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Lo Garâjo – The New York Style Cafe in Manigod

If you’re looking for great coffee, gorgeous gifts, fabulous wines or just somewhere to relax with a beer and enjoy incredible views, then this cafe in Manigod has it all. 

Lo Garâjo is set in the picturesque Manigod valley, stop in on your way to or from skiing in winter or walking in the summer. Cyclists love this cafe too – set right on the famed Col de la Croix Fry, it’s a popular place to stop and recharge the legs!

Lo Garâjo - The New York Style Cafe in Manigod: View of La Tournette

Once the local garage, Lo Garâjo is now a New York style concept cafe in Manigod offering spectacular views. © Lo Garâjo

Walking through the doors of this cafe in Manigod is an absolute treat for the senses. Relax on a comfy sofa with a cup of their renowned coffee. Meet friends for an apero and enjoy the spectacular mountain views. Browse a range of beautiful products – pottery, homewares, clothing, wines, food and more. Whatever the reason for your visit, one thing is for sure – you’ll leave Lo Garâjo having discovered somewhere unique and very special in the mountains.

Lo Garâjo - The New York Style Cafe in Manigod: A relaxing spot with a view

Lo Garâjo is a great place to relax with a coffee and take in the views © Lo Garâjo

Transforming a Garage to a Cafe in Manigod

Opened in 2018, Lo Garâjo is the vision of Benjamin and Angèle, who took inspiration from their travels to create a mountain cafe experience with a difference. Located in a building that was once the garage of Manigod, Lo Garâjo is named after this local history.

Lo Garâjo - The New York Style Cafe in Manigod: A works space with a view

With an international vibe and great decor, you can relax, work or shop at Lo Garâjo © Lo Garâjo

Benjamin says: “We wanted to create a place that shows people new and different things. A space that is ever changing so it keeps it fresh and interesting for visitors. And also provides them with lots of reasons to visit us.”

New York Style

Lo Garâjo - The New York Style Cafe in Manigod: Local arts and crafts

Shop for local and international products such as this pottery from Laurence André at Polkadot © Lo Garâjo

Lo Garâjo certainly delivers on all these fronts, providing a stunning interior that is home to a New York loft style café area (homage to Benjamin and Angèle’s travels around the States). Comfy sofas, cool furnishings and a cosy wood burning stove create a welcoming ambiance inside. Outdoors, the stylish seating area has large parasols and makes the most of the incredible views.

Inspired Shopping

Browse the shop area and you’ll find an eclectic array of products sourced locally and from around the world! Products range from handmade jewellery and beautiful homewares to sumptuous food produce and wines.  

All of Lo Garâjo products have been thoughtfully chosen by the owners and have a story to tell or a connection to the founders on some level. Something that Angèle believes keeps their business authentic and true to their beliefs.

Angèle says: “We love working with local and global producers who we feel a connection with, whether that be because we know them locally or that the story behind their products resonates with us. I feel that this is what helps keep Lo Garâjo a special place to visit and a place that people enjoy returning to”.

Keep an eye out for books by author/artist Mademoiselle Caroline, pottery by Laurence André and clothing from Powder Mates – all are created locally in the Manigod valley!

Lo Garâjo - The New York Style Cafe in Manigod: Great quality coffee

The coffee here is fabulous – flat white, cappuccino, latte or americano, you won’t be disappointed © Lo Garâjo

A Workspace with Great Coffee!

Popular with locals and visitors alike, Lo Garâjo is a great place to work from. Grab a stool, log onto the wi-fi and you can enjoy a working environment like no other. Stunning views, great coffee on tap, and peaceful background music to help inspire you.

Lo Garâjo - The New York Style Cafe in Manigod: Delicious snacks

Delicious biscuits and snacks make a perfect goûter for hungry kids © Lo Garâjo

Children Welcome

Lo Garâjo is a fabulous place to chill out with the kids. Fresh juices and delicious snacks, such as fondant au chocolat and cookies, are great for a goûter. Add to this a selection of card and board games* and it’s easy to spend an hour or two at this cafe in Manigod.

A Friendly Face

Walk into Lo Garajo and one of the nicest things is the warm welcome you’ll get from the team there. With team members from France, Belgium, Sweden and the UK, there’s a truly international vibe. Whether you want almond milk instead of cow’s, advice on wines, or inspiration for a gift, they are always happy to help.

Lo Garâjo - The New York Style Cafe in Manigod: Yoga with a view

Enjoy yoga in the great outdoors – followed by a tea, coffee or fresh juice © Lo Garâjo

Enjoy the Events

Throughout the year, Lo Garâjo hosts a broad range of events – now all in line with government social distancing guidelines. Morning yoga sessions, naturopath and ceramics workshops, and evening concerts have all been popular and it’s hoped a full programme of events will be possible again soon. To keep on top of the latest events, we suggest you sign up to their newsletter via their website.

Lo Garâjo - The New York Style Cafe in Manigod: Mountain Views

Social distancing with a view – there is nowhere better! © Lo Garâjo

Lo Garâjo Since Lockdown

Since lockdown has been lifted in France, Benjamin and Angèle are enjoying welcoming back customers to their cafe in Manigod with take away coffees, shopping and a friendly smile. As a result, they have introduced a number of measures to reassure their customers. This includes a redistribution of the shopping area to offer more social distancing when browsing and an outside area for guests to enjoy the views!

Lo Garâjo - The New York Style Cafe in Manigod: Products on sale on the online shop

Many of the concept cafe’s products can now be purchased online from

Going Online

They’ve also launched a revamped website– offering click and collect, free local delivery and shipping across France (and soon throughout the EU). Even during lockdown it’s possible to enjoy the style of Lo Garâjo! 

Benjamin and Angèle are a shining example of business owners who place their customers and the quality of their offering at the heart of their cafe in Manigod. The thought and authenticity behind their products and service make Lo Garâjo a must stop. Whether you’re staying in the Aravis or further afield, if you fancy experiencing a very special cafe experience, you’ll find it here.

 *Please note – During the Covid pandemic the games are no longer available.



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