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7 Spring hikes around Combloux

As winter loosens its grip, Combloux emerges from its chilly slumber, offering a fresh perspective for outdoor enthusiasts. In this post, we’ll guide you through a curated selection of 7 trails that capture the essence of the season.

From leisurely strolls along flower-lined paths to more challenging routes revealing panoramic mountain vistas, these hikes showcase the natural beauty that blossoms around this idyllic alpine location during the spring months. Plus, the Portes du Mont-Blanc region is home to some great gentle hikes which are ideal for families of novice hikers. So lace up your hiking boots and join us as we navigate through the rejuvenating landscapes of Combloux!

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The top spring hikes around Combloux

1. Heritage loop

Distance: 2.6km
Duration: 1h 15min
Elevation gain: 60m

This short loop showcases a facet of the Haute-Savoie region many are often surprised by, namely its rich historical and architectural heritage.

You’ll discover some of the village’s treasures, including the baroque church of Saint-Nicolas and its bulbous bell tower, the Isidore farmhouse, which is a listed monument, and old oratories and bread ovens.

You won’t be short of breathtaking scenery, with panoramic views of the Pointe Percée, the Aiguille de Varan and Mont Blanc, all with the sparkling spot of Combloux’s biotope lake on the horizon.

Map of the Heritage Loop from Combloux.
© Tourisme Savoie Mont Blanc

2. Haut-Combloux panoramic walk

Distance: 4.8km
Duration: 2h
Elevation gain: 290m

This charming rocky walk takes you to the village of Ormaret. After crossing a few small wooden bridges, you’ll come across the chapel and traditional chalets of this authentic Haut-Savoyard hamlet. You can also visit a working farm to learn all about rural life in the Alps.

Continue on to Cuchet for a panoramic view of the Mont Blanc range. A signposting table near the La Cry car park will help you to identify the peaks.

Then finish the loop heading towards Plommaz, for a peaceful return to the resort.

Map of the Haut-Combloux panoramic walk.
© Tourisme Savoie Mont Blanc

3. La Croix des Salles

Distance: 7.7km
Duration: 2h 30min
Elevation gain: 424m

Accessible on foot from the centre of Combloux, this route offers a tremendous view from the top of the ski area. It allows you to soar above the clouds on overcast days, and observe the Aiguilles de Varens, and the Aravis and Mont Blanc ranges.

You’ll first head towards Chalet de la Vieille, then on to the Beauregard mountain pasture, which is particularly idyllic in the spring sunshine. Please keep your pets on a lead so as not to disturb the peacefully grazing herds.

The return journey takes you along a balcony path above Megève village.

Map of the hike to La Croix des Salles from Combloux.
© Tourisme Savoie Mont Blanc

4. La Petite Ravine – Fouettaz

Distance: 10.5km
Duration: 2h 15min
Elevation gain: 260m

This walk, which is accessible to all, takes up the starting point of the previous route but leads to a less elevated landscape of mountain pastures and undergrowth.

Once you reach “La Ravine”, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the entire Mont Blanc range. It’s the perfect place for a picnic or to relax on the terrace of a Savoyard restaurant. Then take the forest path to the Berthaz chalets, surrounded by fields in bloom, and on to the hamlet of La Fouettaz.

At the end of the route, you’ll have the chance to visit a working farm, before returning to the comfort of your OVO Network chalet.

Map of the hike to La Petite Ravine from Combloux.
© Tourisme Savoie Mont Blanc

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5. Col du Jaillet

Distance: 12.2km
Duration: 4h 30min
Elevation gain: 870m

Discover all the facets of the mountain on this hike starting from the hamlet of Les Grangettes. The Col du Jaillet awaits you at an altitude of 1,723m, surrounded by fields of wild rhododendrons, their colours resplendent under the spring sky.

Overlooking the valley, you can admire the Fiz, Aravis and Mont Blanc ranges at your leisure.

Exploring the different levels of the mountain, you will cross forests and mountain pastures on a variant of the GR Tour du Mont-Blanc. On the way back down, you’ll pass through a series of sleepy villages that seem to have lain dormant for centuries.

Map of the hike to Col du Jaillet from Combloux.
© Tourisme Savoie Mont Blanc

6. Petit et Grand Croisse Baulet

Distance: 18km
Duration: 5h 30min
Elevation gain: 956m

This is one of the most challenging hikes in the Combloux region. It takes you through the rhododendron fields of the Col du Jaillet and the mountain pastures where the cows graze at this time of year.

Start at the Beauregard mountain pasture, the starting point for many hikes near Combloux. You will then reach the summit of Les Salles, then the Col du Jaillet. After passing the Roman boundary stone, you climb Petit Croisse Baulet, before tackling a steeper section of the trail up to Grand Croisse Baulet.

The view from its summit is so unrivalled that the locals call it the “veto”, which roughly translates as “the all-seeing one”.

Map of the petit and grand Croisse Baulet hike from Combloux.
© Tourisme Savoie Mont Blanc

7. Plan de l’Aar Refuge – Tête du Torraz

Distance: 15.5km
Duration: 5h 30min
Elevation gain: 883m

This hike starts at the resort of Praz-sur-Arly, 10km from Combloux and served by the free shuttle bus.

You will need some hiking experience and to be in excellent physical shape for this route. It is a challenge for the sporty among you that is ideal for seasoned walkers ready to tackle the mountains.

At the summit, you’ll be greeted by the unparalleled panoramic view from the Plan de l’Aar shelter. A round trip to the Tête du Torraz will complete the challenge, then you’ll descend via an alternative route with delightful views over the valley. Allow a full day for this hike and revel in the scenery.

The hikes around Combloux are particularly beautiful in spring, whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, as a couple or a family, from novices to experts.

However, even if you’re heading off on an adventure, don’t forget to be properly prepared when it comes to mountain safety. Before you set off, make sure you tell someone your route and find out the local emergency numbers. Your outing will be all the more enjoyable for it!

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