5 great tips to get your dog holiday ready

For many of us, our four legged friends are an important part of our lives. So why leave the pooch behind whilst you go on a family holiday? Although flying long haul may not be the best idea, a road trip across France for a week, running and exploring the alps can easily be described as doggy heaven.
France is among one of the most dog friendly countries in the world, with many cafés and restaurants letting you sit inside all together and even providing water and, in some cases, food for your dog.
Black Lab lying in a grassy field with green trees in the background
It can be daunting organising your trip to France for your family let alone a dog as well, which is why we have come up with 5 Great tips to get your dog holiday ready.

No.1 – EU Passport & Microchip

If you are travelling from the uk, the first step is to make sure your dog has a EU Pet Passport and has been microchipped. The Pet Passport lists the different treatments your pet has had, including your pet’s microchip number and proof of up to date rabies vaccination, which is necessary for entering France. If you don’t already have one, just ask your local vet.

No.2 – Ease into it

A pug dog sticking its head out of a car window
It’s important to remember that this may be your dogs first long trip in a car. Some dogs may find this quite distressing. Ease them into it with training drives. Start with a ten minute drive and slowly build up to an hour over a couple of days to make sure your pooch is comfortable and happy in his surroundings.

No.3 – Safety first

You wouldn’t travel in a car without a seatbelt, so why should your dog? Make sure they are secure and comfortable for the trip by installing either, a dog seat belt and harness, a crate or cage, or my prefered solution – a barrier between the boot and the back seat.

No.4 – A comfortable ride

Dogs relaxing at an aire in France
Traveling across France can be long and hot, even if you have an air-conditioned car. Remember to pack plenty of water for yourself and your dog. Air-conditioning actually dehydrates dogs so refill regularly. There are ‘Aires’ all along the auto route across france.  Be sure to plan to stop every 2-3 hours and let your pet stretch his legs and get a good bit of fresh air and water. If you can it is best to stop at an ‘Aires de repos’, which do not have any services for your car, but will usually have a decent grassy area, picnic tables, places to refill water and also toilets.

No.5 – Daily routine

Remember, this is a holiday for your dog as well as you. Make sure you keep them happy by trying to stick to their normal routine. Pack their regular food to ensure they don’t get a funny tummy. Although many dog food brands can be found across Europe, it’s best to come prepared.  Bring their blankets, baskets and a couple of toys to make sure they feel at secure and at home whilst in your dog friendly OVO Network home.
By going through these five simple steps, you can make sure you and your favourite pet go on to have the best holiday possible! Just don’t forget the lead…
A hairy black and tan Gordon Setter cross standing on a snowy field with La Clusaz and Beauregard mountain in the background

Dog friendly properties

A large percentage of OVO Network properties are dog friendly. Find the perfect property for you and your dog at OVO Network. And keep an eye out for future posts about holidaying with your dog on the LOVOVO Blog.

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