A private petanque court? In a ski resort?

For part 2 of our series on essential extra facilities guests will love, we turn to a perhaps unexpected trend at alpine chalet rentals – the private petanque court. 

It is a myth to think that chalets in ski resorts only rent out during the winter. The mountains are magnificent all year round! With unprecedented summer rentals in 2020, good demand for shoulder season short stay bookings, and long term out of season lets, well-priced chalets with great outdoor areas can attract guests virtually all year round. 

So, is the addition of a private court a sound investment?

Chalet Kalyssia petanque court

The views of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains from the petanque court at Chalet Kalyssia in St Jorioz are pretty hard to beat.

Petanque court Chalet Nougat and Chalet Caramel

Guests staying at Chalet Caramel and neighbouring Chalet Nougat in Manigod have shared use of the petanque court, gardens and indoor pool, as well as private terraces with hot tubs.

How to build then maintain a private petanque court

  • Flat gardens are not a common feature of Alpine chalets, but many properties have narrow strips of flat land that have the potential to be a petanque court. They are perhaps in the shade for most of the day, or an awkward shape, overlooked by neighbours, or at the edge of the parking or property. A private petanque court could transform these otherwise unused outdoor spaces and keep guests of all ages entertained in most weathers.
  • Courts don’t have to be regulation size to be match fit! Maximise the space available and cover with small gravel or sand.
  • Perhaps add lighting to allow tournaments to run into the evenings? Managers may need to politely remind guests to be respectful of neighbours…
  • Add benches or tables and chairs so that spectators and players can enjoy refreshments while waiting for their turn.
  • Add raised edges to prevent having to chase petanque balls down the mountain!
  • Don’t forget the all important rake, a measure, plus a good quality set of boules or skittles.
Petanque court Chalet Fleurs des Neiges

Here curved lawned terraces are supported by railway sleepers. A fine grade gravel playing surface completes the raised petanque court running along the boundary hedge at Chalet Fleur des Neiges in Grand Bornand.

Petanque/bowling Chalet Hollygotty

Guests at Chalet Hollygotty, La Clusaz can enjoy views towards Etale and Beauregard while in the jacuzzi, from the sheltered terrace, or while playing petanque or skittles. Raised wooden borders keep the equipment and playing surface in place.

What are the benefits of adding a private petanque court for owners and managers?

  • Offering extra activities for guests is a good way to distinguish your property from others. Guests may not even realise how much fun is to be had until they rent a chalet with extra facilities.
  • Once set up, petanque courts are relatively cheap and easy to maintain and operate. 
  • Unlike most of the other sports that attract visitors to the Alps, petanque does not require lots of expensive specialist equipment. 
  • For those interested in the rules of petanque, check out our blog on the subject here Add the rules to the chalet A to Z guide.
Petanque court Chalet Lydie

The outdoor spaces at Chalet Lydie have spectacular views of the stunning Manigod valley as a backdrop.

Petanque court Chalet Lydie

The petanque court at Chalet Alex, in St Jean de Sixt, runs the length of the rear garden behind the chalet. Spectators can enjoy the action from the comfort of the terrace.

Why do guests book properties with private petanque courts?

  • The courts can be used for much of the year, even if skies are grey.
  • The game does not necessarily call for a high level of skill to be enjoyable.
  • Holiday-long tournaments can be great fun; teaching the grandkids or kids how to play petanque is a great opportunity to pass on skills in and knowledge of this French institution. 
  • Any activity that can get adults and kids into the fresh air and away from screens has to be a good thing!
  • Last, but not least, the views from some of the private petanque courts at OVO Network properties are unparalleled.
Petanque court Chalet Colombine

With terraces on each side of the chalet, the outdoor spaces at popular Chalet Colombine, in Villard-sur-Thones, really do provide something for everyone.

Petanque court Chalet Carter

How about a tournament while the chefs are cooking up supper on the BBQ? The owners of Chalet Carter in St Jean de Sixt planned their outdoor space very carefully.

As of December 2020, twenty of our properties offer private petanque courts. Click here to see how owners of these properties have made the most of the outdoor spaces to attract bookings all year round. 

Petanque is a very popular sport throughout France. Click below to view properties which are close to municipal petanque courts.

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Chalet les Roses des Alpes petanque court

The outdoor spaces at Chalet Les Roses des Alpes between Manigod and Thones allow guests to spread out and make the most of the beautiful large garden.

Petanque court Mas le Chêne, Cotignac

The petanque court at Mas le Chene Cotignac is set behind the outdoor pool, summer kitchen and Mas, in the middle of vineyards which stretch as far as the eye can see.

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