Top tips to avoid these common family holiday mishaps

Organising your annual family holiday to the French Alps can be tricky! To make your life easier we have researched some common family holiday mishaps to watch out for.

Take a look at our top family holiday tips for avoiding these common mishaps on your next trip.

Booking a ‘child-friendly’ property without knowing what’s included

A child on his ski holiday in the French Alps playing with a board game

Just because a property is described as family-friendly doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be perfect for kids. Sometimes it means the property has been specially adapted for families on holiday, but often it simply means that there are a couple of extra beds for kids… Make sure to check what’s included that makes the property child-friendly before committing to booking.

Every one of OVO Network’s chalets is honestly described so you know exactly what you are booking. Our Cool for Kids chalets have to meet a strict list of amenities to make the grade.

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Not doing your research in advance

One of the best bits of family holiday advice we’ve heard over the years is to do plenty of research into the area you’re travelling to. You need to be ahead of the game in case of rainy days, frazzled kids, or other unforeseen changes to your plans.

You can find out about all of our destinations by clicking on the links in the footer of our website or by contacting your property manager. With information on the skiing areas, family-friendly activities and much more, you’ll have all you need to tackle any challenging situations.

Forgetting a passport

passports in a passport holder to avoid losing them

Nothing puts a holiday off to a bad start quite like panic over passports. Have one adult take responsibility for all of the passports and any boarding cards to make sure that you’ll all be able to travel out on your flight!

Just as important as remembering the passports is to make sure that everyone’s passports are going to be in date at the time of travel. Some countries require your passport to be more than six months from its expiry date, so make sure to check them well in advance.

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Travelling with kids adds a whole new dimension to packing and you want to try to minimise the amount of stuff you have to cart around with you. A great holiday packing tip for families is to simply make a list before starting to pack and stick to it! This can be a really good way to avoid bringing excess items and avoiding any excess baggage charges at the airport.

Our ‘Cool for Kids’ chalets have loads of family-friendly extras like kids crockery, bath toys, board games, and much more so you can keep the size of those suitcases down to a minimum!

Not planning your meals

A table covered with delicious meals being shared by friends

It can be easy to assume that you’ll be able to cook as normal when on your holiday, but the reality is that it really helps to be more organised. Being in a new place, with shops not necessarily nearby or with very different opening hours to those you are used to at home, different ingredients and an unfamiliar kitchen mean that planning your menu for the week can save a lot of hassle.

Want to forget about cooking altogether? You can, even in a self-catered chalet, by choosing to have oven-ready meals delivered to your chalet. You’ll minimise your trips to the shops and the amount of time spent in the kitchen. Or go one step further and book a private chef, meaning you can put your feet up completely!

Not booking ski lessons

Not booking ski lessons in advance can mean that you lose out on those precious few hours of free ski time without the kids. Especially if you’re travelling during the school holidays, it’s vital that you book ski lessons well in advance!

Check out the ski schools in our areas.

Getting sunburnt on day one

Make sure you bring good sun cream with you – the Alps have plenty of sunshine in winter and summer. Getting sunburnt can put a real downer on your family holiday, especially if it’s the kids who are suffering. Remember to reapply regularly – this is just as important in winter as the sun reflects from the snow, which intensifies the effect.

Not taking many photographs

A child taking a photograph

Family holidays are what memories are made from, so don’t let them go by undocumented! A great way to get some unique shots is to give your kids their own disposable cameras. You’ll end up with some real gems, and they will love going to get them developed!

Getting properly prepared for your family holiday doesn’t have to take much time and it can really help to avoid things going awry on your trip. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to get in touch with our expert team.

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