Buying a Property in the Alps: The Complete Guide

Buying a property in the Alps can be an excellent investment for years to come and serve as a wonderful lifestyle asset for you and your family. We’ve put together a simple introductory guide to purchasing a ski property to help get you started.

Why buy a ski chalet or apartment?

Buying a property in the Alps truly gives you the best of both worlds. As well as the apparent lifestyle factors, a ski chalet or apartment can be a fantastic investment. Here at OVO Network, we can help maximise your profits. We’ll guide you through how to present and manage your property for our established guest client base.

We also can help you find the chalet of your dreams and put together a Rental Opportunity Assessment Report. You can glean a solid idea of how much you can expect to make using our rental calculator.

Simply enter your key criteria (destination, capacity, property type, distance to amenities, facilities, and so on) and click calculate. Using industry-recognised tools and our historical incomes, it will present you with an informed income projection.

Where are the best places to buy a property in the Alps?

Made the life-changing decision to go ahead, but not sure on a location? Where you buy is one of the most crucial elements to success, so you need to do your research. 

Consider what will work for your target market, as well as for yourself and your family. Here are some things to think about:

  • Do you want to be in a central location close to shops, restaurants and amenities? 
  • Would you prefer something quieter? 
  • Would you consider if a smaller village location between major resorts? This may give you more freedom and capital to add value with facilities. These are also exactly the kind of properties OVO Network guests LOVE.

For further information on the best resorts to buy in, head on over to our destination pages.

What kind of property?

There is an endless list of appealing options when it comes to ski chalets. For example, many guests love the convenience of ski-in ski-out properties, although they can come at a premium. 

More emphasis is being put on outdoor facilities of late, as the summer months become increasingly popular. Think dual-season resorts and adding hot tubs, saunas and the like! We recommend establishing exactly what guests are looking for, what you want and compiling a checklist. 

You want a list of must-haves, some maybes and finally, things you can compromise on. Having done some refining, you’ll find going into your property search that much simpler.

How do I go about buying a property in the Alps?

If you’re buying a property in the Alps, we can connect you with various trusted expert Estate Agency partners to assist you. Our aforementioned Rental Opportunity Assessment Report incorporates the highlights of properties and suggests projects to undertake to maximise income. 

The projected annual revenue we assemble can help facilitate the sales process by providing a forecast for your bank. Banks local to Aravis have seen us hit and surpass these targets, so it will put you in good stead!

We can also guide you through the legal requirements of buying a ski chalet as an investment. We make this process smooth and straightforward, using our long-standing experience and the guidance of our reliable partners. 

Buying a rental property in the French Alps?

Get in touch with our friendly sales team on (+33 (0)4 56 67 42 13) to see how they can help you realise your dream of buying a chalet in the Alps!

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