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Home Decor Part 4: Soft textiles for a cosy atmosphere

Here are a few of our best tips to bear in mind when shopping for soft furnishings.

Home Decor Part 3: Furniture – traditional or contemporary?

The property has been purchased, the spaces configured, the fireplace installed. Next it’s time to think about the furniture…

Pear and bleu d’Auvergne wrapped in Prosciutto

Wow your guests with this quick and easily put together canapé. The taste is really in the produce here, so try and get beautifully ripe pears, high quality prosciutto and an “á point” cheese to really make the most of every mouthwatering bite.  Why not pair your pear canapé with a glass of Pol Roger’s rich Demi Sec.

Home Decor Part 2: Wood – essential for achieving Alpine chalet ambiance

We’ve previously looked at how a fireplace can provide a cosy mountain style to any space. In this latest post we focus on the use of that all important chalet building material – wood, which can be used in the structure of a build, for decoration or furniture.

Roquefort toasts topped with cranberries, roquet and clementine zest

Zesty, fresh and full of festive flavour, these great little canapés are easy and fun to make, so why not get the kids involved? Maybe let an adult handle the zesting of the clementine though…