis or padel next to Lake Annecy – photo by Valentin Balan on Unsplash

8. Go ice skating

The Jean Regis ice skating rink is a short bus ride from the centre of Annecy and offers public skating sessions for all abilities. Children under five can skate for free, plus there’s a snack bar on the top floor where you can pick up something to eat afterwards.

The Annecy ice hockey team, “Les Chevalliers” also play home games here throughout the season. If you happen to be in town whilst there’s a fixture, make sure to stick around and watch!

An ice hockey referee places a puck on the ice
Don’t forget to check the ice hockey fixtures whilst on your holiday in Annecy!

9. Go bowling

Looking for a fun indoor activity on a rainy day? Head over to Le Bowl! Not only can you stay warm and dry, but you can also enjoy some friendly competition and grab a drink from the bar while you play. If bowling isn’t your thing, there are plenty of arcade games to try if you prefer.

For those travelling without a car, you can easily catch the number 5 bus from the Courier Centre to Rulland, from there it’s about a five-minute walk to Le Bowl.

10. Explore the region’s events and entertainment

Between Annecy and the resorts across the Aravis, there’s a great deal of events and entertainment for all ages and interests, throughout the whole year. In rainy weather, you may find workshops or fitness events that you can take part in, so make sure to take a look at the following guides for inspiration:

With so much to see and do, Annecy is a town that can be enjoyed in all weather. Come rain or shine, you’ll never get bored of the iconic landmarks, delicious restaurants and fun-filled activities.

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