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If you have a question about OVO and how we can help you with your rental agency get in touch with us through our enquiry form, or check the FAQs below for information on many of the questions we get asked by letting agents...


Can the OVO technology work with our existing system?

Yes, the flexibility of the OVO solution means we can tailor the technology to work with any system, making it easy to incorporate OVO into your operations.

Do you have any criteria for suitable properties?

We hand-pick all of our properties. This doesn’t mean they all have to be a five-star standard, but they do all offer something special such as a stunning location, or luxury facilities. We carefully check all properties to ensure they are of a certain level - this is vital to ensure our successful cross selling works effectively for our agents. Our team will visit your properties and can advise you on the criteria we have for selecting properties for the OVO Network.

If some of our properties aren’t ‘best in class’ can we work with the owners to improve them?

Yes, and our team is happy to help advise on this as well. With many properties they just need a bit of restyling or updating to improve their quality, so we can work with you and your owners to advise on the steps that can be taken to ensure that they meet our criteria.

Can we just list some of our rental properties with OVO?

Yes. We understand that not all of your properties may meet the standards needed for OVO, therefore we can work with you to select those properties that fit with our requirements.

Do you work with all lettings agents in a resort?

No, OVO prides itself on the quality of the properties it offers, and the overall service we deliver. As such, we will only work with those agents we recognise as sharing our values of quality, service and honesty. As a result, agents who work with us can be sure that their brand will be supported and protected through our operations.

How does OVO save my team time?

The OVO property websites are packed with information and FAQs, giving potential customers all of the information they need to choose the right property and meaning far fewer pre-booking enquiries for you. In addition, the fully automated system removes all of the time-consuming tasks of holiday rentals. Tailored for each agent, the system will manage everything from handling enquiries to sending out invoices, chasing for payments and coordinating with property managers, freeing up your team to help build your business further.

You say you do marketing, can this coordinate with our own marketing activity?

Yes, our marketing team has many years’ experience in promoting rental properties, and we can work with you to coordinate the activity, ensuring that it gets you the best possible results.

Do we need any training to use the system?

We provide full training for all of your agency staff, and offer a dedicated support team should you need it. We have designed the OVO system to offer a comprehensive, easy to use solution for agents, and all of our agents have found the system easy to work with and easy to integrate into their operations.

How much does it cost?

For a full outline of the costs involved for letting agents, please see the pricing page here.

How do we pay you?

All guest payments are made directly to you - we receive no money from your guests. OVO will then invoice you for our service fee and three days later our system will automatically make a direct debit payment from your bank account to ours for the invoiced amount.

You don’t have any properties in my area – can I still work with you?

The simple answer is Yes. OVO is expanding rapidly and our technology can be used by agents in any location around the world. If we’re not already working in your area, you can set a new standard by becoming the first agent to work with OVO. Simply contact our team to discuss your properties and location and we’ll be happy to help grow your business in any location around the World.

How long does it take to get set up with OVO?

This really depends on how many properties you have that are going to become part of the OVO Network. Once this has been agreed we work with you to collate all of the material needed for the individual property websites and tailor the OVO system to support your individual operations so that we can work in parallel with you.

What happens if OVO isn’t generating the bookings we need?

To date this hasn’t happened with any property on our system – be that with agents or with property owners. However, we constantly monitor the performance of all of our properties and refine the marketing activity to support those properties that we feel should be performing better. You are the experts on your properties and your local area, we are experts on our system and what it can achieve, it is therefore vital that we ensure regular, open communication to share our experiences. If, at any time, you feel some of your properties should be receiving more bookings simply speak to us and we will review the performance and adapt it for you.

How do I become part of the OVO network?

Simply email us at [email protected] and one of our team will get in touch to arrange a meeting to discuss your properties and your requirements for the marketing, booking and management system.

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