OVO Verified

Safe, secure holiday rental booking, guaranteed

At OVO Network, we are committed to ensuring you have complete peace of mind when you book your holiday property with one of our owners or agents.

You may have read recently in the press about a number of internet scams involving criminals placing adverts for holiday rental properties and taking payments.

To combat this, OVO Network has introduced OVO Verified, a range of measures to ensure your holiday and your money are 100% safe — guaranteed.  

OVO Verified means...

  • You can be 100% certain that your property is genuine and waiting for you.
  • We visit and check every OVO Verified Property.
  • Every OVO Verified property has been visited and checked by our team. We always meet the owners to ensure they are genuine and they are required to provide us with proof that they can rent out the properties they list on our sites.
  • Your money & your holiday are 100% safe — guaranteed. When you see the OVO Verified logo and book through our websites, we guarantee that your holiday and your money are safe.
  • Instant, secure online payment. A growing number of the owners and agents of OVO Verified properties accept online credit or debit card payments — widely acknowledged to be the safest way to pay for your property rental.
  • OVO properties provide instant booking confirmation. When you book an OVO Verified property you get real-time availability and instant booking, meaning you know straight away that your holiday is booked, confirmed and waiting for you.
  • Official Classification. All OVO properties have, or are in the process of obtaining, official classification from the local authorities.

OVO Verified gives you the safest, most secure way to book your next holiday property. We want you to have complete peace of mind, but if you have any questions please email ovo.verified@ovonetwork.com.

Extra Security

To help give you even greater peace of mind, below is a list of all OVO Verified properties, together with the official websites of the owners and agents. To ensure you book with the genuine owner of the property, please make your reservation only through one of the OVO websites - ovonetwork.com, luxurychalets.com, laclusazchalets.com, grandbornandchalets.co or morzinechalets.com or via the owner's / agent’s own ‘OVO Verified’ website.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please only make payments to a bank account ending with the numbers below: these are the genuine owners’ and agents’ details.

Property Name Location Owner's Website Address Last 6 Digits of Owner's IBAN Préfecture Official Classification
Villa Dejama Sanur www.villa-dejama.com …969546 In progress
Ferme du Grand Essert - Aravis Entremont www.chaletgrandessert.com …635520 07403 074 110 17 0038
Ferme du Grand Essert - Bourne Entremont www.chalet-grand-essert.com …635520 07403 074 110 17 0037
Chalet Les Roses Des Alpes Thones www.les-roses-des-alpes.com …483526 07403 074 280 17 01 33
Chalet La Ferme du Merle Manigod www.lafermedumerle.com …404016 07403 074 160 14 0205
Le Loft Morzine Morzine www.refuge-de-lhermine-loft.com …666421 In progress
Chalet OVO La Vieille Ferme Manigod www.vieille-ferme.com …106653 07403 074 160 14 0207
Chalet Chenavray Manigod www.chaletchenavray.com …405007 07403074160130399
Chalet la Croix Meridionale Manigod www.manigod-chalet.com …352764 07403 074 160 14 0246
Chalet Jeremie Manigod www.manigodchalet.com …392147 07403074160170078
Maison Lou Amourier Cotignac www.maisonlouamourier.com …469703 In progress
La Grange d'Emnitan Saint Genis Pouilly www.la-grange-emnitan.com …940126 In progress
Chalet Les Martinets Manigod www.chaletlaclusaz.net …096775 07403 074 160 13 0400
Les Violettes Blanches Manigod www.lesviolettesblanches.com …030063 En cours
Chalet des Mômes Le Grand Bornand www.chaletdesmomes.com …671617 In progress
Chalet L'Ours Blanc Le Grand Bornand www.chaletloursblanc.com …319757 07403 074136 130150
Chalet Le Meridien - Tournette Manigod www.chalet-tournette.com …327111 160 2012 457 4 10
Lodge Le Grizzly La Clusaz www.lodge-le-grizzly.com …921006 In progress
Chalet Le Meridien Etale Manigod www.chalet-etale.com …327111 07403074160120220
Chalet Ilbarritz La Cote d'Arbroz www.chaletilbarritz.com …666421 In progress
Chalet Crechoua La Giettaz www.chalet-crechoua.com …710140 In progress
Authentic Lodge Spa La Clusaz www.laclusaz-chalet.com …921006 In progress
Chalet Bonnevie Les Villards-sur-Thones www.chaletbonnevie.com …406627 302 2012 458 4 8
Lodge les Confins La Clusaz www.lodge-les-confins.com …921613 In progress
Mas le Chene Cotignac www.mas-provence.net …805084 In progress
Chalet Hibou Blanc Montriond chalet-hibou-blanc.ovonetwork.com …666421 In progress
Chalet K.Terra Montriond chalet-k-terra.ovonetwork.com …666421 In progress
Maison D'Hiver Les Gets www.maison-dhiver.com …713-29 In progress
Chalet Beauvoir 12 St Jean de Sixt www.chaletsbeauvoir.com …020073 07403 074 239 13 0452
Chalet Beauvoir 4 St Jean de Sixt www.chaletbeauvoir.com …020073 07403 074 239 13 0453
Chalet Patagonia La Clusaz www.chaletpatagonia.com …460147 In progress
Chalet Ladroit Les Clefs www.chalet-ladroit.com …750196 In progress
Le Galta Morzine Morzine www.le-galta-morzine.com …666421 In progress
Chalet La Pernat - Edelweiss La Clusaz www.edelweiss-laclusaz.com …020107 07403 074 080 15 0049
Chocolat Manigod Manigod www.locationchalet-laclusaz.com …750959 07977284203
Chalet Capieu - Le Barn Manigod www.laclusazchalet.net …980178 In progress
Chalet Flocon Magique St Jean de Sixt www.floconmagique.com …020064 239 13 514 5 10 07403
Chalet Polanka St Jean de Sixt www.chalet-la-clusaz.net …406631 139 2012 488 4 12
Chalet Joubarbe Le Grand Bornand www.chaletjoubarbe.com …853735 IT740019
Chalet Sicoria Le Grand Bornand www.chaletsicoria.com …571163 201203-T-717
Chalet Les Houlottes Manigod www.leshoulottes.com …705040 In progress
Chalet Le Petit Mazot La Clusaz www.le-petit-mazot.com …923943 080 09 02188 34 2581
Elegance Lodge La Clusaz www.elegance-lodge.com …921006 In progress
Chalet Loisel St Jean de Sixt www.chalet-loisel.com …000149 07403 074 239 13 0094
Chalet des Enfants La Clusaz La Clusaz www.chalet-des-enfants.com …430038 In progress
Lodge Fauspe La Clusaz www.lodge-fauspe.com …921006 In progress
Villa Samasti LACANAU www.villa-samasti.com …020005 In progress
Aravis Lodge La Clusaz www.aravis-lodge.com …921006 In progress
Chalet Parakima Manigod www.chalet-parakima.com …850272 In progress
Lodge La Source Les Clefs www.aravis-source.com …830325 In progress
La Ferme à Juju La Clusaz www.ferme-a-juju.com …020056 07403 074 080 13 0396
Villa Solaire Morzine www.villa-solaire-morzine.com …666421 In progress
La Ferme de Marie La Côte d'Arbroz www.ferme-de-marie-morzine.com …666421 UD74-1974
Chalet Agapes Montriond www.chalet-agapes-morzine.com …666421 In progress
Chalet Les Ptits Loups Montriond www.ptitsloups-morzine.com …666421 In progress
La Farandole Les Gets Les Gets www.farandole-lesgets.com …666421 In progress
Chalet Lolana Morzine www.chalet-lolana-morzine.com …666421 In progress
Chalet Oscar Les Gets chalet-oscar.ovonetwork.com …666421 In progress
Chalet J'Elage St Jean de Sixt www.chalet-jelage.com …469903 07403074239150042
Chalet Les Brévins Manigod www.chaletlesbrevins.com …413419 07403074160140494
Cristal des Neiges La Clusaz La Clusaz www.cristal-des-neiges.com …190587 07403074080130436
Chalet Le San Marco La Clusaz www.chalet-san-marco.com …505052 07403074080130253
Pralor Le Nova Manigod www.pralor-le-nova.com …605103 07403074160140010
Pralor Le Peille Manigod www.pralor-le-peille.com …605103 07403074160140009
Chalet la Martre des Pins Morzine www.martre-des-pins.com …666421 In progress
Chalet Les Sangliers Morzine www.les-sangliers-morzine.com …666421 In progress
Panoramix Morzine Morzine www.panoramix-morzine.com …666421 In progress
Le Mazot Morzine Morzine www.le-mazot-morzine.com …666421 In progress
La Terrasse Morzine Morzine www.refuge-de-lhermine-terrasse.com …666421 In progress
Le Petit Refuge Morzine Morzine www.petit-refuge-de-lhermine.com …666421 In progress
Chalet Margueron La Clusaz www.chalet-margueron.com …489922 07403074080170035
Chalet La Frasse La Clusaz www.chalet-la-frasse.com …030067 In progress
The One Chalet Morzine www.the-one-chalet.com …666421 In progress
Chalet Macaron Le Grand Bornand www.chaletmacaron.com …357182 UD74-2580
Chalet Meringue Le Grand Bornand www.chaletmeringue.com …357182 UD74-2612
Chalet Manoe Manigod www.chaletmanoe.com …187756 07403074160140170
Les Tourterelles Annecy Annecy www.les-tourterelles-annecy.com …642112 UD74-2099
Chalet Le Kitz Les Villards-sur-Thônes www.chaletlekitz.com …921476 07403074302170226
Chalet Arsene et Lea Manigod www.arsene-et-lea.com …413471 07403074160140285
Chalet Alti Le Grand Bornand www.chalet-alti.com …21 564 In progress
Chalet La Pernat - Sabot de Venus La Clusaz www.sabotdevenus-laclusaz.com …020107 07403 074 080 14 0504
La Ferme du Gran Shan Les Villards sur Thônes www.la-ferme-du-gran-shan.com …918470 07403074302180030
Chalet Le Mousqueton La Clusaz www.chalet-le-mousqueton.com …329620 07403074080170242
Maison Espiro Sevrier, www.maison-espiro.com …775714 UD74-4271
Chalet Tilumi LA CLUSAZ www.chalet-tilumi.com …043487 07403074080160037
Chalet Le Buhel Les Villards sur Thônes www.chaletlebuhel.com …921476 In progress
Le SwansDoors ANNECY www.le-swansdoors.com …888012 uD74-6658
Fleur des Neiges Grand Bornand Le Grand Bornand www.chaletlegrandbornand.com …616294 07403 074 136 15 0267
Chalet Capieu La Vue Manigod www.chalet-la-vue.com …077267 In progress
Chalet L'Essentiel Manigod www.chalet-lessentiel.com …189630 07403074160150105
Chalet Palmer La Clusaz www.chalet-palmer.com …119287 In progress
Chalet Alex St Jean de Sixt www.chalet-alex.com …060481 07403 074 239 15 0208
Chalet Le Charmieux Le Grand Bornand www.chalet-le-charmieux.com …100158 07403 074 136 14 0378
Chalet Andreanna La Clusaz www.chalet-andreanna.com …303879 In progress
Chalet Lydie Manigod Manigod www.chalet-lydie.com …030095 07403 074 160 15 0212
Chalet de Paul et Marie Manigod www.chalet-paul-et-marie.com …030095 07403 074 160 15 0211
Chalet Ressource Morzine www.chalet-ressource.com …666421 In progress
Chalet Colombine Les Villards-sur-Thones www.chalet-colombine.com …020023 In progress
Chalet Nougat Manigod www.chaletnougat.com …248476 UD74-3829
Chalet Caramel Manigod www.chaletcaramel.com …248476 UD74-3828
Sweet Nest Lodge La Clusaz www.sweetnest-lodge.com …921006 In progress
Onze Maison Lorgues Lorgues www.onzemaisonlorgues.com …413846 In progress
Mas du Golf Albon www.masdugolfalbon.com …958W77 In progress
Onze Chalet Manigod Manigod www.onzechaletmanigod.com …413846 In progress
Chalet de Rollon Thones www.chalet-de-rollon.com …239269 07403 074 280 16 0039
La Grange à L'Ours Manigod www.lagrangealours.com …150213 07403074160170217
Lodge Alta Clusa La Clusaz www.altaclusa.com …921006 In progress
Villa Flying Dragon Talloires www.villa-flying-dragon.com …N00241 In progress
Le Solavue Annecy www.le-solavue.com …851680 In progress
Chalet Alyssum Le Grand Bornand www.chalet-alyssum.com …685028 In progress
Chalet Snow Chic Morzine www.chaletsnowchic.com …666421 In progress
Chocoon Lodge La Clusaz www.chocoonlodge.com …921006 In progress
Chalet La Moutelette Montriond www.chaletmoutelette.com …666421 In progress
Chalet Charmar La Clusaz www.chalet-charmar.com …020006 In progress
Chalet Carter Saint Jean De Sixt www.chalet-carter.com …430009 07403 074 239 18 0011

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