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Renting Ski Equipment in the French Alps: How Much Does It Cost?

So you’ve decided on a destination, booked your dream chalet, and planned your activities for your next ski holiday! Before you can get to the mountains, you need to make sure you also have the right kit. But what is the cost of renting ski equipment? Multiple brands, types, and levels of quality mean prices differespecially from resort to resort.

In this guide, we will go cover popular destinations in the French Alps to help you include the cost of renting ski equipment in your holiday budget. Read on to find out more…

Cost of renting ski equipment

As we’ve mentioned, the cost of renting ski equipment depends on a number of factors including:

Quality vs. cost of renting ski equipment

Some ski rental shops offer different packages according to quality. Beginner skiers will probably want to look at the most basic package, including kit designed to help control your speed, stop, and safely allow you to enjoy the sport.

Intermediates who have skied on a number of occasions should invest a little more, if they can, in a package that will help them improve their technique and allow them to pick up a little more speed.

More advanced skiers can take advantage of demo packages. By this point, you should be accustomed to the slopes and have a preference on what type of skiing you enjoy best. Demo packages allow you to explore off-piste, freestyle, or even cross-country skiing if you want to try something new, too! This is a great stepping stone if you’re considering buying your own equipment, but you’re not sure about which brand or size is best for you just yet.

It goes without saying, quality comes at a cost, so the more advanced the package is, the more costly it’s likely to be.

Ski region

Different ski resorts vary in price when it comes to the cost of renting ski equipment. Some resorts may differ from others due to their popularity, as well as the size of the rental shop.

For example, in the Aravis, prices can range between 45 to 90 euros per week if you book the equipment online. However, in-store prices can range from 85 to 130 euros per week depending on the provider.

In Chamonix, adult beginners can find deals including skis, boots, and ski poles for around 82 euros per week, while kids can have their own package for approximately 58 euros per week.

Do bear in mind these are just guide prices, and there are other factors that may affect the overall cost.

Time of year

Like most things, when the demand increases, so does the price. The cost of renting ski equipment in February half-term, for example, will be much higher than an off-peak week such as the end of January.

Unfortunately, there’s not really a way around this, but if you aren’t travelling with young kids, we’d recommend taking a look at the quieter weeks to avoid higher rental costs and long queues.

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When you book

It’s a good idea to get ahead of the game where possible! If you book your accommodation well in advance, try to organise your kit rental at the same time, especially for peak weeks.

Sometimes booking in advance will help you bag a bargain, similarly, booking last minute can be cost-effective – but it’s a much higher risk, one that we wouldn’t recommend taking!

How long you book for affects the cost of renting ski equipment

Most people visit the French Alps for one week, but if you’re renting equipment for more or less than one week, the prices may change considerably.

How many items you rent

Rigging up with your own kit tends to be a gradual process. It’s rare that snow enthusiasts buy all their equipment in one go, most may start off small and build it up. For example, items such as goggles and helmets come much cheaper than skis and boots.

If you’re fully kitting yourself out with ski equipment, you’ll be looking at hiring a helmet, boots, skis, and poles. But, if you have one or more of the above already, your costs will of course be lower.

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