Home Decor Part 5 : Small accessories, big impact!

Those small things that make all the difference… a lamp, a vase, a throw, a rug. They’re the items that you might not notice right away, but that make the room complete and give it that homely feeling, that special “WOW factor”.

It is important to pay attention to these little details as they will help define your style, your signature and make the rooms in your property attractive and unique.

Here are some ideas for small accessories that will make a big impact.

Add ambience with candles

Small accessories to complement your chalet style

Featured properties: La Ferme du Gran Shan

Don’t be afraid to use candles throughout your property. They will create a fabulous ambiance at certain times of day, according to your mood. Keep it safe by using glass or metal candle holders in rental properties.

The importance of colour coordination

Use different textiles with a throw, a rug, cushions, lamps or a simple ornament, but keep them in harmony with the furniture and key elements of your decor.   

It’s important to keep a colour theme, even if the materials and age of your pieces vary. Bear in mind that the exterior views are an integral part of your property’s style.

Mix different styles

Cushions, rugs and lights will bring your signature to your interior

Featured properties: Chalet Timan, La Ferme du Gran Shan

Cushions, rugs and lights will help you make your interior your own. Indulge yourself, mix different styles. Contemporary fabrics, well-chosen lights and some cosy materials, the possibilities are endless – be creative!

Don’t forget your exteriors

A swing on a sunny chalet terrace with mountain views

Featured property: Maison d’Hiver

Exteriors shouldn’t be neglected, bring a touch of fun to your garden too! This simple wooden swing at Maison d’Hiver adds a Cool for Kids feel to the garden.

Be selective

Wall art, key lamps, plants, pots and baskets will also create your unique style

Featured properties: La Ferme du Gran Shan

Wall art, lamps, plants, pots and baskets will also help you to create your own style. Whether you choose to follow the current trend or want to use a family heirloom or an object with sentimental value, everything is possible. Bring life to your property with houseplants in a nice pot. But remember, there is no need to embellish every single wall  – just a few here and there so that the space becomes yours.

Are you looking to decorate your property in a chalet style that suits you? Would you like professional advice on decorating and managing your projects? Don’t hesitate to contact our interior stylist Caroline MARY (caroline.mary@ovonetwork.com) who has decorated many OVO Network properties.

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Caroline Mary - Interior stylist

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