Child Friendly Holiday Destinations in 2022

This year’s return to normality when holidaying (despite varying testing requirements) is likely to be the biggest comeback since Hermann Maier’s success following a nasty fall. 

But competitive winter sports aside for a moment, we have crunched the data to reveal the best city breaks for a child friendly trip away this year. We have looked at 50 cities around Europe and sourced data for the number of museums, water parks, child friendly attractions, amongst others.

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The Best Overall

Ranking in first place, as seen in the interactive tool, is Prague. Its access to water and amusement parks is second to none in Europe with 15 per 1,000,000 residents and tourists. The Czech capital also ranks in first place for access to museums with no other country having more per 1,000,000 residents and tourists. Prague also has some of the safest streets in Europe and its air quality is the fourth best in the continent. 

In second and third place, and slightly cooler, are the Finnish capital of Helsinki and Danish capital of Copenhagen. Both North European countries boast great culture which is seen through tourist’s access to museums - top 15 for Helsinki and top 5 for Copenhagen. The crime rates in both northern European capital cities are low and with air quality of both amongst the best rates, it’s no surprise that both countries rank highly in the Happiest Countries in the World 2022 index

Ranking fourth and fifth are Zagreb, Croatia, and Edinburgh, Scotland, respectively. Edinburgh has the second most kid friendly attractions in Europe and Zagreb has the cheapest transport costs in Europe. 

The Worst Overall

Where there’s a winner, there tends to be a loser too. At the bottom of this study are two cities in the UK. Manchester comes rock bottom with the worst access to museums and kid friendly attractions of the 50 cities in the study. Its streets also have the third highest crime rates. London ranks as second worst with poor ratings in the number of suitable attractions per 1,000,000 residents and tourists; its air quality ranks poorly too, as does the cost of getting around England’s capital. 

The Best by Category

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