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Tandem Paraglide flights over Lake Annecy, La Clusaz & Val Thorens

airmax_logo-1Airmax Parapente is a team of four pilots with years of professional experience.

They are available to take you on a stunning selection of flights over Lake Annecy in the summer and La Clusaz and Val Thorens in winter.

If this is your first experience of paragliding you have nothing to fear! You will have a professional instructor with you every step of the way. They will show you how easy and gentle the sport can be.

For the duration of the flight you will wear a comfortable harness in which you will be attached at all times to your instructor.

Summer – Col de la Forclaz

The Col de la Forclaz is situated high above Lake Annecy. Airmax Parapentes office is located right at the top of the Col. From the office you will be driven up to the take off, a few hundred metres higher.

Your instructor will take you through all of the steps from putting the gear on all the way through to landing.

The take off is much gentler than most people would imagine. You take a few purposeful steps forward to inflate the wing and before you know it, you’re in the air!

Once in flight you can sit back and enjoy views over lake Annecy that you can get no other way. Free flight is like nothing else, very relaxed and exhilarating all at once!

During the flight your instructor will let you take control for a few minutes so that you really get the full experience of flying!

When coming in to land your instructor will expertly manoeuvre the wing so that the landing is very gentle. It is like taking a few steps down a staircase.

Winter – La CLusaz or Val Thorens

Taking off on skis is even simpler; simply ski forwards for a few metres and then without even feeling it, you will have taken off above the slopes and be flying surrounded by stunning mountain ranges.

The landing is again very simple, literally only sliding a few metres to very gentle stop. It is so easy that even people who have never skied can do it!

Summer rates

  • Child flight (10-15 mins): – €75
  • Discovery flight  (10-15mins) – €80
  • Thermal flight (30 mins) – €95
  • Sensation flight (10 mins) – €95
  • Sensation+ (30 mins) – €105
  • Prestige flight (45 mins) – €130

Winter rates

Méribel & Courchevel

  • Panoramic flight (15-20mins depending on weather conditions) – €120

La CLusaz

  • Discovery flight (5-10 mins depending on weather conditions) – €60

For detailed descriptions of the different flights visit the Airmax website and contact them directly for advice on which flight is right for you.

When can you fly with Airmax Parapente?

  • Tandem paraglider flights over Lake Annecy from 1st May until 30th October.
  • Tandem paraglider flights on skis from 18th December until 10th April.

What to wear

In summer

  • Trainers or walking boots – no flip flops or heels!
  • A long sleeved top or light jacket. On colder days a warm top or jacket is recommended

In winter

  • Normal ski or winter gear
  • It can get very cold up there so make sure you wrap up warm

Photo and video

All Airmax pilots fly with a GoPro camera and will document your flight with a mixture of photos and video. These images are a great memento of a truly exhilarating and beautiful experience, available to purchase at the end of your flight!

Where to stay

The Col de la Forclaz is easily reached from Thônes. Chalet de Rollon is situated near the village in a quiet area surrounded by mountains. To explore all of our luxury properties visit OVO Network.

Col de la Forclaz 5160 F
Montmin 74210 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes FR
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