OVO Network Lite

The perfect solution for property owners in the French Alps who choose to self‑manage their holiday rental business

List your property — attract quality guests

Listing your property on the highly successful Alpine specialist OVO Network gives you maximum visibility to quality guests

Who is it for?

Owners of gorgeous properties in the French Alps who are looking for an alternative, or an addition, to sites like Airbnb, HomeAway and booking.com

Initial set up

It’s easy to add your property — there’s a one-off joining fee of €250 per property, then you can upload your property details, rates, photography and house rules using our simple back office system.

Booking generation

Our smart marketing means that our website attracts guests from around the world — all looking for a rental property with the ‘wow’ factor.

Guest payments

Guests pay securely online. We transfer payment directly to your bank account, minus our low 3% fee, straight after your guests’ arrival.

Guest communication

Manage all of your guest communications in one place via our secure platform. Most guests speak either English or French.

Calendar synchronisation

Two way synchronisation of your availability calendar with Airbnb, HomeAway, Booking.com and other sites that support iCal sync.

Increase your bookings. Increase your income.

Supplement your marketing activity by listing with an established Alpine specialist.

We generate bookings through:

Bilingual promotion — English & French

Proactive online marketing, year round

Bimonthly guest newsletters

Google pay per click campaigns

Specialist SEO activity

We can also, for an additional fee, promote your listing on Airbnb, Booking.com, HomeAway and Trip Advisor.

How do we make listing easy?

What our owners say

We built and ran our chalet as a catered operation, but were struggling to generate enough bookings and eventually started losing money. Thankfully, we found OVO Network who offered us a solution that gave us access to the self-catered market.

I can honestly say it has been absolutely life changing. All the worry and hassle of running a chalet business was removed, with great advice and on-going support that means we can relax and get our lives back!

Tessa McGrath
Chalet Croix Meridionale

In 2015, when we decided to rent our chalet, I was immediately attracted by the OVO Network concept. It offered a personalised website with a clear, well designed presentation, and access to all the major international booking sites. In short, it provides an original and professional approach and a friendly contact!

I am very happy with our choice. OVO Network has been able to adapt remarkably to changes in the market, including during the recent COVID crisis. From the start, our rental targets have been consistently met, if not exceeded, without any involvement on my part. Finally, the OVO Network team has always demonstrated an excellent sense of service, which facilitates a true partnership in my eyes.

Bernard Dolbeau
Chalet Charmieux

I joined OVO Network in 2013, having never rented my chalet before. The team was easy to work with, providing a level of professionalism that I value greatly. All of their marketing is bilingual, with the website easy to navigate and with great information.

As a result they have been very successful in generating bookings from overseas and within France and our chalet has consistently met its rental targets.

Christian Hudry
Ferme à Juju

For me it’s simple - I would never have been able to rent my chalet by myself in the way that OVO Network can. Previously I had worked in rental management and rented through the OTAs, but I prefer the approach and genuine support of OVO Network and their focus on 'high end' chalets.

What’s great is that I never talk about money with my guests - when they arrive the rental payment, security deposit and taxe de sejour has all been taken care of by OVO Network. The feeling I get with people is also important and since the first meeting I’ve felt comfortable and confident in our relationship.

Michel Bibollet
Chalet Goville

Initially we listed our property ourselves on many of the OTAs, but it was so stressful and hugely time consuming. We decided to work with OVO Network and were quickly convinced it was the right decision, with our revenue increasing over the years.

But we’ve found working with OVO Network brings more than just income. The team is always listening to owners, always looking for the best way to work together. The notion of partnership is a reality shared on a daily basis. Thank you for the serenity you have brought me, allowing me to devote myself to welcoming our guests.

Laurent Nodenot
Chalet Cerises

I am a massive advocate of OVO Network. As a marketeer myself I love the fact that they recognise the importance of creating a premium brand as a route to success in such a cluttered marketplace. The marketing is highly effective, with all chalets presented through the same consistent, transparent and authentic lens.

Trusted brands are what people are looking for and OVO Network's branding allows guests to book with confidence. My experience has consistently been how everyone in the team is very helpful and 'can do', I get quick and quality responses to all of my queries and they clearly care about their owners.

Clare Durward
Chalet J’Elage

List your property—it’s easy!

Here’s how every owner’s story begins



Does your property ‘fit’?

Take a look at our properties. to see if your property is a good match with OVO Network. If it is, and you want to increase your bookings, please contact us.


Do we agree?

To help us be sure there’s a good fit, share some details about your property with us here, including a link to any existing adverts/websites if applicable.


OVO Network team review

We’ll review all of the information you share, and get in touch with any questions. If we’re certain we can help you, you will be invited to join OVO Network Lite.


Joining & Adding Your Property

There’s a one off joining fee of €250 per property and then you can start uploading your property details, pricing, availability and photos via our user-friendly owner back-office.


Your listing is live!

We will translate the property details, publish your listing on our website, and start actively promoting your property to our database via our online marketing.


Connect with your guests

OVO Network Lite gives you complete control of your guest communications. Communicate directly with guests, accept bookings, achieve your targets and earn more money.


Prefer a solution where you have minimal involvement in running your rental business?

Got a question?

Why is OVO Network Lite different to other rental listing solutions?

We’ve come a long way since we launched with just one property in 2010, but our commitment to offering the very best service has never changed. We carefully review and select every property to ensure a consistency of quality that benefits everyone.

With the growth of our programme across the French Alps, we recognised that there are many properties and owners who would benefit from our specialist approach, but who want the simplicity of a listing solution.

This resulted in the launch of OVO Network Lite, a listing solution that combines our expertise, bilingual marketing and back office technology, for owners who prefer to be ‘hands on’.

We know that some owners enjoy direct contact with their guests, want to continue working with existing partners, and have space they would like to fill in their availability calendar, and our OVO Network Lite solution enables all of this and more.

We are proud that our clients are extremely loyal, appreciating and value the calibre of properties that we work with. Listing your property with OVO Network Lite supplements your existing marketing activity, giving visibility across a growing and discerning client base interested in holidaying in the French Alps.

Can any property be listed on OVO Network Lite?

No. We only invite owners of properties that ‘fit’ with our existing properties to join OVO Network Lite.

We value our reputation and the reputation of our properties, and we are committed to maintaining it. We are therefore very careful about selecting new properties and owners to introduce to our valued client base.

If we recognise that we are unable to help an owner achieve what they are looking for, we will say so from the start.

How much does it cost to list on OVO Network Lite?

There is a one-off Joining Fee of just €250 per property. The annual membership fee of our Complete solution does not apply to OVO Network Lite.

We cover the cost of translation, which allows us to promote your property to both French and English markets and generate more bookings.

Our service fee for OVO Network Lite is 3% on each booking made via ovonetwork.com. There is also a guest fee - paid by the guest, not you - that is included in their price and varies depending on the booking value.

Will I need to do anything to my property before joining OVO Network Lite?

If, as part of our property review, we see something that we know will reduce interest in your property, or a facility/feature that might cause future issues, we will inform you and ask you to address the issue before joining.

All of our owners' properties must be registered as property rentals with the appropriate local authorities, and be set up to operate legally.

In addition, all properties must have appropriate insurance, fire safety equipment, and owners must pay the appropriate taxe de sejour.

How long will it take to list my property with OVO Network Lite?

Properties that are invited to OVO Network Lite are normally already operating as rental businesses, meaning listing is usually possible very quickly.

How quickly depends on how long it takes you to complete the onboarding form with your property information, photos, pricing and availability, and if you opt to distribute your OVO Network Lite listing with other listing sites you work with (for a supplementary fee).

Once you have completed the onboarding process, we check the details are all complete. Once everything is in place we will then add your property to OVO Network Lite!

Can I still use my property if I list it on OVO Network Lite?

Yes, simply block your dates in the availability calendar.

How can you guarantee that listing my property on OVO Network Lite will increase my bookings?

No one can guarantee you an increase in bookings - we can give you reasons why we believe listing with OVO Network Lite will bring more bookings.

We are a specialist listing site for the French Alps, meaning we offer enhanced targeting and a loyal customer base with a proven interest in properties such as yours.

Demand for our existing properties significantly exceeds our current portfolio throughout the year. We are therefore confident that OVO Network Lite properties will see significant interest and bookings.

We have a huge amount of traffic to our sites, a large audience for our newsletters, and strong search engine optimisation (SEO) activity, ensuring year round interest in properties.

What’s the difference between OVO Network Complete and OVO Network Lite?

OVO Network Complete is, as the name suggests, a complete business solution for owners of property rental businesses. Not only do we offer property set up advice, and interior design services, we also write and translate the copy, take all of the photographs for your website, make pricing recommendations, assist with Manager recruitment and training, then handle enquiry management, account management, advertising, marketing and more.

OVO Network Lite is designed for owners who prefer a more hands on approach and have the knowledge, language skills and time to run and manage their property rental business on their own.

Our fees for the two service levels we offer are different, the quality of the properties is not.

What is the situation regarding the cancellation policy following on from Covid-19?

We propose four different cancellation policy options. You can set a default policy as well as choose a specific policy on an individual booking basis.

How are the OVO Network Lite and OVO Network Complete properties differentiated on your website?

The quality of the properties we invite to work with us is consistent - whether owners choose the OVO Network Complete solution or OVO Network Lite solution. This ensures the presentation of all properties is similar and supports the OVO Network brand. We differentiate between the two with an OVO Network Partner logo beside every Complete property. This enables guests to understand their holiday choice before booking.

Guests will also be reminded of which type of property they have chosen to book on the booking form.

How do you rank properties on your websites?

OVO Network Complete properties will rank the highest, the rankings change each day to give every property the same level of promotion.

OVO Network Lite properties will always come below OVO Network Complete properties, unless we don’t have any OVO Network Complete properties in a particular destination.

Properties which most closely resemble OVO Network Complete properties will be top of the listings. We take into account the quality of the property, of the photos, if floor plans are supplied, the management services offered, properties where owners have agreed to supply everything on our Minimum Equipment List, plus guest reviews.

The number of bookings made via www.ovonetwork.com will also impact on a property’s ranking. If you want advice on how to improve your property’s ranking, please contact us and we will happily advise.

If I need some new photos of my property , can you recommend a photographer?

We can provide a photo brief, and recommend photographers. Contact us for more information about your photography requirements.

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