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Where Should I Work Remotely From?

Working remotely seems to be a lifestyle trend that could become normality. With this new-found way of working, comes a wealth of possibilities of working from any corner of the world – provided you can find a strong wi-fi signal.

Having the opportunity to combine a passion for travelling and working, is one that the world’s workforce has welcomed with open arms. That is why here at OVO Network we have taken a virtual trip around Europe, uncovering the best places for working professionals who suffer from never-ending wanderlust. Sifting through data on over 130 European locations (including metropolitan, beach adjacent and mountainous areas), our latest study reveals the top hotspots for digital nomads.

The study considers key factors when choosing the ideal remote work hub, factors such as internet speed, temporary accommodation availability, cost of co-working spaces, transport costs and safety. Our accompanying tool allows working professionals to easily visualise where in Europe ranks best for those things they value above everything else.

Best Cities for Remote Working

Poland’s second largest city Krakow has ranked as the best city for digital nomads, offering outstanding WiFi speed, affordable co-working spaces and a low cost of living. Vienna follows closely in 2nd place, boasting equally inexpensive co-working spaces and fast internet connection. The only thing keeping Vienna off the top spot is the higher cost of living when compared with Krakow.

Poland has another reason to be proud, as four of the top ten cities are located in Poland. With Krakow taking the first place, Lodz ranking fourth and both Poznan and Warsaw all featured alongside.

When we take out cost of living and factor in individual points people consider when selecting their remote working location, we found that Dublin boasts the best internet speeds with an average download speed of 62mbps – a video editors’ dream! The worst city to join a Zoom call from would be Banja-Luka, in Bosnia and Herzegovina with WiFi speeds averaging just 10mbps.

If you haven’t quite mastered a foreign language, our study reveals Berlin, Stockholm, Grenoble, and Alicante as the top choices, as the majority of the locals are fluent in English.

When moving to a new city, let alone to a new country, knowing that you are safe when out and about is important. Unsurprisingly Swiss cities dominate the top safety rankings with Zurich, Bern and Basel all being among the top 10 safest cities – Zurich being the safest city of all.

Best Mountain City for Remote Working

One of the best things about our study is that we’ve gone and categorised these cities based on their most attractive geographical characteristics (beaches and mountains), making it even easier for sea, mountain and hubbub lovers to identify their top location.

For mountain lovers Skopje, North Macedonia, has been named as the best city for remote workers with an irresistible backdrop and great quality of living for nomads. The capital city has incredibly affordable co-working spaces at £60 a month and WiFi speed which beat the UK average. Transport passes (£21) and gym membership prices (£19) in Skopje are also significantly lower than the European averages of £43 and £30 respectively. Skpoje really does cover all bases.

Best Beach City for Remote Working

For beach lovers it is Valencia that comes out on top, the southern Spanish city also ranks 12th overall. Valencia and its surrounding area boasts over 500 km of coastline with a tremendous range of co-working spaces at a monthly cost of £160 a month. Valencia also has speedier WiFi than the UK average. For those looking for a little bit of flexibility in their living abroad lifestyle, non-rental accommodation costs in Valencia are well below £850 for a month’s stay.

Best UK Cities for Remote Working

The UK, like every country in Europe, has a wealth of options for remote workers stretching north of the border, west to the Welsh border or across the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland.

Birmingham comes out on top, England’s second city is named the best based on the same factors considered European-wide. The city offers some of the fastest WiFi in the UK and its cost of living is lower than its UK counterparts. Edinburgh beats Glasgow to the place of best Scottish city for digital nomads, and its bohemian atmosphere makes it one of the most creative places to live in the UK.

Mainly due to the extreme cost of living, especially for public transport and rental costs, London is named as the worst place in the UK for digital nomads. Monthly transport costs are over double that of both the UK average (£56) and European average (£50). Rental prices are the highest of all cities in Europe, closely followed by Geneva and Zurich in Switzerland.

With remote working looking like a serious long term alternative to the ever-changing digital jobs market we are likely to see more and more people taking up the opportunity to make the most of it.

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