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Top 10 ways to enjoy the mountains in spring

Spring is such a wonderful time to enjoy the mountains. Nature wakes up, temperatures rise and the days get longer, providing the perfect setting for many activities. Here are our top 10 activities to enjoy in the mountains in spring.

Embrace mountain life at a slower pace

Head out for a hike

Get off the beaten track and enjoy the spring landscape by exploring the mountains on foot.

Hiking is a really great way to discover this landscape in spring. The trails are generally less crowded than in summer and nature is really coming alive!

Choose a route that is suitable for you and your group, and don’t forget to bring a map and a GPS to help you find your way.

A walker surrounded by wild floweers stops to take a photo of a mountain range
Take time to stop and enjoy the stunning scenery on a mountain walk © Freepik

Mountain fishing

The mountain rivers and lakes are perfect for fishing, where you can find trout and other freshwater fish. Occasionally, you may come across Arctic char or brook salmon. Spring is the ideal season for mountain fishing, but don’t forget to get a fishing licence before you start this relaxing and invigorating activity.

For practical information on fishing in Haute-Savoie, click here!

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is a fun way to explore Alpine trails and enjoy the scenery, and spring is a great time to do it. Take advantage of the dry trails and pleasant temperatures to ride the mountain trails. Thrill-seekers can try their hand at freeriding or cross-country, and those who prefer a more leisurely ride can stick to the hiking trails.

Two women enjoy a bike ride through the Alps in spring
Fill your lungs with mountain air on a bike ride in the Alps © Lansard, Savoie Mont-Blanc, Outdoor Activ

Thrill-seeking in the sunshine

A great season for paragliding

Let the thermal currents carry you over the foothills in a paraglider and admire the landscape from the air. Take to the skies with an instructor and get a new perspective on this wonderful scenery. The spring weather is usually ideal for paragliding, with decent winds and good visibility.

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Climbing in springtime

With milder weather conditions, spring is a good time to start climbing. At this time of year, the mountains offer many opportunities for climbing enthusiasts. In spring, the cliffs are usually quite dry, which makes it safer too.

So whether you are a beginner or an experienced climber, you are bound to find a climbing site suitable for your level. If you want to learn or improve your skills, contact a mountain guide or professionals!

A climber enjoys the sunset from a rockface in the mountains
You’ll find some great views when you go climbing in the Alps in spring! © Freepik

Rafting and canyoning

With the rivers swollen by melting snow, spring is the perfect time to enjoy some whitewater sports! Rafting and canyoning are very popular at this time of year, with plenty of water to make this a great day out.

As well as enjoying a thrilling activity, you’ll get to discover some wild and unspoilt landscapes. Hire a professional guide who will be able to tailor your day to your group’s age and experience.

Mountain activities with plenty to see

Wildlife watching

Spring is the time when Alpine wildlife wakes up, so it’s a great time to observe many different animals in their natural habitat.

This is a fascinating activity, suitable for young and old, which will bring you closer to nature. You will be able to admire the diversity of animal species in their natural environment and, with a little preparation and patience, you will share some unforgettable moments in the heart of the mountains.

A cow with horns in the long grass in a mountain pasture
A springtime walk in Haute Savoie could bring you face-to-face with some of the local animals © Les sorties de Sophie


The lush spring landscapes and wildlife are perfect subjects for amateur and professional photographers. Mountain photography is a popular activity for both beginners and experienced photographers, and spring offers a unique contrast of green pastures, blooming wildflowers and the snowy peaks of the Alps. And the snow-capped peaks look superb standing out against a clear blue sky.

But before you venture out, check the weather conditions! The time of sunrise and sunset is also important!

Yoga in the open air

Take advantage of the serenity that can be found in the mountains in springtime to practise some outdoor wellness and relaxation activities.

Practising yoga and meditation in the mountains in spring come with some wonderful benefits, both for the body and the mind. The peaceful setting of the mountains combined with the beauty of the spring landscape creates a wonderful environment for relaxation, focus and well-being.

As well as being a simple activity which anyone can try, it is a great way to connect with the natural world and experience deep relaxation and calm. So by choosing the right location, adapting your practice and respecting the natural environment, you can make the most of the benefits of this outdoor activity.

Find out more about yoga in the mountains all year round.

Chalet isolé au coeur de la montagne, entouré de montagnes et de champs.
Let yourself be carried away by an isolated chalet in the heart of the mountains © Freepik

And to make the most of these peaceful activities such as wildlife watching, photography or meditation, why not book a secluded chalet surrounded by nature?

Skiing doesn’t have to stop in the spring!

Why ski in the springtime?

Skiing in spring is a pleasant and unique experience for winter sports enthusiasts. The days are longer and sunnier, the temperatures are milder and the ski resorts are generally less crowded. However, it’s worth noting that the snow can be a bit different from that found in winter.

What to look out for when you’re skiing in spring

Melting snow and the formation of cornices can make the snow softer and heavier, which is often called “spring snow”. Because the snow is melting and the days are getting warmer, it is best to ski early in the morning when the snow is still hard and easier to ski. As the day progresses, the snow may become softer and more difficult to ski.

Three people ski through a snow field in the Alps
You don’t have to stop skiing just because the winter is over! © Savoie Mont-Blanc

Dream, book and go skiing!

To sum up, skiing in spring offers a different and refreshing experience for winter sports enthusiasts. By choosing the right ski resort, adapting to the snow conditions and preparing yourself with the right clothing and equipment, you can make the most of this often underrated ski season. There’s only one thing better than skiing in the spring: enjoying direct access to the slopes from one of our best-located chalets.

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Make sure you’re prepared for your activities

The right clothing

The milder temperatures of spring mean you’ll need different clothing compared to winter. Opt for lighter, breathable fabrics and plenty of layers to accommodate temperature changes throughout the day.

Don’t forget your suncream

The spring sun, combined with the reflection of the sun’s rays off the snow, can easily cause sunburn. Apply good sunscreen to all exposed areas and wear sunglasses or a ski mask to protect your eyes.


If you’re thinking of going skiing in spring, remember to check which ski resorts are open and choose from suitable resorts, such as those at high altitudes or with favourable orientations. Look for resorts with a good reputation for spring skiing and check snow conditions before you book.

If you were unsure about what the mountains have to offer in spring, we hope these ideas of activities have convinced you! Whether it’s fishing, photography, skiing or climbing, you’re sure to find something to suit you.

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