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Michelin-starred restaurants in Haute Savoie

After discovering the wonderful culinary heritage of the alps through its Michelin-starred restaurants, we are now inviting you to come on a gastronomic trip to the heart of Haute Savoie. This area offers foodies a wonderfully rich menu and many exceptional restaurants offering varied styles of cuisine.

Of all the restaurants in Haute Savoie, 35 establishments have been recognised by the Michelin Guide. In this article, we will introduce you to 10 of them, tempting you with their delicious dishes ahead of your gourmet stay in this region.

Where possible, we have linked to English versions of other websites. However, where this is not possible, we recommend using a translation website such as DeepL or installing Google Translate on your chrome browser .

La Dame de Pic – Le 1920, Megève

Address: Four Seasons Megève, 373 chemin des Follières, Megève, 74120
Budget: €€€€, expect to pay at least 190€ for an adult menu.

Run by Anne-Sophie Pic, the world’s most-starred chef, “La Dame de Pic – Le 1920” invites you to enjoy a brand new culinary experience where the flavours of Savoie meet those from across the world, bringing complexity and eccentricity to the dishes.

Choose from some of her mouthwatering options…

  • Brie berlingots in a seaweed broth, her astonishing Aubrac-Wagyu beef with grilled chestnuts, seaweed and chervil with Martinique rum and Madagascan vanilla.
  • Scallops with spinach jus and a creamy broccoli sauce and touches of ginger with tonka bean and Combawa lemon.
  • Mille-feuille with Tahitian vanilla, jasmine and Voatsiperifery pepper.

The restaurant’s sommelier knows exactly how to match these fine dishes with choices from the wine list. They can also offer you well-matched teas, sakes, ciders or cocktails.

This is, without a doubt, one of the best-starred restaurants in the Alps.

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L’Esquisse, Annecy

Address: 21 rue Royale, Annecy, 74000
Budget: €€€, expect to pay at least 55€ for an adult menu

Located in the heart of the “Venice of the Alps”, Stéphane Dattrino’s restaurant clearly deserves its Michelin star and two Toques Blanches from Gault et Millau.

In this small and intimate restaurant, Stéphane offers a menu which champions local produce and changes according to the season.

The meat comes from Claude Bocquet in Annecy, the cheese from the Meilleur Ouvrier de France Pierre Gay, the wine and escargots from Philippe Héritier in Poisy and the fish from Lake Geneva and Vincent Coly.

To make sure everyone can find something to their taste, there are several menus on offer – surprise menus of three, five or six courses, the Integral menu or the Gourmet Expressions menu. Whatever you choose, you can expect harmonious, refined and creative dishes.

Vincent Favre Félix, Annecy 

Address: 15 Chemin de l’Abbaye, Annecy, 74940
Budget: €€€€, expect to pay at least 120€ for an adult menu

Chef Vincent Favre Félix has chosen a wonderful setting for his restaurant – in the middle of the garden of La Cour de l’Abbaye in Annecy-le-Vieux.

The menu features local flavours finely reworked in modern and refined dishes. The chef is passionate about this region and is keen to put local produce at the heart of his dishes. Ceps, trompettes, girolles and chanterelles join hay-smoked arctic char, perch, trout and crayfish from Lake Geneva. Accompany them with exceptional wines, also from Savoie.

After working with three-starred chef Marc Veyrat for several years, Vincent Favre Félix is just as keen to use simple ingredients, which he enhances to show off their potential.

Seasonality also plays an important role in his dishes. Each season has its own produce. This attention to local and seasonal produce is behind his “carte blanche”. In this case, no set menu leaves plenty of scope for improvisation, depending on the best produce on any given day.

A discreet setting, distinctive cuisine and a wonderful welcome make the perfect combination if you wish to enjoy a wonderful meal with friends, family or your partner.

La Rotonde des Trésoms, Annecy 

Address: Les Trésoms, 15 boulevard de la Corniche, Annecy, 74000
Budget: €€€, expect to pay at least 59€ for an adult menu

La Rotonde des Trésoms, led by chef Eric Prowalski is another brilliant restaurant in Annecy. With a Michelin star and three Toques Blanches, it is one of the best-starred restaurants in the Alps.

The chef’s dishes are a tasty meeting between his adopted region, the fresh waters of Lake Annecy and his native region – the salty waters of Arcachon bay.

He explains: “I am lucky enough to have a double culture. Firstly, my family history in the southwest. Then that of my adopted region, which has welcomed me with open arms. Every day I create a real cultural identity from these two roots.”

There are five menus on offer, two of which combine local produce and the flavours of the southwest. The dishes on the six-course Alchemy menu and the eight-course Odyssey menu create a dialogue between these two regions with finesse and harmony.

Children are welcome at this restaurant and have their own special menu. It consists of a gravlax-style trout from Savoie to start, followed by a roast chicken supreme or the fish of the day with potato mousseline, and a duo of ice creams to end on a sweet note.

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Les Fresques, Évian-les-Bains

Address: 13 avenue des Mateirons, Évian-les-Bains, 74500
Budget: €€€€, expect to pay at least 85€ for an adult menu

This time we are heading to Lake Geneva, and the restaurant of Patrice Vander in Évian-les-Bains.

When you walk through the doors of this Michelin-starred restaurant, all of your senses will come alive. The sumptuous dining room decorated with frescoes overlooks Lake Geneva and the dishes are created with finesse, precision and innovation.

Local and seasonal produce features in all of the dishes. The menu changes according to the seasons, what produce is available and what can be harvested from the restaurant’s garden.

On the menu this winter you’ll find…

  • Seasonal vegetables with truffle petals and bread lace.
  • Bresse chicken with foie gras flavoured with fines herbes and vin jaune.
  • Crayfish flavoured with verbena from the garden.
  • Escargots with garden herbs and Chambery vermouth.

As for dessert, local flavours are again the order of the day. Pastry chef Stéphane Arrête offers you a choice of five dishes, including the wonderful hot Morello cherry souffle with Kirsch liqueur or the incredible Grenoble walnuts with salted caramel and Savoie pear.

And that is why it is one of the top-starred restaurants in the Alps!

Ô Flaveurs, Douvaine 

Address: Château de Chilly, Douvaine, 74140
Budget: €€€€,expect to pay at least 125€ for an adult menu

Within the walls of this 15th-century stone building, Michelin-starred chef Jérôme Mamet invites you to discover his wonderful cuisine.

A refined meal that takes you on a journey through the seasons and his latest inspirations await you in this timeless setting. We can’t tell you any more about the dishes that might be served, as the chef only offers “surprise menus”, which are designed daily around the best ingredients available.

However, you can be sure of one thing – the produce is organic, high quality and comes from carefully-selected local producers.

To top it all off, the service is wonderfully orchestrated by Agnes Mamet, the chef’s wife, who will welcome you with a smile and take care of you throughout this culinary journey.

Albert 1er, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc 

Address: Hameau Albert-1er, 38 route du Bouchet, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, 74400
Budget: €€€€, expect to pay at least 85€ for an adult menu

Nestled between the lofty Aiguille du Midi and the impressive Mer de Glace, the Maison Carrier (run by five generations of the same family since 1903) is a real oasis of calm in the bustle of Chamonix.

In the kitchens, chef Damien Leveau champions regional produce such as Arctic char and fera from Lake Geneva, escargots from the Mont Blanc area as well as lamb and pork from surrounding farms. He flavours these ingredients with aromatic plants such as oxalis, lemon thyme, lemon balm and sage from his own garden.

This combination of local produce and plants from the garden results in delicate and refined dishes such as his Arctic char with mushrooms and thyme, suckling lamb with squash and turmeric root or his pan-fried scallops with dill and radish pesto. We have to mention his chocolate dessert too – ice cream and pine sauce with pine nut nougatine.

His philosophy? He says: “I try to keep things as simple as possible so as not to hide the ingredient under too much complexity. I accentuate the essential, by highlighting the resources of the region.”

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Le Refuge des Gourmets, Machilly 

Address: 90 route des Framboises, Machilly, 74140
Budget: €€€€, expect to pay at least 85€ for an adult menu

Le Refuge des Gourmets has also earned its place on the list of the top-starred restaurants in the Alps.

Chef Hubert Chanove and his partner Fanny took over this family-run restaurant in 2020 – it was previously run by Hubert’s father, Jean-Marie.

Don’t let the appearance of this small and discreet restaurant fool you – you could be surprised by what waits inside.

The confidently-stylish interior, assertive cuisine and a warm welcome are concealed behind the doors of this restaurant, which has two Toques Blanches.

The chef picks wild herbs and uses them to enhance the taste and appearance of his dishes, working with a single main ingredient and varying its flavours and textures. He uses local suppliers and producers, championing local produce and the raspberry – the emblem of this village. This is what inspires his modern and creative menu.

Le Sérac, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains 

Address: 22 rue de la Comtesse, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains, 74170
Budget: €€€, expect to pay at least 68€ for an adult menu

A Michelin star and three Toques Blances from Gault et Millau are all the proof you need that Le Serac is one of Haute Savoie’s top restaurants.

Chef Olivier Bardoux champions French gastronomy, giving pride of place to the flavours and produce of Savoie.

Choose between a shoulder of lamb marinated in Mont Blanc gin or a calf’s head with foie gras, truffled ravigote and Macaire apples, or turbot with beurre blanc flavoured with verveine.

Desserts might include a chocolate Marigny biscuit with stracciatella cream, pear and Chartreuse or an apple confit with caramel. Visit their website to get a taste of the whole menu!

Fine and gourmet dishes unique to Le Serac, served by a professional and attentive team and accompanied by excellent wines recommended by the sommelier – all of this and a view of Mont Blanc. What more could you ask for?

L’Auberge de Montmin, Talloires 

Address: 1199 route du Col-de-la-Forclaz, Talloires-Montmin, 74210, France
Budget: €€€€

We’ll end with this little family-run restaurant in the heart of the mountain pastures of Talloires-Montmin, overlooking lake Annecy.

Florian and Sandrine Favario welcome you to the Auberge de Montmin, and are keen to share their passion for gastronomy. Their aim is that you leave with “stars in your eyes”, according to their website.

To achieve this, Florian goes all out to offer a unique menu with a focus on plants.

Rich in flavour and colour, his palette of flavours combines local quality and seasonal produce, earning him and Sandrine a green Michelin star. This rewards the efforts they have made to care for the environment. It’s a star this couple can be proud of, as respect for nature is one of their main values, both in their professional and daily lives.

There’s no need to remind you about the richness of local produce and starred restaurants in the Alps. This list of recommendations is proof. So, don’t forget to add a gourmet experience to your itinerary next time you visit the Haute Savoie! It would be a shame to miss it. If you want to know more about food and drink in the Alps, check out this article.

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