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Best UK Cities this Christmas

Christmas is a time for feeling grateful, enjoying good company and feeling like a big kid. But where in the UK is the best for children in Christmas 2021?

It may feel like we skipped a Christmas based on 2020’s mishmash in the build-up and the wind down of the festive period, so 2021 is bound to be even more special for families around the world.

Here at OVO Network we have crunched the numbers with the aim to show the best places up and down the UK for Children. How have we done this, I hear you ask? Well, we have counted the number of key Christmas attractions to figure this out – the more sweet shops, toy shops and shopping centres the better! And based on average temperatures during December we have predicted where is likely to have a white Christmas this year.

Top UK Cities for Children

Ranking in first place is York. York’s riverside location makes it a beautiful back drop for your Christmassy outings. The city has the most kids’ attractions and the second most sweet shops per 10,000 kids. What’s more is that York also has the third coldest December in the UK making it one of the most likely places to see some snow leading up to, and on, Christmas Day.

The Scottish city of Edinburgh ranks in second place with good scores across the board. There are over six toy stores per 10,000 children making it the perfect place to get the full New York City experience. Edinburgh also has some of the highest density of child-friendly attractions in the UK with over 210 – or 29 per 10,000 children in the area. Oxford makes up the top three thanks to its shopping centre numbers and the sheer volume of kids’ attractions.

Now, make sure you are sitting down when it comes to the worst city for children this Christmas. According to the data, London ranks as the second least desirable city for a Christmassy day out – mainly because of the volume of people you’ll be up against in different stores around the city.

England’s capital has the fewest number of shopping centres, toy stores and child friendly attractions per 10,000 children. The only city that ranks worse than London in the Christmas 2021 ranking is Luton. Slough makes up the bottom three cities with, again, poor access to all the typical stores you’d love to visit during the festive period.

But, we all know that Christmas is special, when celebrated with the right people in the environment you personally love. So, no matter where you’re getting festive this Christmas, enjoy it. Happy Christmas from all at OVO Network.


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