Legal requirements for letting a holiday property in France


How to register your furnished rental property

Are you aware that the increase in privately-managed rental properties has meant a tightening up of legal requirements for letting a holiday property in recent years? More and more people are renting out their properties on online booking platforms such as Airbnb so the French government has strengthened the controls on these platforms and owners, in order to better regulate the holiday rental market.

At OVO Network we keep on top of all the changes to holiday let rules and regulations and make sure that our owners have all of the information they need. Read on to find out the recent modifications to the registration of your holiday home in France and the risks of not registering.

Declaration is a legal requirement for letting a holiday property

When you start your rental property in France, the law requires all owners to register their property at the Mairie.

“Everyone who offers, for permanent or seasonal rental, one or more furnished rooms at their home, or a furnished property (villa, apartment or studio) for tourists must first declare it, with acknowledgement of a receipt, with the commune.”

This rule in Article L324-1-1 of the Tourism Code comes from Article 24 of the Law (No. 2009-888) of 22 July 2009 on the development and modernisation of tourist services.

This declaration must be made at the Mairie on a CERFA form, or via the DECALOC online platform, if the commune is linked to it.

At OVO Network we keep on top of all of the holiday let rules and regulations and make sure that our owners have all the information they need. If you’re interested in turning your chalet into a successful rental business then visit our “add your property” page to see how we can help you achieve that goal.

This is not to be confused with the official classification of meublé (furnished)

Registration of your rental business is a simple registration procedure at the Mairie to declare your rental property. This procedure is, in most cases, obligatory.

Official classification is a classification (recognised by the préfecture) awarded by an independent accredited organisation according to certain criteria and validated by the award of a star rating. This is a voluntary procedure undertaken by an owner looking to have the quality of his property officially recognised.

The risks of not declaring your rental property

There are legal sanctions against owners who fail to declare their rental activity at the Mairie. Article 324-1-1 of the tourism code (modified by article 145 of the ELAN law) defines civil penalties for those who rent out holiday properties without giving the relevant information to the commune. These sanctions can be as much as 10,000€** and are issued by the president of the TGI for the benefit of the municipality. If you haven’t made your declaration, we urge you to do so and to contact your Mairie for more information.

How to register your holiday property

There are two options: the traditional declaration using the CERFA form, or via the online declaration platform DECALOC. Most communities still use the CERFA form, but some, such as the Aravis and Grand Annecy have already adopted the DECALOC system. (We have included in this article a list of the communes which use this system and those which use the paper form.)

Traditional CERFA declaration

You can pick up this form (see the picture below) from the Mairie, or it can be downloaded (see the table below for the link to download). If the commune for your property does not use the DECALOC platform, you will have to fill out the form and return it in person or by post. You will be given a receipt with a registration number.

Holiday let registration document for the town hall

Declaration using the DECLALOC’ platform

This platform has been available to the communes since 2018. It works in the same way as the platforms for declaring the taxe de sejour. Communes are gradually replacing the paper form with this service.

If you have not yet made your declaration, and your property is in a commune which uses this platform, you just need to go to the DECLALOC’ website (French only) and create an account. At the end of the procedure you will be given a registration number.

Declaloc holiday let registration screen

Please note: Be sure to keep your registration number and/or receipt safe. You will be asked for it in several situations(for example, when creating an advert on Le Bon Coin or on OTAs).

For OVO Network owners – please forward the number and receipt on to your account manager at OVO Network.

DECLALOC’ has an online resource centre where you can check the validity of your number or download the CERFA form.

Download traditional CERFA registration form here.

Communes in the Haute-Savoie linked to the DECLALOC system

(where OVO network chalets are present)

Annecy and the Grand Annecy communes: Annecy, Talloires, Sévrier …

  • La Clusaz
  • Le Grand Bornand
  • Saint-Jean-de-Sixt
  • Manigod

For any questions about procedures:

Communes not linked to the DECLALOC’ service

ThônesOwners must go to the Mairie to get the CERFA form or can download it at:

Mairie de Thônes
Place de l’Hôtel de Ville
74230 Thônes

+33 (0)4 50 02 91 72
Owners must go to the Mairie to get the CERFA form or can download it at:
Mairie des Villards-sur-Thônes

71 impasse des Marronniers
74 230 Les Villards-sur-Thônes

+33 (0)4 50 02 07 88
La GiettazOwners must go to the Mairie to get the CERFA form or can download it at:
Mairie La Giettaz
Rue Haut Bourg
73590 La Giettaz

+33 (0)4 79 32 92 87
CordonOwners must go to the Mairie to get the CERFA form or can download it at:
Mairie de Cordon
3650 route de Cordon
74700 Cordon

+33 (0)4 50 58 04 17
ValmorelOwners must go to the Mairie to get the CERFA form or can download it at:
73260 Les Avanchers

+33 (0)4 79 09 83 27
CotignacOwners must go to the Mairie to get the CERFA form or can download it at:
Place de la Mairie
83570 Cotignac

+33 (0)4 94 72 60 20
AlbonOwners must go to the Mairie to get the CERFA form or can download it at:
Mairie d'Albon
6 Place de la Mairie
26140 Albon

+33 (0)4 75 03 12 71
LacanauOwners must go to the Mairie to get the CERFA form or can download it at:

Hôtel de ville
31 Avenue de la Libération
33680 Lacanau

+33 (0)5 56 03 83 03

You do not need to renew your registration after the initial declaration

Your registration is valid indefinitely, unlike the official classification of a holiday rental, which must be renewed every five years.
With the exception of the Grand Annecy area: owners who make their declaration by CERFA must repeat the process on via the DECALOC platform to update it.

The only time you will need to make a declaration at the Mairie is if you change the number of people that your holiday property can accommodate, for example if you change from 10 to 12 people. In that case you will have to repeat your declaration. The legal requirements for letting a holiday property are likely to change again by 2020. We will make sure you are kept up to date with the latest procedures.

Now that the registration requirements are clear, are you up to date with the latest changes to the holiday let tax in France? Read more about this here. Check out our other posts about property rental for more great industry tips.

At OVO Network we partner with owners of gorgeous holiday homes in the French Alps to create a successful rental business. If you have a beautiful chalet and are interested in joining our exclusive club visit our “Add Your Property” page today. You can find out how much your chalet could be earning or talk to a member of our expert team.

*Source : Activmag April 2019 – monthly supplement of l’Eco des Pays de Savoie

** Source :

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