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Rainy-day activities in the Grand Domaine

The Grand Domaine is a brilliant destination to visit, no matter what the weather is like. Even on rainy days, there are plenty of activities to do to keep you entertained.

From exploring museums to getting active or relaxing in a spa, there’s something for everyone. Plus, the cosy atmosphere of cafés and restaurants in the area provides a perfect setting to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery while staying dry.

Here are the top 9 things to do in and around the Grand Domaine when it’s raining…

Rainy days in the Grand Domaine

The average number of rainy/snowy days per month in the Grand Domaine ©

When planning your trip, it’s good to have an idea of the weather in the Grand Domaine throughout the year. And as you can see from the graph above, rainfall varies significantly from one month to the next.

During the winter season, it’s highly likely for precipitation to be in the form of snow, creating excellent skiing conditions. On the other hand, if you plan on visiting Grand Domaine in the summer, you can expect to experience warm and sunny days that gradually become cooler as autumn approaches.

However, weather can be extreme in the Alps, and conditions can change in an instant, with rain storms occurring at any time of year. Therefore, it’s a good idea to have a bank of rainy-day activities to turn to if the weather isn’t so good…

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The top 9 things to do in the Grand Domaine when it’s raining

1. Pamper yourself at the spa

When the weather isn’t great, there’s nothing quite like a spa day to lift your spirits and help you relax. Luckily, the Grand Domaine region has a few different spas to choose from, each offering its own unique atmosphere and range of treatments.

Whether you prefer relaxing massages, facials, swimming or simply soaking in a hot tub, there’s a spa that will cater to your needs. So why not treat yourself to a day of self-care the next time the rain starts pouring?

A woman lies down with eyes closed as someone applies a face mask on her
Take shelter from the rain and focus on some self-care – photo by John Tekeridis

Here are the top spas in the Grand Domaine:

Spa d’altitude Ô des Cimes, Valmorel

Soak in the jacuzzi, detox in the steam room and sauna, swim laps of the heated swimming pool or even work out in the fitness area at this Alpine spa. You’ll need to book a treatment in advance to access the wellness zones, but the options are plentiful. Choose from a range of massages, scrubs, wraps, and facials – there are even treatments designed especially for kids!

Do make sure to check the website for opening times, as the spa is closed during off-peak times.

Spa Sothys, Valmorel

Expect stunning mountain views and fantastic facilities including a swimming pool, steam room and fitness centre at Spa Sothys in Valmorel. Contact the spa for more details.

Le Spa Õ des Lauzes, La Léchère 

Le Spa Õ des Lauzes is renowned for its 61°C hydrothermal water, known to enhance vein circulation and joint mobility. Its richness in oligo-elements makes it effective in alleviating anxiety and sleeping problems.

In addition to the thermal baths, you can alleviate your stress in the jacuzzi, sauna, or steam room, or work out in the fitness area if you prefer. See more on the website.

Deckchairs on the side of a pool in a spa
Whether it’s sunny or rainy, indulging in a spa day is a wonderful way to spend your time © La Léchère Spa, Valmorel Tourism

Le Grand Spa Thermal

Though a little further out of town, this luxury wellness centre is well worth the drive. Choose from a range of treatments using Brides thermal spring water or unwind in the well-being zone.

2. Go swimming

The Grand Domaine is a popular destination for those looking to enjoy the great outdoors. However, when it’s raining outside, you can still have a great time by taking a dip in the pool at the Morel Leisure Centre in Valmorel.

There are excellent outdoor facilities which are well worth a visit in the sun, but when the weather isn’t cooperating, you also have the benefit of the 25m indoor swimming pool and indoor learning pool with a slide.

This is a great day out for families with younger children who need to blow off some steam on a rainy day!

Have a look at their website for opening times throughout the year, as they do vary depending on the month.

An indoor swimming pool with inflatables and swimming lanes
Morel Leisure Centre, Valmorel © Valmorel Tourism

3. Play some indoor golf

Indoor golf is a fantastic activity on a rainy day, especially for avid golfers. It’s a great opportunity to enjoy your favourite sport without having to worry about the weather.

In Valmorel, you can practice your swing, work on your putting, and even play a game with friends or family in groups of up to five people. Plus, you can stay dry and comfortable while still getting to enjoy the game!

Take a look at the website for more details including prices and opening times.

Indoor golf room in Valmorel with large screen TV and sofas
Just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a round of golf! © Valmorel Tourism

4. Go to the cinema

Going to the cinema isn’t always the first thing that springs to mind when staying in a ski resort. However, it’s a great go-to activity for a rainy day.

Located under the Salle Rencontres et Musique in Valmorel, you’ll find Le Studio Cinema which shows four screenings per day throughout winter. Luckily, when the weather isn’t so good, two additional screenings are played at 2:30 pm as well.

Make sure to look out for VO or VOST showings for English films – these will be shown in the original language. If you’re not sure, ask at the tourist office or the cinema itself.

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5. Play a laser game

When it’s pouring outside and there’s not much to do, a laser game is a great way to have fun indoors. Spend time with friends or family, enjoy some friendly competition and get your heart racing!

You can play in groups of up to 14, as long as participants are aged six or over. Check the website for full details including opening times and prices.

6. Go on a day trip

If you happen to have your car with you whilst staying in the Grand Domaine, you’re in for a treat!

There are so many beautiful sights to see if you’re willing to take a short drive outside of town. From breathtaking mountain views to charming countryside villages, there’s something for everyone.

So when the weather’s not so good, why not take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy a change of scenery?

The Medieval City of Conflans

Located in Albertville, this medieval city is steeped in rich history dating back to the 14th century. Old shops, narrow streets, a baroque church and quaint gardens look out over the Combe de Savoie Valley.

Plus, there’s a beautiful dog-friendly hiking trail if you don’t mind a wet walk through the woods. At peak times, there are a couple of bars and restaurants in and around the city such as Ô Besoin d’Air and Le Bistrot Gourmand where you can have lunch or grab a coffee.

Depending on where in the Grand Domaine region you’re staying, the drive will take between 40-60 minutes.

A medieval stone building
Explore the Medieval City of Conflans in Albertville © Pierre Morel, Albertville Tourism

Art and History Museum, Albertville

The Museum of Art and History in Albertville is another excellent day trip idea. Again, it’ll take you roughly 40-60 minutes to drive there from your chosen resort in the Grand Domaine.

Learn all about local history, agriculture, religion and art, as well as discover a number of fascinating artefacts along the way. It will take you anywhere between 30-90 minutes to tour the entire museum and there are plenty of cafés and restaurants nearby where you can have a rest stop before heading back up the mountains.


Although a little further out, taking roughly 90 minutes to drive there, Annecy is well worth a visit. Also known as “the Venice of the Alps”, the crystal-blue lake, meandering canals, charming cobbled streets and medieval architecture are sights that can’t be missed.

In terms of activities, there are countless things you can do on a rainy day. From cultural visits such as Le Palais de I’Île and Musée-Chateau D’Annecy to shopping, bars and restaurants – it’s a wonderful day out for the whole family.

Take a look at our complete guide on what to do in Annecy when it rains to discover all the activities on offer.

Le Palais de I'Île in Annecy in the middle of canals and restaurants
Learn about the history of the old prison of Annecy at Le Palais de I’Île – photo by Mathias Reding on Unsplash

7. Go shopping for some new kit

Valmorel is a great place to pick up new equipment for mountain sports. There are a number of shops in the area that offer everything from skis and snowboards to hiking boots, active wear and climbing gear.

With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect kit to suit your needs and help you make the most of your time in the mountains.

8. Sample the local cuisine

On rainy days, there’s nothing better than hiding out in a cosy Alpine restaurant and filling up on your favourite Savoyard specialities. Whether you’re looking for the perfect fondue, raclette or tartiflette, or perhaps something a little more refined – you won’t have to look too far.

Take a look at the following links to find a restaurant that suits you:

A restaurant with mountain view and blue interiors
enjoy a drink or a bite to eat at L’Après Ski in Valmorel © L’Après Ski

9. Explore the region’s events and entertainment

Finally, it’s always worth taking a look at the programme of events and entertainment before you arrive in your chosen resort. Throughout peak times, there are often family-friendly activities organised by the local tourist offices and their partners, which could be a good option if the weather turns.

Head to the tourist office website to discover the full agenda.

With so much to see and do, the Grand Domaine is a destination that can be enjoyed in all weather. Come rain or shine, you’ll never get bored of the stunning scenery, delicious food and fun-filled activities.

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