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7 autumn walks in the Evasion Mont-Blanc

While the Evasion Mont-Blanc area is famous for its incredible skiing, there is also plenty to offer during the rest of the year. Autumn, in particular, transforms it into a nature lover’s and hiker’s paradise.

While the more experienced can tackle one of its challenging peaks, those with young families and less experience might prefer peaceful, signposted trails. From Combloux to Megève, via Saint-Gervais and La Giettaz, here is our list of the seven most beautiful autumn hikes in the Evasion Mont-Blanc.

A group of walkers follow a path through a forest in autumn

Easy walks

Discover the Belle au Bois waterfall

📏Distance: 1.3 km


📈Height gain: 150m

📍Place de la Résistance à Megève

In the heart of an enchanting forest, just a stone’s throw from the centre of Megève, the Belle au Bois waterfall is a natural gem to be discovered out of season.

What’s more, you don’t need to be an expert hiker to discover this beautiful spot. After just a few kilometres of walking along a path that passes through the forest and along the water’s edge, you’ll come across this impressive waterfall. Nestling in this little green setting, its crystal-clear waters contrast with the flamboyant colours of the surrounding countryside in autumn, making it even more enchanting.

Do note, however, that some sections of the trail are a little steep and can be slippery in autumn when wet leaves fall on the path. We therefore recommend that you wear good walking shoes when you for this autumn hike.

As the site is not secure, we don’t recommend this walk for young children.

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The Cheminée des Fées loop

📏Distance: 6,6 km


📈Height gain: 590m


Discover this strange rock in woods near Saint-Gervais
Discover the treasures of Saint-Gervais-Les-Bains © Office de Tourisme Saint-Gervais Mont-Blanc

One of the most popular autumn walks at Domaine Evasion Mont-Blanc is the Cheminée des Fées loop.

This route, which is easy and accessible to all, invites you to discover the geological, historical and tourist heritage of the small village of Saint-Gervais.

There are many treasures waiting to be discovered along the way, such as the pretty little church of Notre Dame des Alpes, the village’s pleasant spa park and the famous “Cheminée des Fées” – a colossal block of stone some 40m high, topped by an impressively large boulder.

This one’s not to be missed!

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A woman walks through the forest with her baby in a carrier on her back

Family walks

Family walk to the Cascade du Dard

📏Distance: 2 km

⌛45 minutes

📈Height gain: 100m

📍Departure point: La Giettaz tourist office

The Dard waterfall plunges down a cliff face, surround by trees in their autumn colours
Discover the wonderful colours of the trees in autumn © Office de Tourisme Val d’Arly

Just a stone’s throw from the pretty little village of La Giettaz lies one of the most beautiful walks in the heart of the Domaine Evasion Mont-Blanc in autumn. It leads through the forest to the majestic Dard waterfall.

Easy and accessible to all, this walk through the trees is the perfect hike for new walkers and youngsters. The route follows a short, easy path that meanders along the Nant du Dar for a few kilometres. It takes you straight to the vertiginous Dard waterfall, also known by locals as the “bride’s veil”. Rising to a height of almost 70 metres, it is a spectacular sight.

A tour of the Lac Vert

📏3 km

⌛1 hour

📈Height gain: 100m

📍Passy Plaine-Joux car park

The fir trees are reflected in the emerald green waters of the Lac Vert
Enjoy an invigorating walk around the beautiful Lac Vert in Passy © Office de Tourisme Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

Let’s continue our selection of the best autumn walks in the Evasion Mont-Blanc with this mountain hike, ideal for families.

Known for its emerald green waters reflecting Mont Blanc, Lac Vert invites you to take a gentle stroll in this exceptional setting between the mountains and the undergrowth. Several information panels are provided so that you can learn as you walk. Children won’t even notice the miles go by!

In autumn, the flamboyant colours of the trees contrast with the crystal-clear waters of the lake, giving the area an even more magical feel. You can’t help but be impresssed!

Un homme au sommet d'une montagne dominant une mer de nuages.

Expert hikes

Ascent to the Petit and Grand Croisse Baulet

📏Distance: 18 km


📈Height gain: 960m

📍Cuchet car park at Combloux

The hike to the summit of Petit and Grand Croisse Baulet clearly deserves its title as one of the most beautiful autumn hikes in the Evasion Mont-Blanc area.

But be warned, climbing these peaks is no picnic! We recommend it for experienced hikers with the right equipment, as you’ll have to tackle the 18km route to the summits involves 956 metre ascent on steep trails and narrow ridges.

But it’s well worth the effort. When you reach the top of the Grand Croisse Baulet, at an altitude of 2,236 metres, you’ll have a breathtaking view of the Aravis peaks and Mont Blanc.

Head to the top of Mont Joly

📏Distance: 17 km


📈Height gain: 1,300m

📍Le Planellet

From the summit ridge, you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.
The view makes the climb worthwhile © Office de Tourisme Les Contamines Montjoie

Are you looking for the best autumn walk to do in the Evasion Mont-Blanc? We’d have to say it’s the climb to the top of Mont Joly! This 2,525m mountain is undoubtedly one of the best vantage points for views of the Aravis, Mont Blanc, Bauges and Beaufortain.

To climb it, you’ll have to set off from Le Planellet and follow the 17km path that takes you through mountain pastures and rocky ridges until you reach the top of this vertiginous peak.

It’s a challenging hike for the more experienced, and requires a certain amount of training.

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5 randonneurs marchant de nuit. On aperçoit juste leurs silhouettes dans la pénombre.

Night hike

Climb to the Croix des Salles

📏Distance: 8 km

⌛2 hours

📈Height gain: 430m

📍Cuchet car park in Combloux

A walker enjoys the incredible sunset from the Croix de Salles - the peaks are illuminated
Enjoy sunset at the Croix de Salles © Office de Tourisme Combloux

With a unique panorama of the Mont-Blanc massif, the Aravis mountains and the Aiguilles de Varens, hiking “La Croix de Salles” is one of the must-try experiences around Megève.

Plus, the view from the top is breathtaking, especially in the late afternoon, when the last rays of sunlight illuminate the surrounding peaks!

From the Cuchet car park, follow the signs for the Sommet des Salles and take the path towards the Chalet de la Vieille. Then, take the path leading to the Alpage de Beauregard. If the landscape looks familiar, don’t be surprised – this is where the Milka advert was filmed, with its famous marmot who puts the chocolate in the foil! Then, continue uphill until you get to the Croix des Salles.

To get back down, head for the Jaillet cable car. The descent at dusk is not particularly difficult. However, remember to bring a torch and warm clothing for the end of the journey. It can quickly get dark and chilly in the mountains, especially in autumn.

Follow the ravine, then Beauregard back to the Cuchet car park.

Wonderful landscapes in flamboyant colours, unforgettable views, calm and unspoilt nature – that’s what you can expect from a hiking trip in the Domaine Evasion Mont-Blanc in autumn.

And that’s not all. Watch the animals gather their provisions for winter, try out one of the many autumn activities available in the area and take advantage of the benefits of travelling in low season (September-November). There’s just as much to do in the mountains in autumn, too!

Autumn breaks in the Evasion Mont Blanc


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