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If you have a question about OVO and how we can help you with your rental property get in touch with us through our enquiry form, or check the FAQs below for information on many of the questions we get asked by property owners...


Can I still use my property if I rent it out through OVO?

Yes, simply tell us when you want to use it and we’ll update the availability calendar to show it as unavailable.

How much can I expect to increase my rental income by?

This varies dependent on the type of property, its location, facilities, your current occupancy and rental rates. We can advise you on this at the property review, however all OVO owners and agents to date have seen a strong increase in the rental income they achieve since joining OVO.

Why does OVO save time?

Because it’s an automated system, OVO’s technology provides instant responses to customers and manages everything from confirming bookings and chasing up payments to advising property managers of customer arrivals or special requests. You can get involved as much or as little as you choose, but most customers choose to let the OVO system manage everything for them.

Can any property join the OVO network?

OVO works with what we consider as ‘best in class’ properties. They aren’t all luxury homes, but they do all offer something special, be that an exclusive location, exceptional design or five-star facilities. We work with properties ranging from two-bedroom cottages to 12-bedroom chalets, but the one thing they all have is owners who share our values and ethos to deliver the best possible service and holiday experience to our guests. If you would like to find out more simply contact us to discuss your property and we can arrange a no-obligation visit by one of our team.

Will I need to do anything to my property to join OVO?

It depends on the condition of the property and the rental potential it offers. Our team are experts in reviewing properties for the rental market, so we can advise on everything from furnishings to facilities, to help you maximise your occupancy and income.

Can I sell my property if it’s listed with OVO?

Yes, in fact several owners have found it easier to sell their property since listing it with OVO – they were able to show a high quality website and increased revenue from their rental business.

How much does it cost to work with OVO?

Please read the full information on our pricing for property owners by clicking here.

How do I receive the rental income I make?

The monies from your customers are paid directly into your own allocated bank account – no customer monies are ever received by OVO. You can choose to receive payments by cheque, bank transfer or by credit or debit card into your chosen account. We recommend accepting payments by credit or debit card to provide your guests with greater security and peace of mind - this approach is now proven to help increase booking rates.

How do I pay OVO?

Once your customer’s deposit payment is received, you simply advise us through the OVO system so that their booking is confirmed. The OVO system then makes a Direct Debit payment from your account to OVO for our service fee of 10% of the holiday cost. It’s easy, automatic and no hassle.

What marketing do you do for my property?

We work to a tailored marketing plan for every property, which includes developing the dedicated, bilingual website; SEO (search engine optimisation) activity to help with Google rankings; advertising on major English and French language rental sites such as Holiday Lettings and Owners Direct; Google adwords campaigns; a monthly customer newsletter; and promotion on social media sites such as Facebook.

What happens if the marketing isn’t working?

We continually monitor and fine-tune the activity for every property. If we feel a property isn’t performing well we adjust the activity until it meets, or exceeds, our - and your - expectations for it.

Can I rent my property through other websites as well?

When you join OVO, the OVO system will take over the running of your business for you and all of your bookings, no matter where they come from, will be managed by the system. This ensures accurate co-ordination and no confusion over bookings. The beauty of this is that it means your property can be listed on other websites or with an agent, yet still be managed by the OVO system. If you already have your own website set up we can work with this alongside your OVO site, and if you have a marketing campaign running we can manage it for you, refining it if necessary to achieve the results you need.

How long does it take to get my property set up with OVO?

This really depends on your individual property. From our initial visit to your home and ensuring the property is ready for rental, to getting the bilingual website launched and the marketing in place, every property is different in its requirements and the time it will take to launch. We will also advise on the best time to launch your property as this has a significant impact on its performance. We currently have a list of properties waiting to join OVO, so the earlier you contact us the faster your website and marketing activity can start.

How do you help people new to the rental market?

The OVO team has many years’ experience in the property rental market and uses this knowledge to help a growing number of property owners create a rental business that excels. From advising on pricing and facilities that set you apart, to giving insight into what’s needed from a renovation, and offering guidance on furnishings that make you memorable, the OVO team is here to help ensure you create a rental property that generates the best possible returns.

What do I do next to start working with OVO?

Contact our team by completing our enquiry form or emailing, and we can discuss your property with you and arrange a no-obligation visit.

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