What kind of skier are you?

The great thing about winter sports resorts is that there’s something for everyone. From the adrenaline junkie to the Sunday skier who likes to alternate mornings on the slopes with afternoons at the spa, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

So, what kind of skier are you? Take our quiz and find out what kind of holiday suits you best and which resort you should choose for your next trip to the Alps…

Which ski category do you belong to?

A skier takes a photograph of four other skiers on the slopes
Whether you’re looking for a festive break, a sporting break or a relaxing break: there’s something for everyone in the Alps. © Office de Tourisme Les Ménuires

When you’re on holiday, which of these describes you…

  1. Early riser and early to bed. You want to be the first on the slopes!
  2. A late sleeper with a penchant for a lie-in. You’re on holiday after all…
  3. Easy in the morning, not too fast in the afternoon. You don’t put pressure on yourself.
  4. Organised. You prepare your equipment the night before and wake up at dawn so you’re ready to go as soon as the lift opens.

For you, a winter holiday is all about…

  1. Peace and quiet
  2. Evening get-togethers
  3. Relaxation
  4. Sport and adrenalin

Your favourite playground on the slopes is…

  1. The winding trails through the forest
  2. The terraces of the mountain restaurants
  3. Marked and groomed pistes
  4. Large ski areas with miles of pistes. Preferably red and black

You never go skiing without…

  1. Your camera or camera phone
  2. A bottle opener
  3. Sun cream, sunglasses and a good book
  4. The latest skis

At lunchtime, you stop for…  

  1. A picnic at the summit to enjoy the scenery!
  2. Lunchtime? I’m still asleep…
  3. A good fondue in the restaurant
  4. A sandwich on the chairlift. No question of wasting time! Skiing comes first!

Your day on the slopes ends…

  1. When the ski lifts close
  2. At 3 pm, time for an aperitif!
  3. In the afternoon, to have time to enjoy the other activities in the resort
  4. Not as long as my legs aren’t aching

The best apres-ski is…

  1. A good shower and off to bed
  2. A tour of the resort’s bars
  3. Board games with family and friends
  4. Stretching, a good meal and preparing for the next day

And for a change from downhill skiing?

  1. A snowshoe trek, lost in the middle of vast expanses of snow…
  2. Sledging, dog sledding, snowmobiling… as long as it’s fun!
  3. An afternoon at the spa
  4. Ski touring, cross-country skiing, ice diving… It doesn’t matter as long as you keep fit!

Drum roll, please…

Are most of your answers No. 1?

A skier leaves the first tracks after the snow groomer has been through
Early morning skiers like to make the first tracks on the slopes and hear the crunch of skis on freshly groomed snow © Office de Tourisme Les 3 Vallées

If most of your answers were 1s, we’d like to welcome you to the early bird category.

If you’re an early skier, you have no problem setting the alarm, even on holiday. As long as you’re ready when the resort opens and you’re the first to leave your tracks in the fresh snow.

When you’re not on (alpine) skis, you’ll be found on snowshoes or cross-country skis. You like to lose yourself in the middle of vast stretches of untouched snow so you can enjoy the beauty of the mountain scenery at dawn and the gentle way of life when the village is still asleep.

You also prefer isolated chalets in the middle of the mountains, where you feel like you have the place to yourself…

In short, you think the mountains are the ideal place to disconnect and clear your head.

The ideal resort for early morning skiers: La Clusaz!

As well as boasting a vast downhill skiing area (no fewer than 85 runs), La Clusaz is also one of the biggest Nordic skiing sites in Haute-Savoie.

La Clusaz is renowned for its Confins area, with 63km of trails winding through snow-covered plains and undergrowth. There’s also the Plateau de Beauregard, with 36km of pistes offering incredible views of the resort, the Aravis mountains and Mont Blanc.

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Are most of your answers No. 2?

Skiers enjoy a party at La Folie Douce, a famous apres-ski bar on the slopes
Who says you can only party when you’re in the town? © La Folie Douce

You’re clearly not here to get your 3rd star at the end of the week! You’re here to party, enjoy the resort’s entertainment and, above all, make sure you don’t miss out on any of the events on the programme. And rightly so! What could be better, after a good afternoon on the slopes, than to meet up for a beer and a platter of local charcuterie, to recharge your batteries before hitting the dancefloor?

As the saying goes, “after the work, the play”, right?

The ideal resort for skiers who like to party: Avoriaz.

As well as its incredible ski area, Avoriaz also offers a wide cocktail of activities and events to guarantee unforgettable moments with friends. Bars, restaurants, nightclubs, music festivals such as Rock the Pistes, not forgetting its famous LA Folie Douce… In Avoriaz, the fun carries on around the clock!

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Were most of your answers No. 3?

A couple enjoy a fondue at a mountain restaurant
After a few descents, it’s time for a break © Office de Tourisme de Combloux

You’re one of those people who doesn’t look at your watch when you’re on holiday. You let yourself go and organise your days according to your mood and desires. Skiing? Why not? But there’s no question of setting the alarm to be the first on the slopes. And you certainly won’t miss the opportunity to devour a fondue at the top of the mountain at midday. Then, it’s time to stop for a hot chocolate in the sun at four o’clock. You like to take your time and enjoy every moment.

You also like to take advantage of the other mountain activities there are to do, especially if they’re relaxing. Skiing in the morning and a spa in the afternoon is the perfect combo for a successful holiday.

Your philosophy of life? “Easy in the morning, not too fast in the afternoon”.

The ideal resort for skiers in relaxation mode: Combloux

Combloux ski resort offers an idyllic setting for a serene and relaxed ski holiday. With its unspoiled surroundings and tranquil ambience, this charming destination is a haven for those seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. This makes it an ideal retreat for skiers and snow enthusiasts looking to unwind in a peaceful environment.

And with plenty of spa facilities in the area such as The Alpen Valley in Combloux, Les Thermes De Saint-Gervais and The Cœur de Megève – you can continue winding down off the slopes, too.

So whether you’re gliding down the slopes, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in a cosy chalet, or unwinding at the spa, Combloux promises a chilled-out break that rejuvenates both the body and the spirit.

Book your holiday in Combloux


Most of your answers were No. 4?

A skier makes the most of fresh powder
Office de Tourisme Combloux

You’re the kind of holidaymaker who makes your ski pass pay for itself in 24 hours with 15 lifts a day. For you, the mountains are the ideal playground for exercising, getting your fill of thrills and getting rid of last night’s raclette. The red and black runs and off-piste skiing hold no secrets for you.

The ideal resort for sporty skiers looking for a challenge: Chamonix – without hesitation!

Chamonix is the alpine ski resort par excellence for sporty skiers looking for speed and thrills.

With its never-ending vertical drop, varied slopes and off-piste powder skiing, Chamonix has everything to ensure that even the most experienced skiers have an excellent holiday.

Nestling comfortably at the foot of Mont Blanc, the resort boasts around a hundred pistes, spread over 119km and situated at altitudes of between 1,040 and 3,275m. Of these, 18 are green, 43 blue, 42 red and 15 black.

You’ll soon realise why Chamonix is known as the world capital of skiing and mountaineering.

So …

What do you fancy? Sporty or party? A relaxing break or a chance to unwind? Now you know which category of skier you belong to and which type of holiday suits you best. All you have to do is find the destination and the chalet that best suits your needs.

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