What Makes OVO Different?

Personal Service

OVO Network prides itself on being different to other companies in the property rental market. With an expert team that brings an in-depth understanding of the market, we work hard to ensure every property owner and letting agent that we work with receives an unrivalled level of personal service and support for their rental business.

An Individual Approach

We care about the fact that for many owners their property is a reflection of themselves, and we always appreciate that this is what makes each of our properties special. We therefore work closely with every owner to communicate the individuality of their property through a dedicated website with expertly written copy and professional photography, all supported by carefully targeted marketing.

Happy Guests = Repeat Business

The OVO Network solution is specifically designed to match every guest to their ideal property, with the aim of ensuring happy guests and repeat business for our owners and agents. By providing an extensive range of information on our properties we provide every guest with the insight they need to make an informed choice that meets their own, individual requirements.

On-going Investment
on going

In addition, the OVO team is continually working for our owners and agents, refining the marketing, reviewing the feedback and investing in new technology to improve our service to you and your guests. This proactivity keeps us at the forefront of the property rental market and ensures our owners and agents benefit from cutting edge services and technologies.

A Professional Approach to Property Rental

Above all, everyone at OVO is committed to delivering an honest, trustworthy and professional service to our owners and agents in everything we do. We work hard to ensure you get the best possible experience of OVO and our tailored approach to property rental from the moment you contact us. Join us and discover the OVO Network difference for yourself.

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