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5 reasons to visit the Alps in April

Although the Christmas and February holidays tend to be the most popular period in the mountains, there are many great reasons to visit the Alps in April too, such as:

  • Quieter slopes
  • Cheaper holidays
  • Warmer weather
  • The beginning of the cycling season
  • Family-friendly activities

So whether you’re travelling as a couple, a group of friends, or with kids, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable spring break in the Alps. Read on to find out more…

Why visit the Alps in April?

1. Quieter slopes

Compared to peak weeks such as Christmas, New Year and February half term, April is a relatively quiet month in the Alps. Of course, there will be an increase in tourism during the Easter holidays, however, you won’t have to face as many queues as you will in February.

Beginners can benefit from the lack of distractions and focus on building their confidence on the pistes. Additionally, ski schools may have more availability, meaning novices can take the time to improve their skills.

Similarly, advanced skiers can take advantage of first lifts and fewer people carving up the pistes!

Generally, resorts become considerably calmer, with fewer queues at lift pass offices, equipment rental shops, ski lifts, bars and restaurants. This means you can spend less time waiting and more time skiing!

A woman in a pink jacket and green salopettes poses in front of snowy mountains
Enjoy quieter slopes and sunny weather in April

Find the perfect spring chalet


2. Cheaper holidays

Visiting the Alps towards the end of the season is great for those on a tighter budget. Visiting outside peak times means cheaper flights, accommodation, equipment and ski passes.

Visiting outside peak times means cheaper flights, accommodation, equipment and ski passes.

And with the chance to enjoy a more budget-friendly trip, you have the opportunity to try more activities throughout your stay (more on that later!)

3. Warmer weather

With spring underway, you can usually expect more sunny days and warmer weather at this time of year.

And, given it’s been a good season for snowfall, the milder temperatures are often a main appeal to those visiting the Alps in April. So, if you’re a “fair-weather” skier, it could be the perfect time to plan your holiday.

In the resorts themselves, the general vibe also feels more laid-back – restaurants and bars usually offer sunny lounging spots, people feel less rushed and holidaymakers can enjoy long, sunny days on the piste. And, if you’re a fan of après-ski, you’ll love the buzzing scene throughout April.

4. The beginning of the cycling season

Snowsports aren’t the only activity you can enjoy in the Alps in April. Renowned worldwide as a hotspot for cycling, the Alps are home to countless routes which come into their own from mid-April and can be enjoyed right the way until October.

In April, temperatures are slightly cooler, making steeper ascents slightly more tolerable, especially for beginners.

Check out our archives for more information about cycling in the Alps or visit the link below to browse cycling-friendly chalets in the Alps:

A man rides a bike and gives a thumbs up to the camera on a sunny mountain road
April is a fantastic time to start exploring the Alps on two wheels – photo by Yury Kirillov on Unsplash

5. Family-friendly activities

If you’re not a skier, snowboarder or cyclist, then don’t worry! There are still loads of fun activities that can be enjoyed in April. Here are some ideas of new things to try:

  • Snowshoeing or hiking
  • Snowmobiling
  • Visit a spa
  • Go ice skating
  • Try dog-sledding
  • Discover ski joëring (horse-drawn skiing)
  • Go ski-touring
  • Go sledging
  • Try e-fat biking (mountain biking on snow)
  • Dine at a Michelin-star restaurant
  • Discover the local après-ski scene
  • Plan a day trip to a nearby town

…and this is only to name a few! Check out our blog post on non-ski activities or ask at your local tourist office for more activities on offer in-resort.

The historic town of Annecy photographed in the sun
April is a great time to visit popular towns such as Annecy, before the crowds arrive in summer – photo by Martino Grua on Unsplash

We hope you found this guide useful and are ready to start planning your March holiday! If you’re still unsure when to visit, then check out our other guides on when to visit the Alps.

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