Best French Alps resorts to ski in May

Skiing in the French Alps in May might seem challenging, as warming weather marks the winding down of the traditional ski season. However, for those eager to embrace the slopes even in late spring, high-altitude resorts still offer excellent skiing conditions.

In this post, we share some of the best French Alps resorts for May skiing. These resorts offer a combination of high altitude and reliable snow cover, ensuring that the season lingers a bit longer…

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The top resorts to ski in May

Val Thorens: The May skiing oasis

Val Thorens stands tall as a May skiing oasis. Nestled in the highest ski resort in Europe, its high altitude guarantees reliable snow cover even as the season transitions into spring. The sunny climate adds a touch of warmth to your skiing adventures. Visitors can usually ski in Val Thorens until around the 5th of May, but keep an eye on the 3 Vallées website for the latest updates.

A view over Val Thorens
Val Thorens is ideal for late-season skiing and great snow cover – photo by David Andre

Val D’Isère: Skiing amongst spring splendour

People stand next to the Val D'Isère emblem
Get your late-season skiing fix at Val D’Isère – photo by Yann Allegre

Val D’Isère is known for its spring skiing splendour in May, as its high-altitude skiing areas ensure good snow conditions. While skiing on the Pisaillas glacier is a highlight, the resort’s varied terrain offers plenty of skiing opportunities. Val D’Isère usually stays open until around the 5th of May, but make sure to check the website for the latest information.

Chamonix: Skiing in the shadow of Mont Blanc

Chamonix mountains against blue skies
High altitude and great snow cover make Chamonix an ideal choice for late-season skiing – photo by Baptiste Azais on Unsplash

Chamonix continues to shine in May. Its high altitude, proximity to Mont Blanc and glaciers create a snow lover’s paradise, even as the spring sun kisses the slopes. Skiing in the shadow of Mont Blanc is a unique and awe-inspiring experience, plus the Vallée Blanche is a must-try for experienced skiers.

Some areas of Chamonix Mont Blanc such as the Grands Montets stay open until around the 5th of May, but the most up-to-date closing dates can be found on the Chamonix website.

Alpe d’Huez: Spring skiing excellence

A couple stand on sunny slopes holding skis
Blue skies and well-groomed slopes await in Alpe d’Huez

Alpe d’Huez is a shining star for spring skiing excellence in May. Its high altitude, well-maintained slopes and the Pic Blanc glacier make it a dependable choice for late-season skiing, while the sunny climate adds a touch of warmth to your adventure.

Keep checking the official website to find out the confirmed closing dates for Alpe d’Huez.

Tignes: Glacier skiing bliss

A man snowboards down a ski slope
High altitudes and glacial backdrops make Tignes a must-visit destination in spring – photo by Robert Bye

Tignes, with its glacier, provides excellent skiing into May. The resort’s high-altitude terrain ensures excellent snow cover, and glacier skiing offers a unique experience under the spring sun. Off the slopes, there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy, as well as a great variety of restaurants and après-ski bars. The resort usually stays open until the 5th of May, but double-check the website closer to the time, as it depends on snow conditions.

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The choice is yours…

Planning a May ski trip requires checking snow conditions, the resort opening dates, and understanding the changes in snow quality throughout the day due to warmer weather. So, it’s best to hit the slopes early in the morning when the snow is at its firmest.

Also, keep in mind that some resorts may offer alternative activities in May if skiing becomes limited, such as hiking, mountain biking, or enjoying the picturesque Alpine landscapes.

Skiing in May may not be the same as in the heart of winter, but it offers a unique and memorable experience for those who seek to extend the ski season and enjoy the French Alps in the spring.

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