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5 Alpine destinations to discover with your family in autumn

Whether you’re a fan of sport, relaxation, gastronomy, culture or nature, the Alps in autumn have something for everyone in the family. Each of the Alpine destinations featured in this post invites you on an autumn adventure and a voyage of discovery. Get ready for some unforgettable moments in the heart of the Alpine peaks!

Child-friendly chalets in the Alps


Chamonix – perfect for sporty families

The sun sets over the Chamonix valley, with autumn colours in the foreground
The unforgettable scenery of Chamonix in autumn © L’internaute

If you’re a family who loves excitement and sporting challenges, Chamonix is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Alps for families to discover in autumn.

This famous resort at the foot of Mont Blanc offers a multitude of activities that will delight outdoor sports enthusiasts. Here are just a few examples of ways you can have fun together.

Climbing in the mountains

Chamonix is famous for its rock faces. There are plenty of challenges for climbing enthusiasts as well as routes suitable for children and beginners. Supervised by professionals, you can enjoy adrenaline-fuelled moments in complete safety. To find out more about rock climbing in Chamonix, click here!

Via Ferrata in the Alps

If you’re looking for an experience that combines hiking and climbing, via ferrata is for you. Attached to a secure cable, you’ll make your way along rock faces using rungs, footbridges and suspension bridges. As well as a sense of achievement you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains – it’s the perfect way to discover the Alps from a different perspective!

Mountain biking in the peaks

Chamonix is home to a vast network of mountain bike trails to suit all levels. You can hire child-friendly bikes and set off on an adventure exploring forest trails, technical tracks and steep descents. Local guides can help you to discover the region’s most beautiful routes, keeping you and your family safe!

Two mountain bikers follow a grassy track in autumn
Another way to discover the mountains! © VTT Chamonix

Tree-top adventures for all the family

Chamonix’s adventure parks offer tree-climbing courses for all ages. Climb from tree to tree, cross suspension bridges and soar through the air on a zip line – it’s a day full of thrills in the great outdoors.

The majestic landscapes and views add a unique dimension to your family adventures in Chamonix. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the Alps offer a multitude of sporting activities to create unforgettable memories.

Serre Chevalier – for families who want to relax

Families looking for relaxation and well-being in the heart of the Alps should head for Serre Chevalier. It’s one of the most beautiful destinations in the Alps for a family holiday in autumn. This charming Alpine resort also offers a host of activities to help you relax and unwind. Here are some suggestions:

Thermal baths in the Alps

Serre Chevalier is renowned for its soothing thermal waters. The hot pools, jacuzzis and massaging water jets will help you relax and recharge your batteries in the heart of the mountains.

Four people relax in a hot tub with views of the mountains
Relax and take in the views from your hot tub in the Alps © Les Grands Bains du Monêtier

Yoga in the fresh air with a mountain view

Practising yoga in the great outdoors is a soothing and revitalising experience. In Serre Chevalier, you can take part in outdoor yoga sessions, supervised by professionals. Let yourself be guided by the postures and movements, and experience deep relaxation in a naturally inspiring environment…

Serre Chevalier offers the ideal setting for family relaxation in the heart of the majestic Alps. Activities focused on well-being and relaxation will help you recharge your batteries and create precious memories. Contact the local wellness establishments to find out what’s on offer and book some moments of relaxation.

A woman does yoga in autumn in the mountains
Autumn is the perfect time to practice yoga in the mountains

Quiet walks

Enjoy the magnificent scenery of Serre Chevalier on a peaceful family hike. The many signposted trails allow you to walk at your own pace and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Spas and massages

Many establishments in the region offer spa and massage services. Why not treat yourself and your family to a wellness break? Relaxing treatments, back massages, foot massages, head massages, body treatments in a spa… there’s so much to choose from. Many establishments in the region offer spa and massage services, so let yourself be pampered in an idyllic setting!

Book a chalet with a hot tub in the Alps


Briançon – for lovers of good food

A bird's-eye view of the walled town of Briancon
Briançon, one of the jewls of the Alps © Briançon tourisme

This historic town is the place for a family of food lovers and culinary discoveries in the Alps. Perched in the mountains, Briançon offers a real gourmet experience with a number of activities to satisfy your taste buds.

Taste some Alpine specialities

Tartiflette, raclette, tourte du Champsaur (a delicious leek and potato tart), local cheeses such as Bleu du Queyras or Beaufort… Briançon is full of restaurants, bakeries and cheese shops where you can sample the many delights of the mountains. Holidays are a great time to treat yourself and your family to the authentic flavours of the Alps.

Learn to cook mountain dishes

A stay in Briançon is the perfect opportunity to take a course in mountain cooking. Local chefs will teach you the secrets of traditional Alpine recipes and you can learn how to prepare dishes such as polenta, crozet diots and blueberry tart. These interactive classes are great fun for the whole family!

A chef adds the finishing touch to a dish prepared for guests in their chalet
Learn how to cook Alpine dishes or let a chef come to your chalet and cook for you! © La Belle Assiette

Discover local produce from the heart of the mountains

It’s possible to book visits to farms, cellars and craft workshops in and around Briançon where you can meet the people who create local products. You can sample cheeses, jams, honey, liqueurs and many other specialities, while learning about how they are made.

Visit traditional markets

Take time to visit the market in Briançon to discover fresh local produce. The colourful stalls are bursting with seasonal fruit, local vegetables, artisanal charcuterie and regional specialities. Stroll from stall to stall, chat to the producers and perhaps take the chance to stock up with produce for a gourmet family picnic.

Family holidays in the Alps


Annecy – for families who love culture

The medieval town of Annecy is the perfect destination for families who are keen to discover the culture of the mountains. Annecy is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Alps to visit with your family in autumn. – it’s a charming town with a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Families enjoy a meal at a canalside restaurant in the old town of Annecy
Annecy – the Venice of the Alps © Travel & Leisure

The Museum of Film and Animation – a great family day out

Annecy is world-famous for its international animated film festival which takes place every year. Make the most of your visit to explore the animated film museum, where you can learn all about the history of this fascinating art form. Interactive workshops and screenings will allow you to immerse yourself in the magical world of animation with your family.

A guided tour of the “Venice of the Alps”

Join a guided tour to discover Annecy’s stories and heritage. Local guides will take you through the narrow streets and show you the town’s main monuments, revealing the secrets and legends that make up its charm. These fun and informative tours will be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Festivals and cultural events

Annecy is a lively city, with a packed calendar of festivals and cultural events throughout the year. Check out what’s on during your visit to discover open-air theatre, concerts, contemporary art exhibitions… Immerse yourself in Annecy’s vibrant cultural scene!

The impressive Chateau Duingt on a promontory in Lake Annecy
There are plenty of castles to see in Annecy, including Chateau Duingt, which is surrounded by the lake © Timographie 360

Annecy is a fascinating cultural destination in the heart of the Alps. With the picturesque old town, captivating museums, guided tours and cultural events, you’ll discover a wealth of artistic and historical treasures. If you’d like to know more, contact the local tourist offices for details of the cultural activities and events on offer during your stay.

A family break in Annecy


La Grave – the perfect place for nature lovers

If you’re a nature-loving family looking for breathtaking mountain scenery, La Grave is the ideal destination. This picturesque village in the heart of the Alps offers a multitude of outdoor experiences. Here are just a few examples of activities you could enjoy with your family to make the most of the natural surroundings.

A view from the high mountain in La Grave
You’ll enjoy impressive views all year round in La Grave © La Grave

Mountain hikes

La Grave is the ideal starting point for magnificent hiking trails. Explore the signposted footpaths that wind through the mountains and take in the breathtaking views. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced hiker, there are walks for all abilities. Don’t forget to wear good walking shoes and take a picnic lunch to enjoy at the summit.

Watching the wildlife in the mountains

The unspoilt nature of La Grave offers plenty of opportunities to observe the local flora and fauna. Discover birds, chamois, marmots and other iconic species of the region. It’s a good idea to bring binoculars and an identification guide to make this experience even more rewarding for the whole family.

Snowy peaks are reflected in a mountain lake surrounded by grassy slopes
Take time to stop and enjoy the views on your mountain hikes © La Grave

Mountain biking in the Alps

There are plenty of opportunities for families to go mountain biking in La Grave. It’s possible to hire bikes suitable for all the family and explore the mountain trails, guided by the spectacular scenery all around you. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals for advice on which routes are best suited to your level and preferences.

La Grave is also an ideal destination for discovering the nature of the Alps in autumn with your family. The resort offers breathtaking scenery and a multitude of outdoor activities. From mountain walks and wildlife spotting to winter sports and mountain biking, you’ll be surrounded by the natural beauty of the Alps. Just remember to take the necessary precautions, respect the environment and follow the safety instructions.

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We hope you’ve found the perfect destination in the Alps for a holiday with your family this autumn. The Alps are an ideal destination for a family holiday, offering a variety of experiences and activities all year round. Whether you prefer the excitement of outdoor sports, the serenity of relaxation, gastronomic delights, cultural discoveries or a break in the heart of nature, the Alps have something for everyone.

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