Our Top Tips for attracting and keeping loyal repeat guests

Loyal repeat guests are the aim of the property rental game. Guest feedback holds some clues as to why guests enjoy staying in some of our rental properties. We’ve combined this information with ideas, opinions and thoughts from local managers and their teams, plus the OVO Network team. Between us we bring you a mini-guide on how to set up your property rental business so that guests will enjoy their first stay so much, they become loyal repeat guests of the future!

Tip 1: Ensure images of the property are honest and up to date

what guests booked online should correspond with what they see on arrival!

Rental from Sat 25/11/2017
Chalet Meringue Guest Book:

“ Superb chalet in a magnificent location, completely similar to the website’s photos. My guests were amazed! The owners are adorable and very helpful. I hope to come back soon.”

Chalet Meringue’s website

This kind of feedback is music to our ears –  the ultimate compliment. The last thing anyone wants is for guests to be unhappy on arrival, for managers to be on the back foot because a property does not meet guest expectations, and for owners to be upset that their rental property is not appreciated.  We all work together to gain and retain the trust of our clients, and accurate information is so important in achieving this.
Check through the photos and other images of your property on a regular basis. Let us know if we need to update photos, plans and descriptions on sites and adverts as quickly as possible following works, or after adding new additional features and facilities. If guests feel they have been (unintentionally) misled, listen to their feedback, take another look at the information and react.

Tip 2: Tell potential guests what they need to know in order to make an informed choice.

Respond to enquiries quickly and accurately.

Rental from Fri 22/12/2017
La Croix Meridionale Guest Book:

“We spent a very good stay in this nice chalet for Christmas holiday. We enjoyed the hot tub, and the interior space of the chalet. Everything is very well designed : the bedrooms are spacious, the bathrooms are handy and comfy, the kitchen is functional, the outside of the house is really designed for kids. Many thanks to OVO who was very competent and to the manager who was attentive to us. Thank you.”

Chalet la Croix Meridonale website

Make sure guests know what they are getting for their money, before they arrive. Provide the information necessary for guests to make an informed choice. Point out things that have the potential to cause problems for some.  For example open tread stairs, a suspended metal fireplace and a main road close close by might shout “design” and “easy access” to some, while for others it screams “potential danger for my kids” and “noisy snowploughs”!
A bespoke property FAQ and/ or a phone appointment with an OVO Network Property advisor in advance of booking can helps guests be confident they will make the best choice. Local property managers are an amazing support for guests in the run up to arrival, and during their holiday.

Tip 3: Make guests feel at home.

Clear out the clutter, you’re in the hospitality industry now!

Rental from Sat 30/12/2017
Chalet J’Elage Guest Book :

“A very good stay except the uncertain weather we can’t really forecast. The chalet is well designed, well equipped and clean, and with a very good welcome. We feel instantly at home. We did appreciate the location of the chalet, the quietness, and the wide open spaces in the surroundings.”

Chalet J’Elage website

A successful rental is one where guests feel at home straight away, and for the duration of their stay. Don’t leave your own ski gear there, or too many personal items such as family photos on view. Ensure kids of all ages can be kept entertained during inclement weather or rest days, with games, books, films, music, and activity suggestions, as well as the facilities at your property. Guests frequently feedback positively on well-equipped kitchens as well.
Even if you don’t want to watch TV while on holiday yourself, you still need to provide a TV/Media Room/Home Cinema for your guests. So many of our guests are family groups that we promote properties providing special equipment and facilities for children under our ‘Cool for Kids’ brand, and we also promote ‘pet friendly’ properties.

Tip 4: Help changeover day run smoothly!

Ensure your property is easy to keep tidy and clean, and make sure it is kept in good repair.

Rental from Sat 23/12/17
Chalet de Paul et Marie Guest Book:

“We had a great time with all the ingredients to cook up a very good recipe : the snow, a chalet so clean that it was beyond reproach, the comfort, an amazing view, and the manager who was very involved in his job! We’ll be delighted to come back!”

Chalet de Paul et Marie website

Many guests feedback positively on how clean our properties are when they arrive. Changeover days are busy, time is limited, so organise your property so that your local team can complete their work comfortably within the time available between a departure and the next arrival.
The local teams take pride in not only cleaning, but also in preparing the properties properly for guests; setting up bedrooms and bathrooms, checking filters, bulbs, spare toiletries etc.
Ensure the equipment on the minimum equipment list is in good condition, and replace tired, damaged or broken items as and when necessary.

Tip 5: Never underestimate the value a good manager and local team can bring to your property rental business.

Show your appreciation often and appropriately!

Rental from: Sat 09/02/2019
Chalet Ladroit Guest Book:

“A very warm welcome from the owner. Very beautiful chalet, and we had a great, peaceful week with our family. We really appreciated the comfort, the peace and the well-being facilities. Manigod is great for skiing. We really recommend this location.”

Chalet Ladroit website

Whether you manage your property yourself, or employ an independent professional property manager, the local manager is at the coalface and is crucial to the success of your business. Our managers are bilingual, proactive problem solvers, with good local knowledge and solid support networks. They are proud of the properties they look after, and offer a good service to ensure guests feel looked after and enjoy a great holiday.
Despite all the best laid plans, things break down, problems occur, and the snow certainly keeps all of us on our toes each winter! The way managers deal with any problems or concerns can make or break a guest’s holiday. Support them well!

Tip 6: Great property? Yes. Great area? Yes. Great manager? Yes.

The icing on the cake? A great welcome!

Rental from : 08/04/17
Chalet le Meridien – Tournette Guest Book:

“The chalet, as much as the landscapes, were magnificent. We spent great evenings here thanks to the warmth and welcoming atmosphere of this place. The sauna and Scandinavian hot tub are definitely a plus, as well as the movie corner and the portable music speaker. We were charmed by your welcome gifts too. La Balme skiing area and its surroundings (waterfalls) are breathtaking. We would love to come back to Haute-Savoie.”

Chalet Meridien – Tournette website

A warm welcome sets the tone for any holiday. For most properties arrival time coincides with ‘gouter’ or ‘afternoon snack’ time, so perhaps offer a gouter for family groups with children. Some owners offer kitchen essentials or bathroom products, while others offer experiences as a thank you for loyal repeat guests.
There will be lots of further ideas and discussion on welcoming guests in an upcoming blog called “Do I really need a Welcome Basket?”

Tip 7: Share local knowledge and advice

so that guests make the most of their time at your property, and get to experience the true feel of the local area.

Rental from: Sat 30/12/2017
Chalet Alyssum Guest Book:

“This family holiday with our two babies in this gorgeous chalet, clear and very spacious was just fantastic, despite the snowy weather. Chalet Alyssum is well designed for 12 adults with children. The decoration is great, and we loved the brightness, the space and the stunning view. We did appreciate the small and lovely village and to be able to go there on foot with our children. We are leaving with plenty of very good memories. Many thanks to the owner for being present and for his advice.”

Chalet Alyssum website

Some of our properties have their own customised A to Z guides, in two languages, to really give guests a good overview of what’s on offer both at the chalet and in the area. Guests can unpack their cars, knowing that instructions for the wifi, key safe, sauna, TV, jacuzzi etc are all in the guide, available 24 hours a day. You can also include information and recommendations on different activities and attractions if you choose. The guide is intended to save guests time and enhance their experience.
You can also remind guests that they can find out more about the local area, and events, in the Insider’s Guide on the OVO Network website. Guests can also sign up to our bi-monthly newsletters to keep in touch with news and views about the local area when they return home. If you don’t already receive it, sign up below.

Tip 8: On a regular basis, ask yourself the million dollar question:

Is what you are offering good value for money?

Rental from: Sat 24/02/2018
La Ferme a Juju Guest book:

“Absolutely perfect welcome and stay. We’re hesitating about giving too many compliments, because we know this chalet gets booked up way in advance, and if we share what we really think, we’ll have to book now to stay in several years time!”

La Ferme à Juju website

Your guests chose to stay in your gorgeous property, in a beautiful part of the world – out of all of the competition! Support and help them to arrive safely, and without stress, to find their feet and then really enjoy their stay. Welcome them and make them feel at home in a property that has been specifically set up with their group in mind. All of your efforts and attention to detail will be noted, appreciated, and may very well mean that your current guests will keep on coming back.  

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Written by Karen


Hi I'm Karen, I'm part of the OVO Network sales team . I've lived in Manigod since 1999 with my family, and love sharing this amazing part of the world with visiting friends and family - karen.andrews@ovonetwork.com

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