Crèche Les Mouflets – La Clusaz

Crèche for children from 3 months to 3 years

The Crèche Les Mouflets in La Clusaz is a fantastic option for families looking for a practical childcare solution. Situated in the heart of the village the crèche takes children from the age of three months up to three years. The children can be booked in on a full or half day basis.

Childcare Options


During the winter months the crèche is open to children aged from 12 months to three years.

  • Morning + Lunch: 08:30 – 12:15
  • Afternoon: 13:30 – 17:30
  • Full Day*: 08:30 – 17:30

There are only a total of 16 spaces available to holidaymakers so enquire early to avoid disappointment. Booking opens from 1st October.

*Full day includes lunch and an afternoon snack. The full day option is only available for children aged two to three years there are a maximum of five places.


During the summer months the crèche is open to children aged from three months to three years.

  • Morning + Lunch: 09:00 – 12:15
  • Afternoon: 13:30 – 17:15
  • Full Day*: 09:00 – 17:15

In the summer months there are a total of 12 available spaces. Demand is lower in the summer months, however it is still recommended to reserve your child’s place by May.

*Full day includes lunch and an afternoon snack.

Booking and Payment

As of October 2017 reservation and payment will be possible online. Up until that date it is necessary to print, complete and post the document below back to the following address:

Mairie de la Clusaz – BP 6 – 74220 LA CLUSAZ

Payment must be made by cheque made out to the ‘Trésor Public’.

Upon acceptance of your request you will receive a ‘justificatif de séjour’ (a proof of booking) which must be shown when you drop your child off for the first time.

Prices and availability can be viewed on the La Clusaz resort website.


In France it is obligatory for your child to be vaccinated before they can attend a public crèche. Please note all vaccinations your child has received on the booking form and supply a photocopy of your child’s Vaccination Record. Required vaccinations are as follows:

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Poliomyelitis

Vaccinations must have been received before the age of 18 months.


In the case of a contagious illness (gastroenteritis, conjunctivitis, viral infection) the child will not be accepted at the crèche until the illness has cleared. However, if the child has a common cold they will be accepted.


In the case of non admittance due to illness you can apply for a reimbursement. The illness must be proven by a doctor’s note and accompanied by the justificatif de séjour’ (the form received after acceptance of child care request).

Where to stay

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Place des Mouflets 1
La Clusaz 74220 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes FR
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